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Trump Criticizes Voters for Not Giving Him 'Any Credit' for Self-Funding

Also argues his second-place finish in Iowa was a 'long shot' success story.
3:32 PM, Feb 02, 2016
Donald Trump went back to the well of his "self-funding" strategy Tuesday, lamenting that voters haven't given him kudos for one of his campaign's central boasts. Read more

Tea Partiers for McCain-Feingold

Big Grassroots opposes reduction in red tape.
12:30 PM, Dec 04, 2015

In the Obama era, incremental conservative progress that gets signed into law is a rare thing.

With the coming CR/Omnibus funding bill spending levels set, the big fight between Republicans, Democrats, and Republicans is over policy riders. The left wants riders, but not the right's riders, and vice versa.

But now, the fracas between establishment Republicans and the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) is on display again, this time over... fewer campaign finance regulations?

Indeed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the GOP's most consistent crusader against campaign finance regulations, has a plan to reduce the government's role in regulating political speech.

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Clinton: I Received Wall Street Donations Because of 9/11

10:44 PM, Nov 14, 2015

At tonight's CBS debate, the topic of Hillary Clinton's campaign donations from Wall Street came up as a question as to whether she was "beholden" to them as a result.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was not satisfied with Clinton's initial answer, which drew a a lengthy retort.

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What’s the Deal with Trump?

Cleaning up elections, beating up corporations
Sep 07, 2015

Podcast: Hillary Clinton and the Poll-Based Candidacy

Hosted by Michael Graham.
3:49 PM, Apr 21, 2015

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with online editor and Clinton chronicler Daniel Halper on the latest on the Hillary campaign.

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Hillary Clinton Coordinates With Pro-Hillary Super PAC

7:23 PM, Mar 11, 2015

Under federal election law, candidates are not allowed to coordinate with the super PACs that support them. But since Hillary Clinton is not yet an official candidate, she's been coordinating with Correct the Record, a project of the Democratic-aligned super PAC American Bridge 21st Century.

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The Disclosure Police Target Walmart

2:38 PM, Jun 05, 2014

Poor Walmart. The Arkansas-based retail giant just can’t catch a break. On Wednesday, employees began striking across the country, demanding higher wages. The move is the latest in a long-standing battle between the company and labor interests. And on Friday, labor’s allies in the world of activist investment are hoping to open up another front by convincing Walmart to disclose its membership with trade groups.

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Democrats vs. Free Speech

Jun 02, 2014

Looking for issues to push in this year’s congressional elections, Senate Democrats are proposing a constitutional amendment that would enable government at the federal and state levels alike to heavily regulate campaign contributions and expenditures. The effort is driven by the Democrats’ intense disagreement with Supreme Court decisions on campaign finance. The amendment likely will fail, as it certainly should. As in so many areas of governance these days, liberty—here the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment—is at stake. 

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SEIU vs. Koch Brothers: Whose Campaign Cash is More Objectionable?

12:40 PM, May 01, 2014

The Mackinac Center is reporting that the Michigan SEIU has lost more than 80 percent of its members after Michigan passed a right-to-work law. The hemorrhaging membership is the result of the law ending an appalling extortion racket that siphoned taxpayer money to the union and forced thousands of home caregivers to pay SEIU dues unwillingly:

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The Koch Brothers, Unions, and the Democratic Party's Campaign Finance Delusions

1:44 PM, Mar 25, 2014

At Slate, Dave Weigel recently reported that the Democrats have been so successful at demonizing the Koch brothers that party fundraising emails mentioning the Kochs can raise three times as much as the emails that don't. However, attacking the Kochs may not be all that motivating to anyone outside the circle of hardcore Democratic activists.

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Jeffrey Toobin: 'Did the I.R.S. Actually Do Anything Wrong?'

8:23 PM, May 15, 2013

Since the IRS admitted it improperly targeted conservative and Tea Party groups last Friday, journalists have worked tirelessly to expose the full extent of the growing scandal.

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Huffington Post Names NRA 'Baddest Force in Politics'

2:35 PM, Dec 18, 2012

There have been a lot of ill considered articles following the heinous grade school shooting in Connecticut, and I'm afraid this article in the Huffington Post is no exception. The headline, "The Gun Lobby: Why The NRA Is The Baddest Force In Politics," more or less sets the tone. Here's how the piece begins:

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Do Liberals Really Care About Campaign Finance?

4:46 PM, Nov 30, 2012

Matthew Continetti, writing in the Washington Free Beacon

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Unions Spent $4.4 Billion on Politics Since 2005

1:48 PM, Jul 10, 2012

The Wall Street Journal published a stunning story this morning, reporting that new analysis shows union political spending is about four times higher than previously thought. Moreover, union political spending now exceeds direct donations: 

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Union Pension Liabilities Soar to $369 Billion

8:40 AM, Apr 10, 2012

Last year, in an article for THE WEEKLY STANDARD I discussed the growing number of existential threats to unions. One of the major challenges facing unions is that their multi-employer pension plans are deep in the hole, and the problems were being masked by accounting standards that allowed them to hide their debt:

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Union Pension Liabilities Soar to $369 Billion

8:18 AM, Apr 10, 2012

Last year, in an article for THE WEEKLY STANDARD I discussed the growing number of existential threats to unions. One of the major challenges facing unions is that their multi-employer pension plans are deep in the hole, and the problems were being masked by accounting standards that allowed them to hide their debt:

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Is Obama's Super PAC 'Laundering' Money?

Ask Stephen Colbert.
1:40 PM, Feb 02, 2012

Ever since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in January 2010, Stephen Colbert has been satirizing campaign finance laws on his Comedy Central show.

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Will Senator Tester Return Campaign Donations from Company with Iran Dealings?

2:30 PM, Oct 18, 2011

Last week, Senator Jon Tester, D-Mont., forcefully condemned business that have dealings with Iran. Not surprisingly, Tester used the issue to zero in on Koch Industries. Since the Koch brothers are patrons of many conservative and libertarian causes (at least when the DSCC isn't begging Koch for money themselves), Democrats have tried to make hay out of the company's alleged shady dealings in Iran.

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Hope and Change: AFL-CIO's Trumka Plans to Distance Labor From Democrats

1:30 PM, Aug 25, 2011

Big Labor is finally getting tired of being led on by Democrats. Politico reports:

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Center for American Progress Takes Aim at Koch Industries, Shoots Self in Foot

10:45 AM, Jun 29, 2011

Think Progress reporter Lee Fang has a long history of being spectacularly wrong. However, there's a seemingly unending thirst for his breathless demonization of the Koch brothers and other rants about corporate greed among the low IQ end of the liberal spectrum.

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How FEC Democrats Hold Regulatory Reform Hostage

11:50 AM, Jun 24, 2011

It has been written a million times: The Federal Election Commission is a “dysfunctional” agency. But don’t jump on that bandwagon just yet.

The FEC is an independent, six-member agency that requires four votes to act but prohibits four members of the same political party from serving together. In practice, that means three Democrats and three Republicans; a microcosm of the doctrine of “mutually assured destruction” built on the understanding that there is no such thing as a disinterested administration of political spending.

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Obama's Hypocrisy on Unions and Political Disclosure

The president's proposed executive order is a transparent attempt to help his own political allies.
1:46 PM, Apr 22, 2011

A proposed draft of an executive order that would require disclosure of political contributions by federal contractors has been circulating in Washington, D.C.:

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