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Podcast: Don't Let Justice Kennedy's Talk of 'Federalism' Fool You

Hosted by Michael Graham.
11:30 AM, Mar 05, 2015

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with frequent contributor Adam J. White on his King v. Burwell blog post "Kennedy's Constitutional Concerns, Then and Now."

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Kennedy's Constitutional Concerns, Then and Now

6:53 PM, Mar 04, 2015

Three years ago, Justice Anthony Kennedy voted to declare the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. So it should come as no great surprise that he expressed constitutional concerns in today's ACA case, King v. Burwell

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A Year Later, the Exchanges Still Stink

Health insurance ‘job lock’ isn’t going away.
Dec 29, 2014

One day soon I will presumably receive a notice from the D.C. health exchange informing me how much my family’s health insurance will cost for 2015. That I’ve not yet been made privy to this salient bit of information mere weeks before I have to decide whether to change providers is a function both of the low level of competency that can be expected of any government dabbling in commerce as well as the politicization of the exchanges.

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Obamacare’s State of Crisis

Halbig, but King bigger
Nov 24, 2014

In their final push to enact Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi urged her fellow Democrats to “pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” They probably should have found out first. Now they need the Supreme Court to “find” once again in their favor.

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Obamacare: From Bad Faith to Worse Policy

12:43 PM, Jul 28, 2014

"A lot of the liberal commentary about this week’s D.C. Circuit decision on Obamacare is hard to square with the way liberal judges have tended to approach these cases," notes Ramesh Ponnuru.

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Few Affordable Obamacare Options Available in Rural America

3:26 PM, Dec 26, 2013

USA Today reports that in much of the country consumers don't even have the option of purchasing an affordable "bronze plan" -- the cheapest tier of insurance available on the federal exchange:

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Wise Beyond Their Years

The young won’t show up for Obamacare.
Dec 09, 2013

Former president Bill Clinton said recently that Obamacare “only works .  .  . if young people show up.” But it won’t work—because young people won’t show up. Obamacare gives them too many reasons not to do so.

One reason is that Obamacare makes things more expensive for them. The Obamacare arithmetic depends on more young people choosing to buy government-approved insurance than were previously willing to buy cheaper, often better, insurance through the free market.

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Three Month Grace Period Mandated for Delinquent Consumers Who Receive Obamacare Subsidies

1:09 PM, Nov 22, 2013

Though the Obama administration has been promoting the benefits of Obamacare for several years now, one perk of coverage through the exchanges that has gone largely unnoticed is a mandated three-month grace period for unpaid premiums.  The rule, however, only applies to those receiving subsidies via tax credits advanced to the insurers by the government (§155.430 and §156.270 of the Code of Federal Regulations).

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Ohio Company Scraps Health Care for 1,000 Employees Due to Obamacare

9:04 AM, Nov 21, 2013

An Ohio company is scrapping health care for 1,000 employees due to Obamacare, WEWS-OH reports:

The employees will be dumped into Obamacare.

A "a company intends to cut its health insurance plan, and some 1,000 employees, workers at PSC Metals, may be forced to get their coverage from the Affordable Care Act," reports the anchor.

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An Inauspicious Debut

The health exchange meltdowns are not just ‘glitches.’
Oct 21, 2013

For over a year it has been common knowledge within the Obama administration that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) could not launch its network of health exchanges for the Affordable Care Act in a minimally acceptable way. That knowledge did not stop the HHS publicity machine from constantly assuring the American public that its computer systems would be ready for the first enrollment period.

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Amid Obamacare 'Glitches,' Obama Praises Government

10:51 AM, Oct 17, 2013

President Barack Obama delivered remarks from the White House Thursday morning following the conclusion of the government shutdown and the raising of the debt ceiling. The president praised government as an entity "we rely on" in a "whole lot of ways." He also said that he hoped the country had learned that "smart, effective government is important."

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'It's Awful, Just Awful'

9:37 AM, Oct 13, 2013

The New York Times looks at some of the Obamacare problems:

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Maryland Obamacare Exchange: 'No Doctors Are Found'

8:01 AM, Oct 08, 2013

"If you've got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor," President Obama assured the public as he worked to sell Obamacare in 2010.

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'Voting WITH Obama. Voting AGAINST Arkansans Like You'

8:19 AM, Oct 07, 2013

As Mike Allen reported this morning, Rep. Tom Cotton, a Republican, is going on the offensive against Sen. Mark Pryor, a Democrat, who recently voted to protect the special subsidy for Congress in Obamacare. Here's video of that ad:

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Treasury Secretary Stonewalls When Asked How Many Have Signed Up for Obamacare

10:22 AM, Oct 06, 2013

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew refused to answer Fox host Chris Wallace's simple question this morning: How many people have signed up for Obamacare?

"I'm going to ask you one last time," said Wallace, "because, forgive me sir, you haven't answered it: do you not know how many people signed up, which would seem to indicate another major software glitch, or is it that the numbers are embarrassingly small?"

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Rough Start

9:04 AM, Oct 05, 2013

The Obamacare exchanges have experienced problems in the startup phase.  But this, the administration tell us, is to be expected.  Even Apple deals with glitches.  

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New Topic on What If My Plan is Not Offered in 2014?

1:05 PM, Oct 01, 2013

On the very day the Obamacare insurance marketplaces opened for business, a new topic appeared on the website:

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Obamacare's Minnesota, Connecticut, and Oregon Exchanges Filled With Glitches

8:00 AM, Oct 01, 2013

A Minnesota affiliate reports that MNSure, the state's Obamacare exchange, is down due to a glitch:

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NBC Launches Week of Programming to 'Help' Obamacare Succeed

11:22 AM, Sep 27, 2013

NBC announced today that it would be launching a week of programming to help Obamacare get off its feet, according to a press release sent out by the network. The law has been widely opposed by all Republicans and supported by most Democrats, including President Obama.

The headline of the press release reads:

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Obamacare Marketplaces Will Function as Payment Clearinghouses for Insurers

1:01 PM, Sep 26, 2013

As full implementation of Obamacare draws near, some aspects of its operation have received relatively little attention. The October 1 launch of the marketplaces, or exchanges, is less than a week away, but outside of supposedly offering a Priceline-like shopping experience for health insurance, not much has been released about their function once a plan is chosen. Although, the marketplaces have been primarily promoted as a place to shop for, compare, and choose coverage, they will actually function as payment clearinghouses as well.

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Report: Obamacare Exchanges to Cost $5.3 Billion, 16 Million Hours

12:38 PM, Sep 25, 2013

A new report by the American Action Forum finds that Obamacare exchanges will cost $5.3 billion and 16 million hours in paperwork burdens.

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Part of Obamacare's Health Insurance Marketplace Taken Offline

9:02 AM, Sep 12, 2013

With the launch of the Obamacare Health Insurance Marketplace less than three weeks ago, one of the only functions consumers were already able to access, creating an account, has been taken "offline" for "upgrading."

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Privacy Be Damned

The imminent health-exchange scandal.
Aug 05, 2013

have been dismayed, but unsurprised, to see that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is already spinning the launch of its federal health insurance exchange this October. The federal and state “exchanges”​—​HHS recently rebranded them “marketplaces”​—​are a linchpin of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that would allow uninsured Americans to assess and select health insurance plans.

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New Website to Answer Obamacare Questions for Businesses Crashes on First Day

12:29 PM, Aug 01, 2013

Thursday morning, the White House announced a new website to answer questions from businesses about Obamacare.

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The Fiasco That Is Obamacare

12:50 PM, Jul 08, 2013

On Friday, the Obama administration dropped another health care implementation bombshell.

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The Sebelius Coverup

Obamacare’s insurance exchanges need scrutiny.
Dec 10, 2012

Many states are wisely signaling that they aren’t interested in doing the Obama administration’s bidding on Obamacare. As a result, many if not most of Obamacare’s insurance exchanges — the heart of the beast — will have to be set up and run by the Obama administration at the federal level.

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Obamacare Exchanges

9:09 AM, Dec 06, 2011

On Saturday night, while most sensible people were happily flipping back and forth between the Big Ten championship game, the ACC championship game, and the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game, the Republican presidential candidates (save Jon Huntsman) appeared at a televised presidential forum in New York City.  These were the exchanges on Obamacare:

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Study: Under Obamacare, Employers Will Likely Engage in ‘Targeted Dumping’ of Employees

2:22 PM, Nov 29, 2011

Minnesota Public Radio reports, “A loophole in the federal health care overhaul would allow many employers to game the system by dumping their sicker employees [into] public health insurance exchanges, according to two University of Minnesota law professors.”

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Every State’s Obamacare ‘Exchange’ to Be Subject to Sebelius’s Rule

9:40 AM, Jul 12, 2011

While Americans’ support for the repeal of Obamacare remains unwavering, the Obama administration continues to push the implementation of its highly unpopular overhaul. The administration is trying to coax states into implementing Obamacare’s government-run “exchanges” — with some success. But Politico Pulse writes that Obamacare “says incredibly little about how states’ exchanges will be determined [to be Obamacare]-compliant, only that the administration can take over a state’s exchange operation if the secretary determines, in 2013, that state won’t be ready” for Obamacare's scheduled grand opening, at the start of 2014.

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House Seeks to Stop Implementation of Obamacare Exchanges

1:03 PM, May 04, 2011

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the House of Representatives voted yesterday to repeal mandatory federal funding to states to establish Obamacare exchanges. The Inquirer writes:

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