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Tampa Socialite Jill Kelley Awarded 'Country’s Second-Highest Honor for a Civilian'

8:48 AM, Nov 23, 2012

Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, a key figure in the scandal that brought down CIA director Gen. David Petraeus, received the "country’s second-highest honor for a civilian," according to the New York Post. The honor was awarded because of the socialite's “selfless contributions” and “willingness to host engagements.”

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Mitt Romney and David Oparowski, a Powerful and Touching Story

9:14 AM, Aug 31, 2012

A powerful and touching moment last night at the Republican convention in Tampa: 

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Martinez's Pitch

The New Mexico governor holds her own, woos Hispanics at the RNC.
11:40 PM, Aug 29, 2012

New Mexico governor Susana Martinez once worked a guard for her parents’ security business and, as she told the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, her father wanted to make sure she could protect herself.

“I carried a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum,” Martinez said. “That gun weighed more than I did!” 

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There's No Such Thing as a Free Massage

Certainly not at the RNC.
3:24 PM, Aug 29, 2012

Our friends at the Washington Examiner reported briefly yesterday from the Huffington Post Oasis in Tampa:


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Ann Romney: 'This Man Will Lift Up America!'

5:30 PM, Aug 28, 2012

The Romney campaign released these excerpts of Ann Romney's speech, which she'll deliver tonight at the Republican convention in Tampa: 

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Hooters Welcomes Joe Biden to Tampa

1:34 PM, Aug 28, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden cancelled his scheduled trip to the Republican convention in Tampa because of the threat of bad weather, but that has not stopped a local Hooters restaurant (in nearby Clearwater, Florida) from welcoming him to the area anyway. Here's a picture, which mocks Biden for recently getting his location wrong at a campaign event:

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Unprecedented: Obama Campaigns During Republican Convention

10:24 AM, Aug 28, 2012

After President Obama's remarks this morning on the tropical storm headed toward New Orleans, a reporter asked whether it's appropriate to continue campaigning. Obama did not answer the shouted question.

But the truth is, the question would be relevant regardless of the storm. For more than three decades, incumbent presidents have resisted campaigning during the opposing party's convention--no matter what party the president was a member of.

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Swing Voters: Down on Obama, Questions About Romney

Inside a Frank Luntz focus group.
2:40 PM, Aug 27, 2012

“It’s not a simple question,” a Florida swing voter sitting in the front row tells Republican pollster and focus group host extraordinaire Frank Luntz in response to a question on whether Congress is doing a good job. 

“Yes it is,” Luntz sternly replies. “It’s either favorable, neutral, or unfavorable.”

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Monday Musings

12:34 PM, Aug 27, 2012

From an undisclosed location in North Tampa
For reasons of both security and propriety, the authorities have advised that it would be imprudent to disclose the location of WEEKLY STANDARD world headquarters in Tampa.

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Republican Convention to Highlight Debt Clock

11:59 AM, Aug 27, 2012

The Republican convention will highlight a debt clock, the party announced: 

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will unveil tomorrow a national debt clock mounted inside the convention hall of the Tampa Bay Times Forum – a compelling visual reinforcing the desperate need for new fiscal leadership in the White House.

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Republican Talking Points

9:46 AM, Aug 27, 2012

Here are the official Republican talking points, being circulated to surrogates speaking on behalf of the party here:

Surrogate Message Points: 

2012 Republican National Convention – A Better Future

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Fox News Sunday Panel on Mitt Romney, the Republican Convention, and Isaac

6:48 AM, Aug 27, 2012

Bill Kristol, with Kirsten Powers, Mike Huckabee, and Juan Williams, yesterday on Fox News: 

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Biden Will Be in Tampa During RNC

1:51 PM, Aug 21, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden will be in Tampa during the Republican National Convention, a campaign official confirms. 

"Next week, on Monday, August 27 and Tuesday, August 28, Vice President Joe Biden will travel to the Tampa area and other cities for campaign events," an Obama campaign official tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD. "Additional details on the Vice President’s trip are forthcoming."

The Republican National Convention will run from August 27-30 in Tampa.

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