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Trump to Palin: You're Fired? (Updated)

12:16 PM, Jan 20, 2016

After delivering an endorsement speech on behalf of Donald Trump on Tuesday evening, Sarah Palin failed to appear at a joint rally scheduled for the following morning. Perhaps Trump doesn’t like sharing the stage with somebody who has (almost) as much start power as him. Or, maybe more likely, the fact that Palin delivered what was widely reported to be a rambling, bizarre speech for Trump on Tuesday led the property magnate to "fire" the half-term Alaska governor and reality show star. Too bad that scene wasn't broadcast live across the cable news networks.

Update: Palin rehired.

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Will Palin Boost Trump in Iowa?

Hosted by Michael Graham.
9:56 PM, Jan 19, 2016
The WEEKLY STANDARD Podcast with senior writer John McCormack, live from Iowa, on whether Sarah Palin will push Donald Trump to a caucus win in Iowa. Read more

‘Growing’ in Office

How Alaska’s governor went from Palin favorite to Obama pal.
Sep 14, 2015

Juneau, Alaska
Governor Bill Walker flew to Washington, D.C., to accompany President Obama aboard Air Force One on the president’s seven-hour flight to Anchorage. “I’m honored to be governor of Alaska at the time a sitting president comes to Alaska,” he told the Alaska Dispatch News. “You bet.”

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What Do Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina Have In Common?

Very, very little.
9:03 AM, May 04, 2015

Whatever one makes of either one of them, the similarities between Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina (who’s just announced she’s running for president) stop more or less at the chromosomal level. Fiorina is an accomplished (if controversial) businesswoman; Palin, a half-term governor and television star. Fiorina is a graduate of Stanford (with a degree in philosophy and medieval history) and MIT (with a master’s in management); Palin received a degree in, alas, journalism.

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In Defense of Sarah Palin

1:46 PM, Jan 28, 2015

Matt Lewis has a column today over at the Daily Beast headlined, "You Betcha I Was Wrong About Sarah Palin: It’s time to admit that, whatever their motivation was at the time, the Alaska governor’s critics always had a point." I don't really disagree with much of what Matt says when it comes to noting that Palin's speaker-circuit pandering and Hee-Haw witticisms have become cringe-worthy—speaking as a Christian, I was pretty dissappointed last year when Palin referred to wat

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Chamber of Commerce Endorses Ernst in Iowa (Updated)

7:36 AM, May 13, 2014

The Des Moines Register reports:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce this morning endorsed Iowa's Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate, snubbing Republican rival Mark Jacobs, who has been campaigning on his experience as a business executive.

The news effectively secures Ernst's position as the business establishment candidate, which her backers say is a significant development just 20 days out from election day.

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Palin Endorses Griffin in NC House Primary

12:31 PM, Apr 29, 2014

Sarah Palin has endorsed Taylor Griffin in the Republican primary for North Carolina's 3rd congressional district. Griffin announced the endorsement on his campaign website:

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Handel Ad: 'I'll Be a Conservative Fighter In the Senate'

9:11 AM, Apr 25, 2014

Karen Handel, a Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia, has a new TV ad that pitches her as a "conservative fighter" who wants to "stop illegal immigration and Obamacare" and "cut spending."

"I've been a fighter my whole life. I left a troubled home at 17, but I beat the odds," Handel says in the 30-second spot. "I worked my way up in the private sector and implemented Georgia's tough voter ID law." Handel is the former secretary of state. Watch the video below:

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GA Senate: Handel Ad Features Palin Endorsement

Kingston gets Hannity support.
11:10 AM, Apr 11, 2014

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate, features heavily in a new TV ad from Georgia Senate candidate Karen Handel. "You know her background. You know her record," says Palin, who endorsed Handel two weeks ago. "The conservative who has walked the walk."

Watch the 30-second ad below:

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Help Sarah Palin and Jon Stewart Help Veterans

12:17 PM, Apr 07, 2014

As far as political odd couples go, it doesn't get any odder than Sarah Palin and Jon Stewart. However, the two have come together to help veterans and have cut an ad in support of ACP AdvisorNet, which helps vets get jobs. ACP AdvisorNet is an innovative idea -- it's a virtual community service opportunity to assist those who have served by connecting them with business leaders to help jump start their careers.

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Palin Re-Writes Dr. Seuss: 'I Do Not Like This Uncle Sam, I Do Not Like His Health Care Scam'

6:33 PM, Mar 08, 2014

Sarah Palin, inspired by Ted Cruz's reading of Green Eggs and Ham during his filibuster last year, re-wrote the Dr. Seuss classic to whack Uncle Sam at CPAC today:

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On Sarah Palin, Egypt, and Chris Christie

7:33 AM, Aug 20, 2013

Bill Kristol, on Morning Joe earlier today:

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Sarah Palin Flirts With Running

6:59 AM, Jul 10, 2013

Asked by Sean Hannity about running for the U.S. Senate, Sarah Palin gave him an evasive answer (more non-answer, really), which the AP turned into a news story:

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Palin to Romney-Ryan: 'Go Rogue'

"America desperately needs to have a 'come to Jesus' moment..."
8:19 AM, Sep 22, 2012

In a statement to THE WEEKLY STANDARD, former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin offers some advice for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, this year's Republican ticket for president and vice president, respectively.

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Palin Endorses Steelman in MO

5:12 PM, Jul 17, 2012

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has endorsed Sarah Steelman in the Missouri Republican primary for U.S. Senate. "I am deeply honored and humbled to have earned the endorsement of Governor Palin, whose willingness to stand up and fight for what is right, regardless of the political consequences, has blazed a trail for conservatives who believe as we do, that the status quo has got to go," Steelman said.

Here's Palin's statement:

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Palin for Cruz

1:31 PM, May 10, 2012

Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has endorsed Ted Cruz in the Texas GOP Senate primary. Cruz, the former solicitor general, is facing lieutenant governor David Dewhurst in the May 29 election. From the Cruz campaign's press release:

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Palin Endorses Mourdock (Updated: McCain for Lugar)

2:15 PM, Apr 27, 2012

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has endorsed Richard Mourdock over Dick Lugar for U.S. Senate in Indiana. From her Facebook page:

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Happy Hour Links

7:11 PM, Apr 02, 2012

CNS News: "Ron Paul on If He'll Support Romney If He's GOP Nominee: 'I Haven’t Decided.'"

Washington Free Beacon: "Biden to welcome accused trafficker of human organs to White House."

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Back Stab

Sarah Palin as portrayed by her disloyal staff.
Mar 19, 2012

Nicolle Wallace was the onetime consultant to CBS News and media aide to George W. Bush who was assigned to work with Sarah Palin after the Alaska governor was chosen as John McCain’s running mate. It was Wallace who assured the McCain campaign that her dear friend Katie Couric, a committed liberal with a history of interviewing Republicans and conservatives in a quietly nasty way, was the right journalist to conduct a major early interview with the extremely conservative vice-presidential nominee.

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Palin: 'Competition Elevates Our Game. Competition [Will Lead] Us to Victory in 2012.'

5:59 PM, Feb 11, 2012

In an interview with the New York Times, Sarah Palin had this to say about the possibility of a brokered Republican convention:


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Sarah Palin Continues to Encourage Floridians to Vote for Gingrich

9:38 AM, Jan 31, 2012

Last night, Sean Hannity asked Sarah Palin whether she’d vote for Newt Gingrich in Florida.

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On Sarah Palin, Caucus States, and Latino Voters

11:41 AM, Jan 22, 2012

Courtesy of one friend, an old pro, three perhaps overlooked points in the sea of analysis of South Carolina and beyond:

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Sarah Palin: If I Were in South Carolina, ‘I’d Vote for Newt’

8:01 AM, Jan 18, 2012

Last night, referring to the Republican presidential race, Sean Hannity asked Sarah Palin, “You haven’t given an endorsement.  Are you gettin’ any closer to giving an endorsement?” The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate replied:

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Special Report Panel on Sarah Palin, Fast and Furious, and Taxes

9:02 AM, Oct 06, 2011

Steve Hayes, with A. B. Stoddard and Charles Krauthammer, last night on Fox News: 

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Yikes, cont.

1:01 PM, Sep 23, 2011

Lots of interesting e-mails on the boss’s “Yikes.” This one, from a Republican who has held high elective office, is worth noting:

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