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Bernie at the Bridge

The red whirlwind comes to New Hampshire
Jan 18, 2016

Manchester, N.H. -- Crossing from Vermont into New Hampshire, you get a feel for what is driving the improbable Bernie Sanders campaign. The two states are separated by the Connecticut River valley, where the American industrial revolution could be said to have begun. The river supplied power for the mills, and the small towns and farms were a source of eager labor. The American system of manufacturing was born here. Even the British, who ordinarily thought they had all the answers, came to study the way things were done in the Connecticut River valley. Downstream, in Massachusetts, the factories turned out guns; far upstream, the Fairchild Company supplied industrial scales to the world.

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White House Wakes Up to the Heroin Epidemic

11:32 AM, Aug 18, 2015

Peter Sullivan of The Hill reports that

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Across the River and Into the Lead

The Bernie juggernaut rolls on in New Hampshire.
2:33 PM, Aug 12, 2015

Dispatches from the front tell of Bernie Sanders surging into the lead in the New Hampshire polls.

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NH Poll: Hillary 43, Sanders 35

9:01 PM, Jun 25, 2015

Bernie Sanders is within single digits of Hillary Clinton in a new poll of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters. The survey from CNN and WMUR finds Clinton's support among Granite State Democrats at 43 percent, while Sanders, a Vermont senator, registers 35 percent support. That's the best showing for Sanders since was first included in the CNN/WMUR poll in July 2014, while it is Clinton's worst performance since February 2013.

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Bernie Sanders Attacked For Not Being Liberal Enough

On guns.
2:45 PM, Jun 25, 2015

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is being attacked in a new ad for not being liberal enough on guns. 

"Bernie Sanders is no progressive when it comes to guns," says a voiceover in the 15-second spot, which criticizes the socialist senator's votes against two gun-control bills. The ad also notes the National Rifle Association's support for Sanders. Watch the video below:

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Poll: Bernie Gains on Hillary in New Hampshire

Clinton 44, Sanders 32
2:04 PM, Jun 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders, the independent Democratic senator from Vermont, is within striking distance of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in a new poll of likely New Hampshire presidential primary voters. A new survey from the Morning Consult finds 44 percent of New Hampshire voters who say they will vote in the Democratic primary support Clinton with 32 percent supporting Sanders.

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Not Ready for Hillary

Bernie Sanders is no joke
Jun 01, 2015

Burlington, Vt. -- The senator was returning to the place where it had all begun for him. Almost 40 years ago, to the surprise of practically everyone, perhaps including himself, he had been elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont’s largest city and the only one with any real claim to the title. Back then, students from the University of Vermont, mobilized by his energetic grassroots campaign, had contributed significantly to his 10-vote margin of victory.

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Gruber on the Pad

11:11 AM, Feb 24, 2015

Morgan True who writes for Vermont Digger  the state’s premier news website, reports that Jonathan Gruber, who so famously helped d

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Liz Warren: New Hampshire Dem 'Working Hard For People of Vermont'

12:41 PM, Oct 28, 2014

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren praised her fellow Senate colleague Jeanne Shaheen on Tuesday's episode of The View, saying the New Hampshire Democrat is "working hard for the people of Vermont."

Shaheen, Warren said, is "the only woman in the history of the United States who has been both a governor and a senator, and independent and out there working for the people of Vermont." Watch the video below:

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Antagonizing the Pro-Hamas Vote

7:33 AM, Aug 21, 2014

Speaking at a recent town hall meeting, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont tried to have it both ways on Gaza.  Wrong, he said, to shoot rockets. But Israel overreacted. This is the progressive equivocation.  The precise, moderate, and acceptable reaction by a nation that his under rocket attack has, so far, not been outlined with any precision.

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The Realities Intrude

9:21 AM, Jul 31, 2014

No state in the union could be more sympathetic to the Obama administration or to its immigration policies than Vermont (where I live).  But there is only so much a small state, and a sympathetic governor, can do.

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New Idea: Let’s Raise Taxes

4:42 PM, Jul 14, 2014

Representative Peter Welch (Democrat, Vermont and, by the way, my representative) has announced that he is in favor of raising the tax on gasoline. He has a safe seat and, anyway, in Vermont it isn’t politically dangerous to propose a tax increase, especially if it can be somehow made into a positive for jobs and infrastructure and a negative for automobiles and oil companies. Vermont is eagerly anticipating the arrival of cars that are powered by wind.

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State of Alarm

4:05 PM, Jan 09, 2014

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s State of the Union speech in which he declared a “War on Poverty.” There was, and continues to be, much discussion and debate over how well that effort has gone.  Are we better off now than we were 50 years ago?  The country is materially  richer and vastly so. But the poor are undeniably still with us and, perhaps, more impoverished than ever.  Though not necessarily in a material sense.

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Down and Out in Vermont

Heroin in the hills
Nov 04, 2013

Rutland, Vt.
On his way into town, Dana Gray wondered about the number of cars and pickups parked at a local health care clinic. It was Saturday morning, and normally the clinic would be closed.

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Vermont Spending Nearly $3 Million on PR for Obamacare Exchange

3:05 PM, Oct 17, 2013

Vermont has agreed to a $2.8-million contract with a D.C.-based public affairs firm to promote the state's health insurance exchange mandated by Obamacare. As Vermont-based watchdog site reported earlier this week, the administration of Democratic governor Peter Shumlin is paying nearly a third of its $9-million, federally-funded Obamacare "messaging" budget to GMMB, which has offices on K Street in Washington, D.C., as well as in Seattle.

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Reunion of the Deaniacs

8:10 AM, Jun 22, 2013

Veterans of a failed campaign will gather Sunday in Burlington, Vermont.  Ten years ago, Howard Dean offered himself to the nation.

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True Blue: No Deal

5:11 PM, Nov 13, 2012

According to my sources here in Vermont (that would be the Burlington Free Press and Vermont Public Radio) 2/3s of the state's congressional delegation believes the country is likely to go over the fiscal cliff.  The remaining 1/3 is "hopeful" that this bullet can somehow be dodged.

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Fox Projects Romney Winner Kentucky, Indiana; Obama Projected to Win Vermont

7:02 PM, Nov 06, 2012

Fox News projects Mitt Romney the winner in Kentucky and Indiana. Fox also projects Barack Obama the winner of Vermont.

Obama won Indiana in 2008. 

Fox did not project a winner for Georgia, South Carolina, or the battleground state of Virginia. 

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Our Town Meetings

They may be old fashioned, but town meetings are still a fine example of democracy in America.
12:00 AM, Mar 06, 2012

Today, the first Tuesday in March, is town meeting day in Vermont, as it has been for more than a century. Town meeting was a tradition in Vermont before there was any officially designated town meeting day. Town meeting was part of Vermont before Vermont was part of the Union.

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Vermont Stands Alone

Hi ho, the derry-o: the obsessions of a single-party state
Aug 08, 2011

Dorset, Vermont

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