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Livin' on a Prayer: Hillary to Fundraise With Bon Jovi

7:08 AM, Jun 09, 2015

Hillary Clinton will be fundraising later this month with Dorothea and Jon Bon Jovi, according to an announcement on the candidate's website. The event will be held in New Jersey.

Tickets to the June 29 event cost $1,000 for the cheapest ticket and $2,700 for premium seating. Here's a copy of the flyer posted to Clinton's website:

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Hillary Avoids Press Question By Talking to Herself?

5:02 PM, Apr 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton appeared to avoid the press waiting outside her first 2016 presidential fundraiser by talking to herself as she made her way to an awaiting Secret Service vehicle. 

Liz Kreutz, a journalist at ABC News, tried to ask Clinton about the riots in Baltimore. But Clinton appeared deep in conversation with herself.

Watch here:

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A Veteran of Political Warfare

A Parody
Jun 02, 2014

Obama: 'I Don't Have Time to Waste. The Clock Is Ticking.'

'We have our blind spots and we have our dogmas and we've got our crazy folks.'
6:17 AM, Mar 12, 2014

President Obama knows that his time is almost up. It's a point he's making to liberal Democratic donors to get them to donate generously in this year's mid-term election.

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Major Donor Complains About No Valet Parking at White House

6:53 AM, Nov 26, 2013

At a Beverly Hills estate last night, President Obama heard a complaint from a major donor: There's no valet parking at the White House. The complaint was made by Haim Saban, who hosted a fundraiser with the president last night.

Via the pool report:

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Michelle Obama Fundraises: 'You Can Write a Big Ol' Fat Check'

3:07 PM, Nov 18, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama is telling Democratic donors to pay. "[I]t's simple, you can write a big ol' fat check," the first lady told Democrats at a fundraiser. "That's what we need you to do. Right now, write a big check -- big huge one --  write the biggest check you can possibly write. Take your frustration, your passion, your hope, and turn that into real meaningful support for leaders who will truly represent the people they serve."

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Joe Biden's Invented Quotation

1:01 PM, Jun 30, 2013

Yesterday, millions of Americans received an important email (subject line: "This is important") from no less a personage than the vice president of the United States. Here it is:

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Obama: 'America Is Moving and It’s Moving in the Right Direction'

8:19 AM, Jun 13, 2013

At a Democratic fundraiser last night, Barack Obama praised the progress he's made as president. "Across the board, people are feeling like, all right, America is moving and it’s moving in the right direction," he said.

 Obama continued, "But what we also know --"

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Obama: 'I Don’t Have Much Patience for People Who Deny Climate Change'

"My only interest is making sure that when I look back 20 years from now..."
6:02 AM, May 30, 2013

At a fundraiser last night in Chicago, President Barack Obama signaled that he's interested in his legacy as a president and insisted that he's willing to work with anyone.

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Biden Attends Costco Opening

Store founded by Obama donors.
9:48 AM, Nov 29, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden is attending the opening of Washington, D.C.'s first Costco this morning. From the pool report: 

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'GoGo for Obama' Fundraiser Features Dancers Collecting Tips

8:08 PM, Sep 09, 2012

A racy fundraiser for President Barack Obama in Manhattan featured male dancers collecting tips. The event was called "Gogo for Obama."

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Biden Mocked at His Own Fundraiser

8:33 PM, Aug 24, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden was mocked at a fundraiser he held this evening with donors in the Hamptons. “Welcome to Joe Biden, unchained,” the person introducing Biden said, mocking the vice president for his recent controversial comments.

The person introducing Biden was actor Nathan Lane, famous for his part in the Producers and other acting jobs.  

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Michelle Obama Has 'Sunday of Fun' at Gwen Stefani's Home

"Barack can't do it alone. He's not Spider-Man. He's not a superhero. He's a human, so we need your help."
4:08 PM, Aug 12, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama is at pop star Gwen Stefani's Beverly Hills home to take part in "Sunday of Fun," according to the report. The event is a fundraiser for President Obama's reelection effort.

The pooler fills in the details:

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Obama Campaign Emails: 'SO COOL'

10:42 AM, Jul 17, 2012

An email with the subject line "SO COOL" was sent this morning to Obama's supporters by the president's reelection team. The email, from Obama for America national finance director Rufus Gifford, encourages supporters to send in cash for a chance to celebrate Obama's birthday--with the president himself at his Chicago home.

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Obama Campaign Sends 'Urgent' Request for Cash

1:45 PM, Jul 06, 2012

An email with the subject line "Urgent," has been sent to President Obama's supporters by campaign manager Jim Messina. It's a request for campaign cash.

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Does the President Know the Way to San Jose?

4:15 PM, Jun 06, 2012

Mark Hemingway notes that, "While all eyes were on Wisconsin last night, few people noticed that...residents of both San Diego and San Jose voted to rein in exorbitant public employee retirement packages by huge margins. ... Also worth noting is that these measures had support from key Democrats at the local level."

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Clinton: 'Remember Me? I'm the Only Guy that Gave You Four Surplus Budgets'

8:41 AM, Jun 05, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton had plenty of praise for President Barack Obama, as the two traversed New York City last night hauling in campaign cash. “I don't think it's important to reelect the president; I think it is essential to reelect the president—if we want this country to have the kind of future that our children and grandchildren deserve,” Clinton told group of Obama donors at the legendary Waldorf Astoria hotel.

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Obama to Raise Funds at Home of Private Equity Defender

10:52 AM, Jun 04, 2012

Last week, Marc Lasry defended private equity on national television. "Private equity, do they do God's work or are they vampires?" a CNBC host asked Lasry, who is a hedge fund manager. "I think they do very good work," he replied.

Today, Barack Obama will go to Lasry's New York City home. But the president isn't going to voice his disagreement with the money man; instead, he's going to collect a check--$40,000 per person in attendance.

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Obama a 'Little Flat' in Denver

And 150 people fail to show for fundraiser.
6:49 PM, May 23, 2012

President Obama was in Denver this afternoon for a fundraiser. But the event does not appear to have been quite the success the campaign was hoping for.

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Obama Goes Hollywood

7:51 AM, Apr 30, 2012

The Wall Street Journal reports that President Obama is getting ready to raise possibly $10 million dollars at a single campaign event at George Clooney's home: 

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Obama Fundraiser and Ambassador Blames Israel for Anti-Semitism (Updated)

1:22 PM, Dec 03, 2011

The U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, recently told a conference hosted by the European Jewish Union that Israel is to blame for growing anti-Semitism harbored by people of Muslim faith.

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Hmm: Chris Christie Headed to Iowa

4:07 PM, Jul 19, 2011

I don't know if I'd read too much into this, but what the hey. Here's a an email that recently landed in THE WEEKLY STANDARD inbox:

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