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After Moses, Solomon

Matt Labash, dog listener
Jun 08, 2015

I've had a lot of dogs of many different physical types, but each has come loaded with the same daunting reminder: the countdown clock I can’t help but hear ticking away inside of them. I suppose I come with one of those, too, if I care to confront reality. Denial may be easier on the nerves, but the actuaries don’t lie. Your average American these days lasts 78.8 years. My average large purebred lasts about 8. Meaning over the course of a lifetime, I’ll bid farewell many more times than they will. 

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Casual Podcast: After Moses, Solomon

1:15 PM, Jun 07, 2015

THE WEEKLY STANDARD Casual Podcast, with Matt Labash reading his casual essay "After Moses, Solomon."

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WH Holiday Cards Selling for $200 on eBay

9:12 AM, Dec 10, 2013

The White House has not even officially introduced the 2013 White House Holiday Card yet  and already Monday night copies were listed for sale on eBay for as much as $200.  The card is quite elaborate based on the standards of previous years.

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Obamacare Not Scrubbed: 'Stray Cats and Dogs' Get 'Snuck In'

8:11 AM, Nov 13, 2013

A video from the House Republicans points to President Obama's statement that "there are some stray cats and dogs that got in" the health care bill:

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The Decline and Fall of Detroit, cont.

12:18 PM, Aug 21, 2013

Marisa Schultz of the Detroit News reports:

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Feral in Detroit

11:14 AM, Aug 21, 2013

Lame jokes ("gone to the dogs") cannot mask the demoralizing nature of the latest news of Detroit's descent from the world's premier manufacturing city to third world squalor.

As Chris Christoff of Bloomberg reports:

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The Hunter Home from the Hill

Katherine Messenger on Daisy's old dominion.
Aug 12, 2013

One August afternoon in 1999, my parents and I drove to a farm in Leesburg, Virginia, to look at a litter of Jack Russell Terrier puppies we’d seen advertised. As soon as we arrived at the breeder’s house, we were confronted by Bunny, the long-legged mother of the pups. She was jumping in place, and for the entire time we visited, she never stopped jumping, up to three feet in the air. We should have known what we were in for.

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Animal Planet: Pets Outnumber Children 4 to 1 in America

Americans spend over $4.8 billion annually on their pets.
1:00 PM, Feb 01, 2013

In a new book on demographics set to be published next week, Jonathan V. Last writes that pets now outnumber children 4 to 1 in America.

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Man's Best Friend

At home and on the battlefield
10:50 AM, Jul 07, 2011

In the two months since the SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan and it was revealed that a military dog accompanied the team, much attention has been given to the highly-trained dogs that accompany soldiers in the field.

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The Daily Grind: 'Bull About Bullying'

6:30 AM, Apr 20, 2011

All it took was 50 years and tens of thousands of dead people: "Cuba's party congress agrees to allow private property."

Hmm, there must be an election next year or something: "Obama urges activists to pressure Congress on immigration reform."

"Bull About Bullying."

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