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Slow Joe

2:20 PM, Oct 20, 2015

By the time you read this, it is possible that Vice President Joe Biden will have announced his candidacy for the presidency. Or not. 

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Biden Poses With Man Wearing Pot T-Shirt: 'I Got High in Colorado'

7:02 AM, Jul 22, 2015

Vice President Joe Biden posed for a picture with a man wearing a marijuana themed t-shirt on a recent visit to Colorado. The t-shirt, from High Times, reportedly says, "I got high in Colorado."

Here's the picture:

The picture was shared on Twitter by BambuCycles:


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Hotel and Vehicles for Biden's New Year's Day Brazil Visit: $421K

7:09 AM, Jan 30, 2015

Vice President Joe Biden kicked off 2015 leading a presidential delegation to Brazil for the inauguration of Dilma Rousseff

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Biden's Hotel Bill for Turkey Visit: $625K

7:01 AM, Nov 24, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden just returned Sunday from a three-nation trip that concluded with a 48 hour visit to Turkey.

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The Biden Apology Tour Rolls On

10:54 AM, Oct 06, 2014

Roy Gutman of McClatchy reports:

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Biden: It's a 'B----' Being Vice President

8:13 AM, Oct 03, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden sought sympathy with the vice president of the Harvard student body about being second in command: "Isn't it a bitch?" He clarified, "the vice president thing."

Watch here:

Video via Andrew Kaczynski of BuzzFeed.

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Biden: 'I May Be a White Boy, But I Can Jump'

9:09 PM, Feb 25, 2014

During a celebration of African-American History Month, Vice President Joe Biden said, "I may be a white boy, but I can jump." The comments were made at Biden's home, the Naval Observatory.

Via the pool report:

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Biden Talks Up Pool Reporter To Chinese VP: 'He Is The One You Really Want To Speak To'

8:21 AM, Dec 05, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden talked up the pool reporter covering him in China today to the vice president of China. According to the pool report, Biden told the Chinese VP that "he is a very important man. Seriously he is important." 

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Biden Still Gets 12 Staffers; Obama 129

7:11 AM, Oct 01, 2013

The federal government has shutdown. So what does this mean for the White House? Vice President Joe Biden keeps 12 staffers and President Barack Obama keeps 129.

As the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday, in preparation for a government shutdown:

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Singapore Man Surprised When Biden Sits Next to Him; Asks, 'Who Is He?'

5:40 AM, Jul 26, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden surprised a man in Singapore when he sat next to him today. It was a surprise because the guy didn't recognize Biden.'

The man asked after Biden had joined him at a table for a photo-op, "Who is he?"

The report comes from the pool report.

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Biden Praises French Military's 'Incredible Competence and Capability'

1:27 PM, Feb 04, 2013

After a meeting today in Paris with the French president, Francois Hollande, Vice President Joe Biden praised "the incredible competence and capability" of the French military. He was specifically referring to the recent military action taken by the French in Mali.

"And as the [French] President indicated, we discussed an array of issues starting and including Mali and North Africa more broadly.

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Biden Takes the Oath

8:31 AM, Jan 20, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden has taken the oath of office for the second time. "At 8:21am, Joe Biden took the oath of office for a second term a Vice President, surrounded by family at the VP residence at the Naval Observatory," the pool reporter notes.

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Obama: Abortion Helps Men, Too

6:36 AM, Oct 12, 2012

During the vice presidential debate, Paul Ryan reiterated his opposition to abortion. Joe Biden explained that he’s personally opposed to abortion but doesn’t believe in protecting the unborn. President Obama has previously expressed his own position, which might best be described as not being opposed to abortion either personally or as a matter of policy (see the first 30 seconds of this clip):

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Biden Throws Intelligence Community Under the Bus

But contradicts himself by relying on intel community regarding Iran.
11:50 PM, Oct 11, 2012

Danville, Kentucky
Among the many charges and countercharges at the vice presidential debate here Thursday, two points from Vice President Joe Biden stand out.

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Biden Bombed

11:06 PM, Oct 11, 2012

You don’t win a nationally televised debate by being rude and obnoxious.  You don’t win by interrupting your opponent time after time after time or by being a blowhard.  You don’t win with facial expressions, especially smirks or fake laughs, or by pretending to be utterly exasperated with what your opponent is saying.

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Biden Promises to 'Tell the Truth' at Debate

6:21 PM, Oct 11, 2012

In email to supporters, Vice President Joe Biden promises tonight to "tell the truth and stand up for what we believe in." The subject line of Biden's email reads, "My promise to you and Barack tonight."

"I told Barack I have one mission tonight: tell the truth and stand up for what we believe in," writes Vice President Biden. "Our side is always going to win when we do that."

Biden then portrays himself and President Barack Obama as underdogs. He writes, " But, Daniel, take a look at what we're up against this week:"

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Joey, We Should Have Known Ye

8:40 AM, Aug 24, 2012


"Joe Biden," wrote the editorialists of the Salt Lake Tribune four years ago, “is smart, articulate, and blunt.” Well, grant our Utah colleagues this much: One out of three is better than nothing.

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Axelrod Won't Rule Out Biden Being Dropped, Tells Joke Instead

11:02 AM, Aug 16, 2012

President Barack Obama's closest political adviser, David Axelrod, would not rule out dropping Vice President Joe Biden from this year's presidential ticket when asked about the rumors this morning on MSNBC. 

"All right. David, it's Sam Stein," said the Huffington Post writer to Axelrod. "I''m guessing you're not taking John McCain's advice to drop him and put Hillary Clinton? But a more serious question --"

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Obama Has Plenty of Time to Drop Biden

11:35 AM, Aug 15, 2012

UPDATE: The countdown clock now reads 21-days:


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The Natural

Look out, America. Paul Ryan is not just a policy wonk—he's a really good retail politician.
6:02 PM, Aug 14, 2012

Lakewood, Colorado
Ever since Mitt Romney announced he had selected Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential candidate, there has been much rending of sackcloth by pundits in Washington about whether or not his ambitious budget and entitlement reform proposals will help or hurt the GOP. However, Paul Ryan brings one other potentially decisive factor to the presidential race that few have even begun to reckon with:

What if Paul Ryan goes out on the campaign trail and the American people just decide they really, really like the guy?

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What the Ryan Pick Says About Romney

10:06 AM, Aug 11, 2012

Mitt Romney, the cautious candidate, wary of being specific, and counting on the bad economy to defeat President Obama – forget all that! The Romney who picked Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate is an entirely different person. He’s prepared to take the fight to Obama on the biggest bundle of issues – spending, debt, the deficit, taxes, entitlements, and the reversing of America’s accelerating decline under Obama. Specifics? There will be plenty.

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Ryan's Address: 'Our Rights Come from Nature and God, Not Government'

8:46 AM, Aug 11, 2012

Here's the prepared text of Paul Ryan's address in Norfolk, Virginia:


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iPhone App: Romney Selects Paul Ryan

6:04 AM, Aug 11, 2012

The Mitt Romney campaign officially announces the selection of Paul Ryan as the Republican vice presidential candidate via its iPhone app.

UPDATE: And the campaign has now announced the selection of Ryan via press release:


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Romney Prepares to Pick Ryan

9:52 PM, Aug 10, 2012

Elm Grove, Wisc. & Washington, D.C.
THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that the Romney campaign has begun to prepare a vigorous effort in support of Paul Ryan if he is selected as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick—something now likely to happen soon. For example, GOP officials tell THE WEEKLY STANDARD that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is among a group of Republicans who has been asked to be ready, in terms of his schedule and other practical preparations, to make the case publicly for a Romney-Ryan ticket as early as Saturday.

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A Big Campaign?

9:20 AM, Aug 06, 2012

There've been many emails in response to our editorial in this week's issue, “Go for the Gold, Mitt!” Two were particularly noteworthy.

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Biden: 'I Wish My Kids Would Become Wealthy'

1:06 PM, Jul 25, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking in Philadelphia this afternoon at the International Association of Fire Fighters 51st Convention, said, "I wish my kids would become wealthy."

Biden is the father of three living children, Ashley Biden, Beau Biden, and Hunter Biden, all of whom would appear to be doing just fine financially.

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11:33 AM, Jul 16, 2012

A correspondent emails:

This is how a Romney-Portman ticket makes me feel: Sleepy.

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Romney-Rice vs. Obama-Clinton?

9:11 AM, Jul 13, 2012

When I suggested a couple months ago that President Obama might seriously consider replacing Joe Biden as his running mate with Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice hadn't yet thrilled Romney backers with her speech on June 23 in Park City, Utah, and Ann Romney hadn't subsequently said, "We've been looking at [picking a woman], and I love that option as well."

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Drudge: Romney-Rice?

8:51 PM, Jul 12, 2012


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10:10 AM, Jul 06, 2012

Erin McPike's "close examination of the [Romney] campaign's activity" at RealClearPolitics suggests four leading contenders for Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick—former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, Ohio senator Rob Portman, Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan, and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. McPike's article is an intelligent explanation of why these men seem to be leading the pack, with New Hampshire senator Kelly Ayotte, Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, and Florida senator Marco Rubio as long shots.

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