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Punishment for VA Execs Rescinded Due to Clerical Error

3:29 PM, Dec 04, 2015

The VA set out to send a stern disciplinary message to some scammers in the higher levels of its bureaucracy but, well you know, things happen. As Kellie Lunney of Government Executive reports:

An administrative error has forced the Veterans Affairs Department to rescind the punishment for two senior executives who were demoted after the department's watchdog found they used their positions of authority for personal gain, the VA said on Thursday.

There is a problem, though. It seems, is that:

… the department has to restart the disciplinary process because it failed to provide the two employees with all the information regarding their punishment during the

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The VA: Another Scandal?

12:57 PM, Oct 28, 2015

In its handling of health care for veterans, the VA’s ineptitude and corruption have been widely exposed and condemned.  Though, of late, Hillary Clinton has been saying that it wasn’t as bad as all that. In her view, the real problem is not long wait times covered up by falsified records which, in many cases, resulted in untreated conditions leading to … well, death.

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VA: Not Getting Better

10:39 AM, Oct 21, 2015

CNN, which has been on the story of malfeasance and incompetence a

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VA to Veteran: Take a Hike

10:23 AM, Jul 01, 2015

A former solider who served most of 2003 in Iraq as a cavalry scout and is now suffering from PTSD was turned away from a VA facility in Georgia. When he went to another VA facility to make the same request, he made a record of the encounter on his smartphone.

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'Continuing Culture of Chaos'

10:29 AM, Jun 24, 2015

This, as Lisa Rein of the Washington Post writes, is how Senator Charles Grassley describes the VA.

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Veterans Affairs, Now Worse Than Ever

9:19 AM, Jun 16, 2015

The government doesn’t seem to have many good days, these days.  If it isn’t a vast hacking of its employees’ personal information by, presumably, the Chinese, then it is the revelation that the people who are supposed to keep air travel safe, the crack agents of the TSA, missed some 95 percent of the dummy bombs that a task force attempted to slip by them in a recent test.  Ninety-five percent.

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The VA Way: Veterans Affairs Has Been Wasting $6 Billion Per Year

1:29 PM, May 14, 2015

Lisa Rein and Emily Wax-Thibodeaux of the Washington Post report:

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Veterans Affairs Spent $5K for 'Floor Cleaning' For Obama's Visit

6:34 AM, Apr 27, 2015

A year after news broke of the waiting list scandal at the Veterans Affairs medical facility in Phoenix, Arizona, President Obama finally visited the facility in March. And while they didn't quite roll out the red carpet for the president, they did clean the floors -- and spent $5,000 to do it.

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The VA’s Troubles: Mismanagement and Mediums

2:17 PM, Apr 23, 2015

Kellie Lunney at Government Executive writes, in a report on yesterday’s hearings into mismanagement at the Veterans Affairs Department, that:

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'The Road to Reform'

12:25 PM, Mar 13, 2015

Concerned Veterans for America has released this video detailing the Veterans Affairs scandal ahead of President Obama's visit to the Phoenix hospital:

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Report: VA Secretary Lied About Serving in Special Forces

7:59 PM, Feb 23, 2015

The Veterans Affairs secretary lied about serving in the special forces, a report in the Huffington Post alleges.

"Robert McDonald, the secretary of veterans affairs, wrongly claimed in a videotaped comment earlier this year that he served in special operations forces, the most elite units in the armed forces, when his military service of five years was spent almost entirely with the 82nd Airborne Division during the late 1970s," the report reads.

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VA Patients: Still Waiting

11:00 AM, Nov 17, 2014

Meghan Hoyer and Tom Vanden Brook of USA Today report that:

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Rough Justice for VA Workers

3:29 PM, Oct 27, 2014

If you work for the government and you don’t stay on the straight and narrow, then you risk being told to go home and take some time off … with pay and benefits.  Might be for three months to a year – time enough to catch up on those overdue home improvement project.  Could be for one to three years.  Long enough to write that novel you’ve been thinking about.

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Bonuses For a Job … Never Mind

2:21 PM, Oct 13, 2014

From Military Times, we learn:

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The VA: All Over It

10:29 AM, Sep 29, 2014

Problems at the VA were largely – but not entirely – in the realm of scheduling.  No one argued in favor the current system, which had veterans waiting in line for medical attention for months and even years. Even if the supervisors who cooked the books and paid themselves bonuses were all shown the door, the system would not be working as it should until the scheduling SNAFUs had been dealt with.

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VA: Incompetent? Corrupt? Both?

7:43 AM, Sep 23, 2014

A.J. Lagoe and Steve Eckert of Military Times report that:

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The VA Scandal: Not Going Away

12:38 PM, Sep 10, 2014

The VA’s culture of malfeasance and corruption resulted in a new leader, new legislation, and new money.  Still, as Jordain Carney of National Journal reports:

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Good Timing

10:29 AM, Aug 28, 2014

The VA has created a small public relations problem for itself.  Which, to say the least, is something it did not need. 

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Suspended With Pay: It’s the VA Way

2:24 PM, Aug 22, 2014

Dennis Wagner of the Arizona Republic writes that:

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The VA: How Bad Was It?

8:34 AM, Aug 18, 2014

The legislative fix has been passed and signed into law, along with a generous appropriation of new money.  Also, a new top person has been named and confirmed.  So time to move on from the VA and its woes.  But before doing so, consider the magnitude of the problems and their duration.

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VA Reform Bill Is Just Starting Point

10:20 AM, Aug 13, 2014

With the overwhelmingly bipartisan vote for the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, Congress passed the most significant reforms to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in decades. And, right on cue, here come the grumblings from the second-guessers.

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Protecting the Essentials

2:34 PM, Aug 06, 2014

The big bill to reform Veterans Affairs will be signed tomorrow.  With, no doubt, much ceremony and patting of backs.  Washington has done it again.  Rescued the rest of us from … Washington.  

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VA Fix. Hurrah? Hurrah?

8:23 AM, Jul 28, 2014

Agreement has been reached on the particulars of a bill that supporters say will fix the VA’s problem and as Matthew Daly of the AP reports:

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The VA Debacle

Jul 28, 2014

The twilight of the scandal-plagued Obama administration is upon us, and voters are faced with a real conundrum. Which of the failures of progressive governance should be confronted first? The Mideast is an even more blood-drenched goat rodeo than pessimists predicted. There are 50,000 illegal immigrant children warehoused at the border. The IRS is starting to bear a resemblance to the Stasi. Then there’s the roiling Obamacare disaster, and the related politically driven crusade against religious liberty. The Bergdahl swap. Benghazi. Fast and Furious. One could go on. 

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VA Bugs

3:38 PM, Jul 16, 2014

Bureaucrats at the Veterans Affairs are working hard … to keep stonewalling investigations into the slovenly, corrupt, and criminal performance of it responsibilities. As Mark Flatten of the Washington Examiner reports:

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VA: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

9:38 AM, Jul 11, 2014

Veterans Affairs, following the iron law of institutional self-interest, has been paying its people well – improperly and, possibly, illegally so – at the expense of it supposed “clients” and its mission.

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Playing Politics at the VA

9:07 AM, Jul 09, 2014

The ineptitude and corruption at the VA were examined last night at congressional hearings and the revelations were dismaying but not necessarily shocking. It is no longer news that the VA is broken so the details of how bonuses were paid to senior bureaucrats for covering up the problems and whistleblowers were punished for reporting them have begun to lose their shock value.  

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VA Whistleblower Details 'Harassment' After Contacting White House

7:14 AM, Jul 09, 2014

A Veterans Affairs whistleblower says he experienced "harassment" after he contacted White House aide Rob Nabors about problems at the VA:

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While Veterans Wait

10:31 AM, Jul 07, 2014

Reporting on the Veterans Affairs, its problems, and what Congress might do to solve them, Craig Harris and Michelle Ye Hee Lee of the Arizona Republic are not terribly encouraging.  They write that:

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Taking the First Step at Veterans Affairs

10:12 AM, Jul 01, 2014

Now that Washington has acknowledged cultural malaise and a broad failure to provide timely access to health care at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Congress and the executive branch are competing frantically to show the public how hard they are working to fix that failure.

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