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One of the Great 4th of July Speeches

3:04 PM, Jul 04, 2015

One of the great July 4th speeches was delivered by a shy man who played baseball for a living. Lou Gehrig played every day, never took a game off, until he was told, at age 35, that he was dying.  More than 60,000 fans and former teammates came out to Yankee Stadium to honor him.  Between the two games of the doubleheader, he came out of the Yankee’s dugout and stood, listening as former teammates spoke into the microphones that had been set up behind home plate.  He was embarrassed enough by their words that he teared up.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton Made Over $1 Million for Four Speeches in One Day

Hard Day's Work.
4:31 PM, May 19, 2015

Disclosure forms filed with the Federal Election Commission by Hillary Clinton provide fascinating details of the remarkable money-making machine that is the once-and-possibly-future first couple.

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Bill Clinton on Getting $500,000 for Speeches: 'I Gotta Pay Our Bills'

The first interview with a Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.
6:27 AM, May 04, 2015

Bill Clinton will continue to deliver lucrative paid speeches, the former president confirmed in an interview with NBC.

NBC reported Cynthia McFadden asked the former president, "She's now running for President, will you continue to give speeches?"

"Oh yeah, I've gotta pay our bills," said Bill Clinton.

This is the first interview given by a Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

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‘A Concerned 8-Year-Old Citizen’ Writes Brutal Letter to Michelle Obama

7:02 AM, Apr 21, 2015

A friend sends along an email attachment—a handwritten letter by his 8-year-old son, Peter. It’s addressed to First Lady Michelle Obama. “It all started because he saw something about school lunches [and] how ketchup is bad for you, and that Michelle Obama wants to limit the amount of ketchup” in schools, my friend explained. When the boy’s mother reminded him he attends a private school, making the ketchup rationing a nonissue, “He said something about wanting to ‘give a voice to the voiceless.’”

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The I Factor

Presidents and the first-person pronoun: a historical survey.
Feb 16, 2015

From almost the moment President Obama assumed office, observers began calling attention to his unusual proclivity to use the pronoun I. In one of the earliest notices of this practice, an alarmed Terence Jeffrey of CNS News counted 34 I’s in the president’s speech on the federal rescue of General Motors but, ominously, just one mention of “Congress” and none of “law.” Stories documenting Obama’s fondness for the personal pronoun have dotted newspapers and blogs ever since.

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State of the Union: Skeptical and Bored

Only 17% think the president should focus on new spending programs.
5:33 PM, Jan 20, 2015

Washington and the political class are as excited as Hollywood on Oscar night.  It’s the … State of the Union.  Which is to say … another partisan political speech, only longer.

Unsurprisingly, the public isn’t buying what the speech will be selling and probably won’t be watching anyway.  

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Doing What He Does Best

10:31 AM, Oct 26, 2013

The president is getting out of Washington and will, as Alexis Simendinger of Real Clear Politics reports:

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The Obama Economy Tour

11:00 PM, Jul 26, 2013

Another presidential “pivot.” Having “pivoted” from Europe to Asia, Barack Obama’s White House has announced another pivot. This one, according to Politico, “to re-focus his oft-meandering message back on the economy.” It seems that voters are less interested in Obama’s drive for gun control (he couldn’t rally many in his own party to that cause), or his continued effort to toss billions at renewable energy just when the country is set to become a net exporter of fossil fuels than in seeing the unemployment rate come down.

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Soft Focus

7:38 AM, Jul 23, 2013

The president, as Justin Sink of The Hill writes, will be giving some speeches in which he intends:

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Role Model

8:01 AM, Jul 16, 2013

Peter Baker of the New York Times writes that President Obama is doing things differently in his second term.  The president is operating behind the scenes and employing stealth rather than public persuasion in the:

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Obama: 'Speeches Aren't Enough'

"Now's the time to turn that heartbreak into something real."
11:33 AM, Mar 28, 2013

President Obama called for action to be taken on gun control measures in a speech today at the White House, and said that "speeches aren't enough."

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Why Is Romney Giving a Speech Wednesday?

3:35 PM, Aug 27, 2012

THE SCRAPBOOK was startled to receive this press release a few hours ago:

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Danish TV Host Mocks Obama for His Rhetoric

"Maybe the copy key got stuck on the presidential speechwriter's keyboard."
3:23 PM, Mar 23, 2012

Thomas Buch-Andersen, host of the Danish TV show Detektor, mocked President Obama's political rhetoric in a recent episode. "Obama used a metaphor from boxing to explain Denmark's role in the world," says Buch-Andersen, introducing the segment.

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