Saudi Arabia Articles

The Bahrain Uprising, Saudi Troops and Hussein the Martyr

2:28 PM, Mar 24, 2011

Manama, Bahrain

Bahrain’s royal family has managed to paint the country’s opposition movement as a sectarian affair, involving only Shia and entirely manipulated by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The opposition says that it is not a sectarian uprising, but a political reform movement, and points to members of the country’s Sunni minority (roughly 35 percent of the population) who support their demands.

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Gulf Cooperation Council Between Two Fires in Bahrain and Libya

4:15 PM, Mar 22, 2011

Last week, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), composed of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain, sent Saudi soldiers and UAE police across the causeway from Saudi territory into Bahrain, as supporters of a Sunni Muslim monarchy, against massive protests by the Shia Muslim majority on the island.

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Saudi Protests So Far Subdued (UPDATED)

3:34 PM, Mar 14, 2011

March 11, which social-networking Saudi dissidents had chosen for a “Day of Rage,” has come and gone without the emergence—so far—of a massive and turbulent reform movement like those seen in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

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Special Report Panel on Protests in Saudi Arabia

11:55 AM, Mar 11, 2011

Steve Hayes, with Pete Wehner and Karen Tumulty, last night on Fox News:

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The Daily Grind: Quake Rocks Japan

7:30 AM, Mar 11, 2011

Send your prayers across the Pacific.

Obama's holding a press conference on oil prices at 11:15 am. Is it because he's worried about protests in Saudi Arabia?

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Dragging in Libya’s Neighbors

2:00 PM, Mar 08, 2011

The brewing civil war in Libya is likely to drag in much of the region, Central Africa as well as North Africa and the Middle East. Already rumors suggest that this is coming true.

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A Libyan Oil Shock?

A new risk to the recovery.
Mar 07, 2011


While political analysts are engaged in the morally elevated task of appraising the effects of events in Libya on the possible spread of democracy in the Arab world, economists are engaged in the grubbier task of figuring out what the effects will be on the economies of their countries. In America, this means taking a guess at the impact of higher oil prices on the nascent recovery.

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Fears of a Muslim Brotherhood Takeover are Overblown

8:25 AM, Feb 12, 2011

The controlled public rage against corruption, oppression, and marginalization at the hands of tyrannical Arab regimes that has unfolded in recent weeks is unprecedented and probably unstoppable, but it caught most Western observers by surprise. While they accept the Arab revolt for what it is—a rejection of dehumanizing conditions—most Western analysts have dug out their old notes and recycled their customary predictions: The inevitable outcome will be that Islamists will take over and mobilize the Arabs against Western interests.

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