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Who’s Afraid of Campbell Brown?

Teachers’ unions, and for good reason
Dec 07, 2015

New York

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Teachers Unions Force Democratic Candidates to Skip Education Reform Forum

3:07 PM, Oct 07, 2015

In August, six Republican presidential candidates appeared at a forum to discuss education reform in New Hampshire hosted by Campbell Brown. Brown, the former NBC news anchor and CNN host, has just launched a news website, The Seventy Four, dedicated to covering issues related to education reform.

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Video: Ferguson on the Common Core Mess

8:33 AM, Aug 08, 2014

Senior editor Andrew Ferguson joined Reason's Nick Gillespie to discuss his recent WEEKLY STANDARD article, "The Common Core Corruption." Ferguson explains how the education reform-industrial complex keeps getting it wrong. Watch the video below:

Here's an excerpt from Ferguson's article:

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'Alise vs. the Mayor'

10:01 AM, Jun 04, 2014

New York City has become a central battlefield in the fight over school choice and education reform since Bill de Blasio, an ally of the teachers unions and opponent of charter schools, became mayor in January. De Blasio decided early on in his administration to force out charter schools like Harlem Success Academy (founded by de Blasio's longtime political opponent Eva Moskowitz) from open space in public school buildings. The negative response was overwhelming, with even New York's Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo coming out forcefully against de Blasio's anti-charter schools move.

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Back to School

A reclamation project for higher ed.
Sep 30, 2013

This school-reopening season ought to be a time of deep pondering and self-examination for conservatives and everyone else who cares about the future of this nation and the world. It’s time to notice how little we have done about the most powerful, dangerous, reactionary force in America today: the schools establishment, and the hundred or so purebred, pedigreed universities that trot forward at the head of the ongoing black comedy called American education.

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Jindal, With Jeb Bush on Hand, Comes to Washington to Fight Obama

1:57 PM, Sep 18, 2013

Bobby Jindal is outraged over a Department of Justice lawsuit against a Louisiana school voucher program. The suit, which he (repeatedly) calls “cynical, immoral, and hypocritical” and the “worst misuse” of federal desegregation laws, aims to stop a program that allows poor students in failing schools to enter a lottery for a voucher to attend a better school.

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Rise of a Free School

Toby Young’s astonishing second career as an education reformer
Jun 17, 2013


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Let a Thousand Teachers Bloom

Improve the profession by opening it up.
Mar 19, 2012

Teachers, more than any other feature of a school, determine how well students learn. Parents know it; research confirms it. So it might seem reasonable to expect that securing good teachers would be a well-honed art. Instead, the way we recruit, evaluate, retain, and compensate our more than 3 million public school teachers is almost entirely unrelated to teacher quality. It’s actually worse than that: Modern research provides substantial evidence that the current system is not just bad at finding good teachers but actually incapable of doing so.

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Bobby Jindal Takes Up Education Reform and Takes On Teachers Unions

5:07 PM, Feb 29, 2012

In the weeks between announcing the nation’s farthest-reaching education agenda and its reception in the Louisiana legislature upon opening March 12, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has departed from his usual consensus-building to take on teacher unions.

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Bobby Jindal Goes Big on Education Reform

12:45 PM, Jan 31, 2012

Today's Wall Street Journal takes a look at Bobby Jindal's education reform proposals and concludes that the Louisiana Governor's is actually making a serious attempt to challenge the public education monopoly:

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High School Monumental

How much education does $124 million buy?
Dec 26, 2011

Washington, D.C.

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Milwaukee Vouchers Expansion Signals Cracks in Government Education

11:00 AM, Jul 01, 2011

Despite the Wisconsin political circus of late, state Republicans have expanded the oldest voucher program in the nation within a much-needed deficit-cutting budget. Gov. Scott Walker (R) signed the bill Sunday. It included a provision axing the cap on Milwaukee's school vouchers program (previously set at 22,500) and expanding it to the entire district and the neighboring Racine school district.

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Mitch Daniels: Education Reformer

9:25 AM, May 03, 2011

He has been the subject of ongoing 2012 presidential speculation. His fiscal fortitude in Indiana has been widely covered, and his controversial “truce” remarks on social issues have sparked heated debate. But to date, Indiana governor Mitch Daniels has received very little national exposure for his most important policy initiative: taking Indiana from the backwaters of education reform in America to the forefront.

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Happy Hour: Education Reform Opponents Kindly Request You Drop Dead

6:00 PM, Apr 19, 2011

Support school choice programs? Just go ahead and "drop dead."

Even when that friend's son is a murderer? "Well, hello! I mean, of course you help a friend."

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