Sexual Assault Articles

Hillary and Bill Cosby

Jan 18, 2016

Until very recently, The Scrapbook had not thought of any particular connection between Bill Cosby and Hillary Clinton. Of course, both are well known to the public—he as an entertainer, she as a politician—and they share a longtime interest in certain social issues and Democratic politics. You can even find photographs of them standing together exchanging smiles at public events. But that's a fact of life for famous people and not necessarily significant in itself.

Now, however, Cosby and Clinton share an unlikely connection: sex. Bill Cosby, after decades as a beloved comedian and television actor, stands accused of serially drugging and assaulting women and, as of last week, faces criminal charges in Pennsylvania.

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The Campus Sex Scene: How Congress Can Make It Worse

7:34 AM, Aug 06, 2015

There are two rival bills in Congress addressing campus sexual assault. A nominally bipartisan bill spearheaded by Democrats Claire McCaskill and Mark Warner focuses on heaping more requirements on schools to turn their disciplinary systems into witch-hunts.

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A Response to the Washington Post on College Sexual Assault

3:09 PM, Jun 25, 2015

Washington Post reporter Nick Anderson’s response to our June 16 critique

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U.S. Military Has 1,000 Full-time, 22,000 Part-Time Sexual Assault Response Coordinators

8:01 AM, Dec 12, 2014

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel recently reported on the efforts his department has made against sexual assault within the ranks of the military. A year ago, President Obama directed Hagel to conduct a full review of progress being made, and while Hagel reported a decrease of twenty-five percent in the prevalence of sexual assault, he said "[t]here’s much more to be done."

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Kerry: Glass Ceiling Makes Dealing With 'Sex and Sexual Violence' Difficult

8:09 AM, Feb 26, 2014

Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry was joined in the Benjamin Franklin Room at the State Department in Washington, D.C. by Catherine M.

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Obama: 'To Anyone Out There Who Has Ever Been Assaulted ... I’ve Got Your Back'

12:41 PM, Jan 26, 2014

President Obama made a rather sweeping statement in his weekly address as his administration launches the White House Task Force on Protecting Students from Sexual Assault.  In a show of support to victims of assault, the president said:

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Ayotte, McCaskill, Female Vets Push Back Against Gillibrand Amendment

10:04 AM, Jul 26, 2013

On Thursday, Republican senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Democratic senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri joined with several female veterans of the armed forces to speak out against a proposal that would create a new justice system for serious military prosecutions, independent of military commanders.

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'Gillibrand’s Error'

2:39 PM, Jul 17, 2013

National Review editorializes:

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Former Dem. Hill Staffer and Obama Admin. Official Accused of Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Women

9:19 AM, Sep 01, 2012

A former Democratic staffer on Capitol Hill who briefly worked in the Obama administration has been accused of "drugging and sexually assaulting women," the Washington Post reports. 

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