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Clinton: 'I Wouldn't Keep Any School Open That Wasn't Doing A Better Than Average Job'

Will Hillary close half the schools?
4:02 PM, Dec 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton may be planning to close a lot of schools. At a town hall event today in Keota, Iowa, Clinton said she would keep open "better than average" schools:

"This school district and these schools throughout Iowa are doing a better than average job," Clinton told the crowd. "Now, I wouldn't keep any school open that wasn't doing a better than average job. If a school's not doing a good job, then you know it may not be good for the kids.

"But when you have a district that's doing a good job it seems kind of counterproductive to impose financial burdens on it.

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The Campus Is Conquered . . .

So Israelophobia spreads to America’s secondary schools.
Nov 10, 2014

At the conclusion of the latest installment of the endless Arab war against Israel, the leaders of Hamas simultaneously accused Israel of “genocide” against the residents of Gaza and took to the streets, dancing, ululating, and jubilating in celebration of their “victory” over the Zionist enemy. That is to say, what the novelist Thane Rosenbaum called Hamas’s “civilian death strategy”—deliberately bringing about the greatest possible number of Arab (as well as Jewish) deaths—had achieved a political triumph in the court of world opinion. 

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Gov't Report: Nearly Half Approved School Lunch Applications Found to Be Ineligible

8:17 AM, Jun 17, 2014

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report published a month ago but just publicly released on Monday found that while the U.S.

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Feds to Ban Junk Food in Schools

9:32 AM, Apr 12, 2014

The government is putting its (big) foot down.  No more junk food in schools.  As Danica Lo of Epicurious writes:

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Princeton Brings Back Navy ROTC

2:09 PM, Feb 07, 2014

Princeton University is restoring ties with Navy ROTC (NROTC). Starting this fall, students will be able to participate in a cross-town program with Rutgers University, itself established only recently, in March 2012.

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'Keeping Sex Predators Out of Schoolrooms'

11:12 AM, Jan 17, 2014

Campbell Brown, writing in the Wall Street Journal:

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Feds Link Unfair, Discriminatory, and Ineffective School Discipline to Gun Violence

7:12 AM, Jan 08, 2014

On Wednesday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder are scheduled to make a joint appearance at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore, MD.  The purpose of the visit is to hold a roundtable with students on "Solutions to Enhance School Climate/Improve Discipline Policies and Practices" and to make an announcement, accompanied by "civil rights advocates and local community members."

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Missouri School District Hit With $150,000 Bill for Obamacare

9:01 AM, Dec 11, 2013

A Missouri school district faces a $150,000 bill for Obamacare, according to a report on KMIZ-MO:

"The Affordable Care Act could cost the Jefferson City public schools more than a $150,000," said the news anchor.

"This came to light at last night's board meeting when district officials told board members they would have to pay health insurance for substitute teachers," says the other anchor.

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Good & Hard

10:44 AM, Nov 05, 2013

Elections, as we are too-often reminded, have consequences. You vote for someone who says that you can keep your health care plan and … er, bad example.

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Obamacare Forces Employee Hours to Be Cut at Indiana Schools

11:02 AM, Jun 10, 2013

Obamacare regulations are forcing employers to cut employee hours at Indiana schools, according to the 

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The Beginning of Common Core's Trouble

4:31 PM, May 29, 2013

When President Obama unveiled his Race to the Top initiative in 2009, the idea was to award $4.35 billion in federal grant money to states to replicate policies that boosted student achievement.  That quickly changed and the federal money was instead used to persuade states to adopt administration-backed nationalized K-12 English and math standards and tests. By last year, most states had adopted the standards, known as Common Core, and it seemed a foregone conclusion that the United States would join countries like France in having a uniform curriculum.

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Changing Schools

9:51 AM, Apr 15, 2013

There may actually be some movement in the long struggle to change and improve the way children are educated in this country.  The forces of the status quo – especially the teachers' unions – have fiercely resisted just about every reform and they have considerable power.

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Obama: 'This Is Not Some Washington Commission'

3:03 PM, Dec 19, 2012

President Barack Obama announced today that he's "asked the Vice President to lead an effort that includes members of my Cabinet and outside organizations to come up with a set of concrete proposals no later than January -- proposals that I then intend to push without delay."

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Chicago Strike: Week Two, Day Two

9:38 AM, Sep 18, 2012

The courts are moving with customary alacrity in ruling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's request for an injunction that would have compelled teachers to return to the classroom this morning.

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Chicago Strike: Day Two

8:49 AM, Sep 11, 2012

The strike by Chicago teachers continues. It is a hardship for parents and one more tough break for the students in Chicago's public schools, some 40 percent of whom drop out before graduating high school. Equally unfortunate are the 20 percent who do graduate but are still functionally illiterate. But the strike is also an opportunity for some, including Mayor Rahm Emmanuel who famously said that, in politics, you never want to let a good crisis go to waste.

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Learning from Failure

An education agenda for Mitt Romney.
Jun 11, 2012

The Republican presidential candidates have spent the past year saying little about education. When they have addressed the issue, it has often been in terse calls to “turn off the lights” at the U.S. Department of Education.

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Obama to Speak at 'Luxury' Public School

"With a vegetated 'green' roof, a 10-lane swimming pool and a cyber cafe."
3:41 PM, May 02, 2012

President Obama on Friday will "speak with juniors and graduating seniors and their parents about the need to prevent interest rates on federal subsidized student loans from doubling on July 1" at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., the White House announced earlier today.

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Let a Thousand Teachers Bloom

Improve the profession by opening it up.
Mar 19, 2012

Teachers, more than any other feature of a school, determine how well students learn. Parents know it; research confirms it. So it might seem reasonable to expect that securing good teachers would be a well-honed art. Instead, the way we recruit, evaluate, retain, and compensate our more than 3 million public school teachers is almost entirely unrelated to teacher quality. It’s actually worse than that: Modern research provides substantial evidence that the current system is not just bad at finding good teachers but actually incapable of doing so.

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Learning on the Last Frontier

The one-room schoolhouse is alive and well in Alaska
May 30, 2011

Thorne Bay, Alaska

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