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State Dept: Egypt's Jailing of Journalists a 'Detour on the Path to Democracy'

9:11 AM, Jun 28, 2014

In spite of a string of worrisome human rights and freedom of expression violations, the Obama administration is holding out hope that Egypt's government lead by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is still headed for democracy.

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Al Jazeera Journalists Jailed in Egypt

11:01 AM, Jun 23, 2014

Maggie Flick of Reuters is reporting that:

Three Al Jazeera journalists were jailed for seven years in Egypt on Monday after a court convicted them of helping a "terrorist organisation" by spreading lies, in a case that has raised questions about the country's respect for media freedom.

Yes, that would raise questions. But:

Egyptian officials have said the case is not linked to freedom of expression and that the journalists raised suspicions by operating without proper accreditation.  Read more

Podcast: The Bergdahl Swap is a Terrible Deal

Hosted by Michael Graham.
1:15 PM, Jun 03, 2014

THE WEEKLY STANDARD Podcast with Thomas Joscelyn, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and frequent contributor on why the Bergdahl swap is a terrible deal for American Security.

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Al Jazeera America Launches

2:11 PM, Aug 20, 2013

Al Jazeera America has launched. Here are the opening minutes, featuring cameos by Hillary Clinton and John McCain, and a brief explanation of the new network:

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Al Jazeera at the Newseum

Made-in-Qatar media, live from a studio in Washington.
Jul 01, 2013

Bankrolled by the oil and gas wealth of Qatar, now hiring 800 staff members and opening 12 news bureaus across the United States, Al Jazeera will soon be coming to a television near you. From its Doha headquarters, the media empire of Qatar’s royal family is launching a new channel dubbed Al Jazeera America, devoted to in-depth coverage of the United States.

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Does Hagel Believe America is ‘the World’s Bully’?

1:20 PM, Jan 09, 2013

This clip from an appearance on Al Jazeera seems to suggest that Chuck Hagel, President Obama's nominee for secretary of defense, believes America is "the world's bully":

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

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Al Jazeera Enters the Balkans

3:01 PM, Nov 15, 2011

On November 11, Al Jazeera announced from its home offices in Doha, Qatar that it had broadcast its first “Al Jazeera Balkans” news bulletin at 5 p.m., Bosnian time. A press release described Al Jazeera’s southeast European enterprise as “the first regional news channel,” which, the report continued, “fills a large gap in the market. News till now has been country specific.”

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Doha's Battle with Damascus

12:11 PM, Jul 20, 2011

The U.S. embassy isn’t the only diplomatic compound that’s been stormed in Damascus. The Qatari embassy was attacked twice, compelling Doha to withdraw their ambassador last week.

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Arab Media Wars Heat Up

2:42 PM, Jun 17, 2011

Bashar al-Assad's cousin Rami Makhlouf, or the man even the New York Times is calling Syria's "Mr. Five Percent," has decided to give back to the community, somewhere in the neighborhood of a billion dollars. The regime in Damascus may hope to impress Washington, which has sanctioned Makhlouf, but it's not to keep the opposition at bay. Among Makhlouf's other holdings, there's his so-called "independent" TV station, Al Dunya, which of late the regime has used to insult Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, the media holdings of Arab rivals Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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WikiLeaks: Journalist, Al Qaeda Jihadist, or Both?

12:31 PM, Apr 29, 2011

There are two competing versions of former Guantanamo detainee Sami al Hajj’s story. The first, which has long been endorsed by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and many other journalists/activists, portrays Hajj as an innocent Al Jazeera journalist who was wrongly swept up in the post-9/11 world. The second, compiled by intelligence analysts at Guantanamo and other foreign governments, sees Hajj as a longtime extremist and al Qaeda member who used his job at Al Jazeera as a cover for his more nefarious activities.

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Why Aren't Western and Arab Media in Syria?

12:08 AM, Apr 10, 2011

It’s not on the front pages of the Western press, and it’s not leading the hour for the main Arab satellite networks like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, but the Syrian uprising continues apace, while the Assad regime’s countermeasures are becoming increasingly brutal.

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Google and Its Sources (UPDATED)

Guess what news source Google pushed for tsunami coverage?
10:44 AM, Mar 11, 2011

Oh, Almighty Google Machine--I kid! We know you're not evil. You're the most benevolent algorithm ever. But every once in a while, Google (which owns YouTube) drops a little data point about how it sees the world.

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Report: Qaddafi Loyalists Block Media Transmissions from Libya

10:37 AM, Mar 10, 2011

The majority Saudi-owned and Dubai-based Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) provides its subscribers in the Arab states with a large number of channels, including movies, music and other entertainment, but is best known for Al Arabiya, the 24-hour satellite news network. And it is Al Arabiya that was the chief target when saboteurs recently disrupted MBC programming.

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'We Want a No Fly Zone'

Mr. President, meet Murad Warfally.
4:27 PM, Mar 02, 2011