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If You Knew Ben Like I Knew Ben

The establishment mourns one of its own.
Nov 03, 2014

Like all charming and physically imposing persons, Ben Bradlee had an enormous head.

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Kristol on Yiddish, Trump, and the Presidential Race

Hosted by Michael Graham.
1:38 PM, Dec 23, 2015
The WEEKLY STANDARD Podcast with editor William Kristol on Donald Trump's Yiddish and the 2016 race for the GOP nomination. Read more

The Narcissist Post

Dec 28, 2015

The self-regard of journalists, the plain old-fashioned infatuation they feel for themselves and for their jobs, is familiar to readers. But this past week, even by the onanistic standards of the trade, the Washington Post set a new high-water mark for professional narcissism.

The Post, which was sold two years ago to Amazon.com mogul Jeffrey Bezos, has moved three blocks from its brutalist 1972 headquarters in downtown Washington to several floors of a nearby office building.

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Oct 12, 2015

Perhaps it has a low bar to clear, but The Scrapbook still believes that the Washington Post is one of the country’s better daily papers. However, the professionalism that once was a point of pride for high-profile news organizations is vanishing, and the Post is no exception. There were two notable instances recently that made us wonder if all of the experienced editors at the Post had been replaced by content-management drones. The first was a September 24 column by Fareed Zakaria, which begins with this paragraph:

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Three Pinocchios for 'Honest' Abe

A Parody
Oct 12, 2015

Pope Visits With Nuns Suing Obama

Francis meets with the Little Sisters of the Poor.
7:58 PM, Sep 23, 2015

In the middle of his trip to Washington, D.C., Pope Francis made an "unschedued" stop to meet with members of an group of nuns suing the federal government over the Obama administration's contraception and abortifacient mandate in the health-care law. The Little Sisters of the Poor is an order of nuns within the Catholic Church that provides assistance for the elderly, and the group has sued on religious liberty grounds against the Obama administration mandate that employers provide contraception health-insurance coverage.

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Lindsey Graham, Officer and a Gentleman

Ignore that hit piece in the Washington Post.
2:29 PM, Aug 05, 2015

Many decades ago, on my first day as the designated conservative on the editorial page staff of the Los Angeles Times, I attended the morning editorial meeting presided over by our courtly editor, Anthony Day.

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Media Calls Planned Parenthood Videos 'Highly Edited' But Won't Explain Why Editing is Bad

4:50 PM, Aug 04, 2015

A few weeks ago, the Center For Medical Progress started releasing undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood selling parts of aborted fetuses.

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The Washington Post Pens a Puff Piece About an Urban Nuisance

7:36 AM, Aug 03, 2015

One of the more frustrating things about the three years I lived in a “mixed” neighborhood in Northeast Washington, D.C., was the bus I was forced to rely on to get to work. The infamous X2, which promenades down H Street, not far from the U.S.

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WaPo Gets Planned Parenthood Abortion Organ Harvesting Story Wrong

10:42 PM, Jul 14, 2015

The Washington Post appears to be struggling a bit to cover today's blockbuster story about the undercover video of Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling organs from aborted fetuses. First, they changed the headline to something that's far more friendly to Planned Parenthood without noting the change.

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Authenticity Trumps

The Donald's appeal, explained.
1:30 PM, Jul 07, 2015

If you’re searching for an explanation for Donald Trump’s relatively modest surge in the crowded Republican presidential field, look no further than this story from the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker:

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Longtime Obama Official Rewrites Bush's Letter on Israel

9:35 AM, Jun 29, 2015

A veteran Obama Mideast adviser is claiming President Obama's position on a Palestinian state is no different from that of President George W. Bush--and he has effectively rewritten a key Bush letter on Israel in order to prove his point.

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A Response to the Washington Post on College Sexual Assault

3:09 PM, Jun 25, 2015

Washington Post reporter Nick Anderson’s response to our June 16 critique

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Bobby Jindal, Indian Giver?

2:36 PM, Jun 24, 2015

“There’s not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal,” goes the story in the Washington Post, casting the worst of all possible lights on the steps that the two-term governor of Louisiana and current candidate for president has taken away from his immigrant past.

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The Washington Post Boomer-Splains Millennials

Yet again.
8:07 AM, Jun 22, 2015

Fortunately for us, the middle-aged journalists-cum-anthropologists at the Washington Post are here to explain the psychological intricacies of those Americans who are roughly between the ages of 18 and 34. Indeed, it seems that just about every day, the Post publishes a new piece “explaining” those beguiling millennials to their grateful readers.

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Press Parties at Clinton Aide Weekend Wedding

"Off the record, no questions."
6:04 AM, Jun 22, 2015

Summer means it's wedding season, and in Washington that means plenty of potential for conflicts of interest. Consider the wedding of one Hillary Clinton aide, attended by several members of the national political press covering Clinton and her rivals for the White House.

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More College Rape Hype — This Time from the Washington Post

1:29 PM, Jun 16, 2015

Since 2012, the New York Times has led the way in systematically biased coverage of on-campus sexual assault allegations and how colleges are responding.

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Why Americans Like Light Beer

It's not what the Washington Post thinks.
7:01 AM, Jun 16, 2015

When it comes to beer, the craft connoisseurs say Americans just don’t get it. Right-thinking drinkers all know that bitter is better. But despite the explosion in the market for craft beers, which are often high-alcohol, hoppy ales, Americans still like their Bud Light. According to the Washington Post, there’s an explanation for our intransigence on IPAs: politics.

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Bad Vibrations in Baltimore

Jun 15, 2015

The Washington Post has never paid much attention to nearby Baltimore. Which is no great shock, of course: Downtown Baltimore is 40 miles from the Post newsroom, which tends to ignore the immediate Virginia and Maryland suburbs of Washington as well. The Scrapbook has always found this regrettable, and a little puzzling, too, since we would guess that the vast majority of Post subscribers live in those same Virginia and Maryland suburbs.

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WaPost Reporter Hints Jeb Bush Hiding Big Family Scandal

But bizarrely offers no proof or explanation.
7:51 PM, Jun 11, 2015

On MSNBC today, Washington Post reporter Janell Ross hinted that Jeb Bush was covering up a major family scandal -- but she offered no proof or explanation for her comments. Even the MSNBC host made an effort to distance herself and her network from the Post reporter's comments.

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Washington Post Asks: Can You Oppose Palestinians and Still Be 'Modern and Hip'?

10:15 AM, Jun 01, 2015

Over the weekend, Lally Weymouth, a senior associate editor at The Washington Post, interviewed Naftali Bennett, Israel's new education minister and a notable tech entrepreneur. Bennett wants to annex the part if the West Bank known as Area C and, in the words of the Post, "offer full Israeli citizenship to those Palestinians who live in Area C.

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If We Had a Nickel for Every Time …

May 25, 2015

‘Skip the Bag, Save the River.” No, it’s not a line from The Godfather (that would be “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”). Rather, it was the District of Columbia’s motto for a 2009 initiative to clean up the Anacostia River by charging five cents for every plastic bag used by consumers in D.C. shops and supermarkets (anywhere food is sold). The idea was twofold—reduce the number of bags that end up in the Anacostia and generate revenue to clean up the river from folks who persist in using plastic instead of reusable totes.

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Finally, A Substantive Answer From Jeb on Iraq (Updated)

But did the media notice?
12:16 PM, May 14, 2015

For Jeb Bush and the issue of the Iraq War, the third time was the charm—but you wouldn’t know that from reading the headlines. Bush, the former Florida governor and brother of the president who took American troops into Iraq in 2003, had a difficult time explaining his position on the war this week, first in an interview with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly and later with radio host and Fox News personality Sean Hannity. 

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Jeb Signed Law Providing Low-Income College Scholarships

7:01 AM, Apr 08, 2015

A front-page story in Tuesday’s Washington Post examines former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s record on ending affirmative action for college admissions. Through a 2000 executive order, Bush banned racial preferences in Florida’s public universities and colleges. The move was controversial at the time and prompted massive protests in Tallahassee. 

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Supply and Demand

12:19 PM, Apr 02, 2015

American entrepreneurship is a wonderful thing, with its emphasis on the new and exciting, so it was no surprise that the Washington Post gave a spot on page one to a creative new enterprise: an abortion clinic that seeks to present a pleasant and even soothing experience, one that looks and behaves like a spa.

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Those Evil ‘Conservatives’

Mar 30, 2015

If you harbor any doubts that “conservative” is an all-purpose epithet in the press, then Simon Denyer, the Washington Post’s China bureau chief, will happily erase those doubts. Writing last week about threats to freedom of speech and scholarly inquiry in the former British colony of Hong Kong (“In Hong Kong, fears of Chinese restrictions on academic freedom grow,” March 15), he made it clear where the problem lies: It’s the People’s Republic of China “and its conserv-ative backers in Hong Kong” who want to censor speech and shut down academic freedom.

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The Fact-Checker’s Bible

Mar 23, 2015

On March 10, Senator Ted Cruz said the following: “On tax -reform, we, right now, have more words in the IRS code than there are in the Bible—not a one of them as good.” It’s no surprise that Republicans in Congress tend to hate taxes and love the Bible, and as Republican rhetoric goes, this is about as anodyne as it gets. The Scrapbook never thought that such a straightforward sentiment would engender controversy, but never underestimate the -media’s desire to willfully misrepresent and dispute the words of politicians they don’t like. 

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Behold! The Most Ridiculous 'Fact Check' Ever

8:01 AM, Mar 11, 2015

Yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz said the following: “On tax reform, we, right now, have more words in the IRS code than there are in the Bible — not a one of them as good.”

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Held in Iran

11:32 AM, Jan 15, 2015

Ali Akbar Darieni of the AP reports that:

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Sentences We Didn’t Finish

Dec 29, 2014

"This is my last column for this newspaper. I am joining Jason Whitlock’s new Web site at ESPN intersecting sports, culture and race, to be launched sometime next year. I plan to continue the work my editors at The Post have generously supported, especially now that many of society’s most substantive conversations about race, class, money, power, cultural identity—a social-conscience renaissance—are suddenly mushrooming out of America’s locker rooms. For the first time in my career .  .  . ” (Mike Wise, Washington Post, Dec. 14).

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