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No, Virginia Did Not 'End' Homelessness for Veterans

It depends on what your definition of 'homeless' is.
2:04 PM, Nov 16, 2015

The Washington Post has declared in a headline: "McAuliffe announces milestone in ending veteran homelessness."


Yes, term-limited governor and Democratic party mega-fundraiser Terry McAuliffe may love the publicity, but the claim begs credulity.

Here's what the Post reports:

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Voters Thwart McAuliffe in Virginia

11:05 AM, Nov 04, 2015

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman and pal of the Clintons, has taken it on the chin again.

McAuliffe unleashed a major effort to capture the Virginia senate with help from ex-New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent more than $1 million in anti-gun ads in two critical districts.  But while Democrats held the targeted seat in northern Virginia, Republicans retained the other in the Richmond suburbs.

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McAuliffe Scolds Hillary on Emails: 'She Shouldn't Have Done It'

10:21 PM, Sep 09, 2015

Longtime Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia, is scolding Hillary Clinton for improper use of email while she was secretary of state. But the former DNC chair is glad Clinton is apologizing.

"I’m glad she came out yesterday and today and said it was a mistake and she shouldn’t have done it, and I agree with that," McAuliffe told the Roanoke Times in an interview.

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McAuliffe Invokes Charleston to Say Clinton Should Be Next President: 'Fitting of the People Who Lost Their Lives'

7:49 PM, Jun 26, 2015

Longtime Clinton associate Terry McAuliffe used the mass murder in Charleston, South Carolina to make the case for Hillary Clinton be the next president of the United States:

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Hillary's Brother: I Used the Clinton Foundation for Deals

7:16 AM, May 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton's brother Tony used his sister's family foundation to make deals. He admit to this fact in legal documents uncovered by the New York Times.

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State Dept. Stonewalls on Releasing Info on McAuliffe Favoritism

9:28 AM, Mar 25, 2015

Almost two years ago, Tim Miller, the then executive director of the America Rising PAC, authored a letter to look into possible favoritism from Hillary Clinton's State Department epartment to longtime Clinton associate Terry McAuliffe. The letter, addressed to the State Department, was acknowledged as having been received, but none of the information requested has ever been handed over.

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Man Behind Lincoln Bedroom Fundraising Scheme Defends Clintons Taking Foreign Cash

11:35 AM, Feb 23, 2015

In 1993, Terry McAuliffe authored a memo that would essentially turn the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House into a hotel for top campaign donors. It would "be an excellent opportunity to energize our key people for the upcoming year," McAuliffe wrote. Now McAuliffe, who is currently the governor of Virginia, is defending the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation's acceptance of foreign cash.

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Virginia Gov. McAuliffe in Hospital After Being Thrown from Horse in Africa

1:10 PM, Jan 19, 2015

The office of Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia has released this statement:

"While on vacation with his family in Africa, Governor McAuliffe was thrown from a horse, which resulted in seven broken ribs. While the injury did not impair his ability to do his job and his doctors expected the injury to heal on its own, today the identified increased fluid around his lungs that will require a procedure to remove. He is begin [sic] admitted today and is expected to be back in action after 2-3 days of recovery."


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Warner Admits He 'Brainstormed' About Jobs For State Senator's Daughter

9:45 AM, Oct 14, 2014

Virginia senator Mark Warner claimed he did not offer a federal judgeship to the daughter of a Democratic state senator who was about to resign, but he did admit that they "brainstormed" about the idea.

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Virginia Senate Race Gets Interesting

9:52 AM, Oct 11, 2014

There are signs that the U.S. Senate race in Virginia, previously considered a long-shot for Republicans and a safe seat for Democrats, could get interesting in the final weeks of the campaign. The incumbent, Democrat Mark Warner, has had a large lead in the polls over his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie since the beginning of the race.

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Va. Gov: Bush Family Should Be Thrown in Jail

10:27 AM, Jan 11, 2014

A 2008 documentary reveals that Terry McAuliffe, who is being sworn in today as governor of Virginia, thinks that members of the Bush family “should all have been put away in jail.”

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What Cuccinelli’s Loss Tells Us About 2014

12:12 PM, Nov 13, 2013

What does Ken Cuccinelli’s narrow loss in the Virginia governor’s race tell us about the future of the GOP?

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Barnes Podcast: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Tuesday's Elections for the GOP

Hosted by Michael Graham.
5:15 PM, Nov 06, 2013

The WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with executive editor Fred Barnes recapping the 2013 elections in Virginia, New Jersey, New York and across the country.

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Warner Can Be Beat

12:01 AM, Nov 06, 2013

This year, Virginia Republicans were divided and had an easily caricatured candidate at the top of the ticket who ran a defensive campaign and was massively outspent ... and the state still broke basically 50-50. Next year, incumbent Democratic senator Mark Warner will be on the ballot.

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Fox, NBC Call Virginia Governor's Race for McAuliffe

9:45 PM, Nov 05, 2013

Terry McAuliffe will win his bid for governor Virginia, both Fox News and NBC News are projecting. McAuliffe, a Democrat, will defeat his Republican opponent, attorney general Ken Cuccinelli.

With 91 percent of precincts reporting, McAuliffe holds a small lead, 46.8 percent to Cuccinelli's 46.5 percent.

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In Virginia, Obamacare Central to Cuccinelli's Closing Argument

Neither Obama nor Biden mentioned Obamacare in their speeches.
2:37 PM, Nov 04, 2013

Warrenton, Va.
Ken Cuccinelli may have finally found a winning message in his bid for governor of Virginia, and not a moment too soon. With just a day before Virginians head to the polls, Cuccinelli spent Monday morning targeting his Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe and other national Democrats for their support for Obamacare.

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Final Quinnipiac Poll: McAuliffe 46, Cuccinelli 40, Sarvis 8 (Updated)

8:38 AM, Nov 04, 2013

A final poll from Quinnipiac on Tuesday's gubernatorial race in Virginia shows Democrat Terry McAuliffe with a six-point lead over Republican rival Ken Cuccinelli. Forty-six percent of likely Virginia voters say they will vote for McAuliffe, according to the poll, while 40 percent say they'll vote for Cuccinelli. Eight percent say they will vote for the Libertarian party candidate, Robert Sarvis. Here's more from Quinnipiac:

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Obama Doesn't Mention Obamacare When Campaigning for McAuliffe

6:48 AM, Nov 04, 2013

President Obama campaigned yesterday in Virginia for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, whose election in the governor's race is Tuesday. Obama praised McAuliffe's wife, their "unbelievable children," and McAuliffe himself.

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Trailing from Behind

Ken Cuccinelli’s up against a carpetbagging hack, and losing.
Nov 04, 2013

Sterling, Va.
From the looks of it, Ken Cuccinelli II isn’t enjoying his run for governor of Virginia. We’re in a small white SUV, driving from his campaign office in Fairfax County outside Washington to a rally in neighboring Loudoun County. Cuccinelli, the 45-year-old Republican attorney general, sits in the front passenger’s seat and steals glances at his speech notes or out the window. He seems a little annoyed by all the questions I’m lobbing at him from the back seat. 

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Could Obamacare Sink McAuliffe?

12:40 PM, Nov 03, 2013

Could the focus on Obamacare in the last couple of weeks before Tuesday's Virginia gubernatorial election enable the Republican nominee, Ken Cuccinelli, to come from behind in the homestretch? He's run a pretty awful campaign so far, and has been trailing badly for months, but ...

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Poll: McAuliffe 42, Cuccinelli 40, Sarvis 13

2:03 PM, Nov 01, 2013

Is Ken Cuccinelli closing in on Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor's race? The latest poll from Emerson College shows McAuliffe, the Democrat, with 42 percent support and Cuccinelli, the Republican, with 40 percent. Libertarian Robert Sarvis has 13 percent in the poll of 874 likely voters.

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Quinnipiac: McAuliffe 45, Cuccinelli 41

9:42 AM, Oct 30, 2013

A new poll of the Virginia's gubernatorial election hints that the race may be tightening between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli. According to Quinnipiac's survey of 1,182 likely voters, 45 percent say they will vote for McAuliffe and 41 percent say they will vote for Cuccinelli. Nine percent say they will vote for Libertarian party candidate Robert Sarvis.

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Virginia Poll: McAuliffe 51, Cuccinelli 39

7:33 AM, Oct 29, 2013

With a week to go before election day, Virginia voters favor Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor over Republican Ken Cuccinelli by more than 10 points, according to a new poll from the Washington Post. The survey found that 51 percent of likely voters support McAuliffe and just 39 percent support Cuccinelli. In addition, Libertarian party candidate Robert Sarvis pulls in 8 percent support.

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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cuccinelli Campaign

12:58 PM, Oct 28, 2013

What's wrong with Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia's Republican candidate for governor? He's losing by nearly 10 percentage points, according to Real Clear Politics, to Terry McAuliffe, the flawed Democrat. The conventional wisdom is that Cuccinelli is too conservative on social issues, and the McAuliffe campaign has run ads painting the Republican as an extremist on abortion, gay rights, and contraception.

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Rasmussen Poll: McAuliffe 50, Cuccinelli 33

11:52 AM, Oct 22, 2013

Terry McAuliffe has a 17-point lead over Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor's race, according to a new poll from Rasmussen. McAuliffe, the Democrat, enjoys his largest lead yet in the race with 50 percent of the vote, while Republican Cuccinelli has 33 percent. The Libertarian candidate, Robert Sarvis, has eight percent support.

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Cuccinelli Ad: McAuliffe Is 'Deeply Unserious'

8:01 AM, Oct 18, 2013

With just weeks left in the 2013 gubernatorial race in Virginia, Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli has a new TV ad that questions the seriousness of his Democratic opponent, Terry McAuliffe. "What's Terry McAuliffe offering Virginia families?" the voiceover asks. "False, misleading attacks; massive, wasteful spending; and $1,700 dollars in higher taxes every year."

"Terry McAuliffe," the voiceover continues. "Deeply unserious." Watch below:

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CNN Host Sends Fundraising Email for Terry McAuliffe

11:04 AM, Sep 27, 2013

CNN host Stephanie Cutter, who worked on President Obama's reelection campaign, has sent a fundraising email on behalf of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

"Hey there," Cutter begins. "Another poll came out this week showing Terry McAuliffe with a marginal lead over Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor's race. Most people I know were thrilled. But I got nervous."

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Terry McAuliffe Won't Say If He Supports Taxpayer-Funded, Late-Term Abortions

11:45 AM, Sep 24, 2013

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate and frontrunner in Virginia's gubernatorial race, has been painting his Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli as a crusader on social issues. But McAuliffe has repeatedly refused to answer questions from the press about whether he himself holds extreme positions on the issue of abortion.

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Cuccinelli Ad: 'Virginia Deserves a Serious Governor'

12:35 PM, Sep 19, 2013

On Thursday, the Ken Cuccinelli campaign released a new ad hoping to capitalize on an endorsement from a high-profile PAC in northern Virginia.

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Rasmussen Poll: McAuliffe Leads Cuccinelli By 7

10:31 AM, Sep 06, 2013

A new poll of likely Virginia voters show Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli by seven points in this fall's gubernatorial election. Rasmussen Reports found McAuliffe with 45 percent support compared to Cuccinelli's 38 percent.

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