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No, Virginia Did Not 'End' Homelessness for Veterans

It depends on what your definition of 'homeless' is.
2:04 PM, Nov 16, 2015

The Washington Post has declared in a headline: "McAuliffe announces milestone in ending veteran homelessness."


Yes, term-limited governor and Democratic party mega-fundraiser Terry McAuliffe may love the publicity, but the claim begs credulity.

Here's what the Post reports:

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Voters Thwart McAuliffe in Virginia

11:05 AM, Nov 04, 2015

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman and pal of the Clintons, has taken it on the chin again.

McAuliffe unleashed a major effort to capture the Virginia senate with help from ex-New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent more than $1 million in anti-gun ads in two critical districts.  But while Democrats held the targeted seat in northern Virginia, Republicans retained the other in the Richmond suburbs.

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Hillary Holds Post-Benghazi Hearing Rally

2:23 PM, Oct 23, 2015

Alexandria, Va.
Following a grueling day testifying before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Hillary Clinton held a rally for campaign supporters and volunteers at Alexandria's historic Market Square on Friday morning.

Fewer than a thousand people, some of them volunteers donning badges and clipboards seeking signatures to get Hillary on the ballot in the Commonwealth, milled around in the late October sun. They were ready for Hillary.

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Jeb Apes, Knocks Trump on Trail

11:42 AM, Aug 28, 2015

Norfolk, Va.
“We’re America, damn it!”

So proclaimed the famously “low-energy” Jeb Bush at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars hall Friday morning. That rallying cry, Bush said, is how past generations have greeted the challenges America has faced, and it embodies the spirit he says he wants to reignite in the country. “We have to restore America’s greatness by fixing the things that make it hard for people to rise up in this country,” Bush said.

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Swing State Polls: Bernie Just As Strong As Hillary

Both Dems losing to Walker, Rubio, and Bush.
7:36 AM, Jul 22, 2015

Democrat Hillary Clinton is trailing some potential Republican opponents in three key swing states, according to a new poll from Quinnipiac, and doing about as well against the GOP as one of her rivals for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders.

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Jim Webb on Confederate Flag: 'Respect Complicated History of Civil War'

1:14 PM, Jun 24, 2015

Jim Webb, the former Virginia senator who may run for the Democratic nomination for president, released a statement on Facebook regarding the Confederate battle flag and the debate over its continued use in state-funded memorials. Here's the message:

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Annals of Political Correctness

Jun 22, 2015

Off hours, The Scrapbook has been dealing, like many everyday Americans, with the sort of problem that admits of no governmental solution: namely, a leaky basement. But just because government has nothing to offer by way of solutions (at least not yet!) doesn’t mean that it’s ignoring what we’re up to. 

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Washington Wants the Redskins

And is prepared to spend your money to get them.
3:07 PM, May 21, 2015

They are a lousy team with perhaps the worst owner in all of professional sports, but the Imperial City wants the Redskins nonetheless.

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Virginia Democrats Flee Vote on Pro-Israel Resolution

3:01 PM, Feb 17, 2015

Around 20 Democratic members of the Virginia house of delegates twice fled the chamber in Richmond earlier this month during a vote on a resolution supporting the state of Israel. The video below shows the house holding its vote on February 5. The resolution passed 70 to 2, despite there being 100 delegates seated. A few moments later, Republican member Jackson Miller asks for a second vote to be held on the resolution.

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Virginia Gov. McAuliffe in Hospital After Being Thrown from Horse in Africa

1:10 PM, Jan 19, 2015

The office of Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia has released this statement:

"While on vacation with his family in Africa, Governor McAuliffe was thrown from a horse, which resulted in seven broken ribs. While the injury did not impair his ability to do his job and his doctors expected the injury to heal on its own, today the identified increased fluid around his lungs that will require a procedure to remove. He is begin [sic] admitted today and is expected to be back in action after 2-3 days of recovery."


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Virginia vs. the EPA?

Dec 08, 2014

The Obama administration’s recently announced Clean Air Act power-plant rules, advertised as helping to control the greenhouse gases that cause climate change, have almost nothing to recommend them. Complex, clunky, and burdensome, they’re likely to spike energy bills while doing almost nothing to control pollution or stop global warming.

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Rolling Stone Rolls Over

10:29 AM, Dec 06, 2014

Two weeks ago, Rolling Stone published a bombshell piece that rocked the academic world. In the story, author Sabrina Erdely detailed a horrific crime — a gang rape at one of the fraternities at the University of Virginia that allegedly took place two years ago.

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Jim Webb Launches 2016 Presidential Exploratory Committee

6:16 AM, Nov 20, 2014

Former Virginia senator Jim Webb announced last night the formation of a presidential exploratory committee. Webb, a contributor to THE WEEKLY STANDARD, made the announcement in a lengthy YouTube video posted on his website:

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Comstock Wins Virginia House Seat

9:06 PM, Nov 04, 2014

Barbara Comstock of Virginia has won her race for the U.S. House, beating Democrat John Foust.

Comstock wins the seat currently held by her former boss, longtime Republican congressman Frank Wolf. A state delegate in the Virginia legislature, Comstock was criticized by her opponent and his allies for never having a "real job."

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Video: Vote For Republican Automatically Registers For Democrat

12:18 PM, Nov 04, 2014

The Virginia Republican party says there are problems with some touchscreen voting machines in Virginia Beach and other communities. The party sent out a video of one voter attempting to vote for Republican House member Scott Rigell. As the voter's finger touches Rigell's box, the vote is registered for Suzanne Patrick. Watch the video below:

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RCP Moves Virginia Senate Race Out of ‘Likely Dem’ Column

11:49 AM, Nov 01, 2014

Ed Gillespie continues to close the gap on Mark Warner in the Virginia Senate race, causing Real Clear Politics to move the race from “Likely Dem” to “Leans Dem.”  Virginia is currently the only Senate race in that category, which suggests it’s the GOP’s best chance to stage a substantial upset on election night.

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Comstock Leans In

12:51 PM, Oct 31, 2014

Barbara Comstock, the Republican House candidate for Virginia’s diverse Tenth congressional district in the suburbs and exurbs of Washington, lost the first thing she ever ran for: a spot on her high school cheerleading team. “After that, I was like ‘I’m never doing anything again,’” she jokes.

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Gillespie Closing the Gap

6:17 AM, Oct 31, 2014

Two new polls show Republican Ed Gillespie closing in on Democratic incumbent Mark Warner in the Virginia Senate race. Christopher Newport University, which had Warner up 12 points earlier in the month in its survey, now has Warner's lead down to 7.

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Straight Talk

3:19 PM, Oct 29, 2014

A candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, after a debate with his opponent, said that:

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A GOP Opportunity in Virginia?

8:01 AM, Oct 22, 2014

Entering the final fortnight of the Senate races, something of a pattern has started to develop. Republicans are leading in the Real Clear Politics average of recent polling in all states that were to the right of the national average in the 2012 election (which President Obama won by 4 points), with two exceptions: Kansas, which is tied; and North Carolina, where Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan is clinging to a 2-point lead but has less than 46 percent support.  These right-of-center states in which the GOP is leading include six where seats are currently held by Democrats:  Arkansas, Alaska, Louisiana, South Dakota, Montana, and West Virginia.

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The Obamacare Debate Heats Up in Virginia

5:30 AM, Oct 19, 2014

In the wake of their passage of Obamacare, the Democrats have repeatedly claimed two things: Republicans don’t have an alternative, and in any case the health care debate is over. But a Washington Post editorial published Saturday makes it clear that neither of these claims is true.

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Warner Admits He 'Brainstormed' About Jobs For State Senator's Daughter

9:45 AM, Oct 14, 2014

Virginia senator Mark Warner claimed he did not offer a federal judgeship to the daughter of a Democratic state senator who was about to resign, but he did admit that they "brainstormed" about the idea.

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Beware the Tortoise

Ed Gillespie plans to come from behind.
Oct 13, 2014

Some winning campaigns are late-breaking. The most famous is Ronald Reagan’s surge in the last two weeks of the 1980 presidential campaign. And some candidates are elected after being far behind. Mitch McConnell trailed Democratic senator Dee Huddleston by as much as 30 percentage points in 1984, then won narrowly. To capture the Virginia governorship in 1993, George Allen had to erase a gap of 29 percentage points.

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Virginia Senate Race Gets Interesting

9:52 AM, Oct 11, 2014

There are signs that the U.S. Senate race in Virginia, previously considered a long-shot for Republicans and a safe seat for Democrats, could get interesting in the final weeks of the campaign. The incumbent, Democrat Mark Warner, has had a large lead in the polls over his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie since the beginning of the race.

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A Chance for Victory in Virginia?

2:45 PM, Sep 29, 2014

In this week's newsletter, the boss looks at the 2014 midterm election:

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GOP Poll: Gerry Connolly Below 50 Percent

12:31 PM, Sep 22, 2014

Democratic congressman Gerry Connolly of Virginia may be vulnerable for reelection, according to details from an internal poll conducted on behalf of his Republican challenger. Connolly, the three-term Democrat who respresents a chunk of Washington's Northern Virginia suburbs, is reportedly below 50 percent support in the poll, which was leaked to a conservative Virginia politics blog called Bearing Drift and was confirmed by the campaign of Republican candidate Suzanne Scholte.

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250K Virginians to Lose Health Care Due to Obamacare

9:01 AM, Sep 11, 2014

An NBC affiliate in Virginia reports that nearly 250,000 people in that state will lose their health care plans due to Obamacare:

"Nearly a quarter million Virginians will have their current insurance plans cut this fall," said the local anchor. "That is because many of them did not--are not following new Affordable Care Act rules, so a chunk of the companies that offer those individuals their policies will make the individuals choose new policies."

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House Dem Candidate Says Female GOP Opponent Never Had a 'Real Job'

10:17 AM, Aug 25, 2014

A Virginia Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives is getting blowback after saying his Republican opponent has never "had a real job." The Washington Post reports:

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For GOP, a Good Crop of Senate Candidates

11:00 PM, Jul 23, 2014

Republicans have distinct advantages in Senate races this year, including President Obama’s low job ratings, the number of vulnerable Democrats, and an unhappy national mood. But there’s another advantage: the generally high quality of their candidates. This wasn’t the case in 2010 and 2012, when Republicans blew chances to capture the Senate.

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