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Pfeiffer Likens Bernie to Obama

7:44 AM, Oct 14, 2015

A former top aide to President Barack Obama likened Bernie Sanders's debate performance -- and the way it was received by pundits -- to Obama's first presidential run in 2007. Dan Pfeiffer made the comment on Twitter. 

"Clinton had a great night, but Sanders winning the focus group and online polls, but losing the pundits is reminiscent of Obama in 07-08," Pfeiffer, the former White House communications director, tweeted.


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Hillary Fundraises Off Gun Violence

7:51 AM, Oct 07, 2015

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent an email to supporters about gun violence. 

"Gun violence isn’t an inevitability -- it’s a virus and we must do whatever we can to stop it," the email reads.

"Our children should feel safe going to school. They should feel safe at the movie theater. And they should feel safe in places of worship.

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Follow the Money

10:29 AM, Oct 01, 2015

Impossible to imagine anyone predicting this six months ago, but as Matea Gold and John Wagner of the 

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Clinton Keeps Up With the Kardashians

10:46 PM, Aug 06, 2015

While Republicans debated in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton raised money from the Kardashians in California. Kim Kardashian hoped to get a selfie with Clinton. 

The celebrity tweeted, "Excited to be meeting our next President tonight!! Maybe she'll take a selfie with me!"


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Missouri Dem Says Senators Should 'Take On Party Bosses,' Fundraises with Harry Reid

2:29 PM, May 12, 2015

A Democratic Senate candidate from Missouri has argued that politicians in Washington ought to "take on their party bosses," even as he raises money in Las Vegas with the leader of his party in the Senate, Nevada's Harry Reid.

Jason Kander, a 34-year-old rising Democratic star and Missouri's secretary of state, is hoping to take on Republican incumbent Roy Blunt next year. Blunt, a former House majority leader, currently holds a position in Senate Republican leadership, a fact Kander recently used to demonstrate how the first-term senator is out of touch with Missourians.

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Obama Knocks 'Constant Fundraising,' Then Immediately Asks for Donations

11:01 PM, Jan 20, 2015

President Obama knocked "constant fundraising" in his State of the Union address delivered tonight from Washington:

I’ve served in Congress with many of you. I know many of you well. There are a lot of good people here, on both sides of the aisle. And many of you have told me that this isn’t what you signed up for – arguing past each other on cable shows, the constant fundraising, always looking over your shoulder at how the base will react to every decision.

Imagine if we broke out of these tired old patterns. Imagine if we did something different.

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Democrats: 'Accept Defeat'

3:01 PM, Oct 30, 2014

It looks like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is bracing for a bad election next week. At least, that's what they're openly telling supporters.

The latest alarmist fundraising email from the Democratic group has this subject line: "Accept Defeat."

"We are completely out of ideas," the first line of the email reads.

"After Hillary Clinton emailed you this morning to ask for help, we really thought we would be in a better place.

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Democrats: 'We Are Completely Out of Ideas'

1:35 PM, Oct 20, 2014

The Democrats "are completely out of ideas." That line isn't from the head of the Republican National Committee; it's what the Democrats are saying in their latest fundraising pitch.

"We are completely out of ideas," reads the opening of an email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

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Obama Asks for Donations Before ISIS Speech

2:48 PM, Sep 10, 2014

President Obama is scheduled to address the nation this evening to discuss destroying the terrorist army of ISIS. But before hitting the airwaves, he's asking Democratic donors to "chip in $10 or more right now to help elect Democrats."

He made the ask in an email to supporters of the Democratic party.

"There are just 55 days left in this election, Daniel," writes Obama in the email.

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WH Defiant on Fundraising Weekend: Obama Has Responsibility to Help Candidates

12:29 PM, Aug 29, 2014

President Obama is spending today attending three fundraiser (two in New York and one in Rhode Island). And the White House doesn't seem to care what others might think of the president's use of time. 

For example, this exchange with Ed Henry and spokesman Josh Earnest from today's White House press briefing:

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Obama Fundraises Before Speech on ISIS Beheading

11:26 AM, Aug 20, 2014

In a few minutes, President Obama will address the nation about the beheading of an American by the terrorist group ISIS. But before facing the cameras, Obama sent out a fundraising appeal.

"Nothing has ever been more important than fighting for folks like you. You are my priority," writes Obama.

"And right now, a focus of that fight has to be getting people who really care about making things better for you elected. The upcoming elections could determine whether or not we have a Congress who will work with me to help you.

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Red-State Dems Form 'Blue Senate 2014' Joint PAC

8:01 PM, Aug 18, 2014

How does a Democratic Senate candidate running in a conservative state in 2014 try to win? There are many strategies, from Louisiana’s incumbent senator Mary Landrieu emphasizing her ties to the energy industry to Michelle Nunn of Georgia running as a business-friendly moderate willing to work with Republicans. Behind the various strategies is an underlying principle: These Democrats should distance themselves as far as possible from their unpopular party and its head, the increasingly unpopular Barack Obama.

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Pelosi Tries to Amend Constitution Via Fundraising Email

12:32 PM, Jun 10, 2014

Nancy Pelosi is fundraising to amend the Constitution of the United States. 

"You might miss out on history," she writes in an email sent out on the Mother Jones email list.

"931,561 people and counting have added their name calling for a Constitutional amendment to end Citizens United.

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Campaigning for Cash

11:21 AM, Apr 17, 2014

President Obama appears to be the best there ever was when it comes to raising cash. But that’s because he works so hard at it. As James Oliphant of Government Executive reports:

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GA Democrat Michelle Nunn Raises $2.4 Million

9:41 AM, Apr 14, 2014

Michelle Nunn, the presumptive Democratic nominee for an open Senate seat in Georgia, has raised $2.4 million in the first quarter of 2014. The Associated Press reports:

A spokesman for Democrat Michelle Nunn says she'll report about $2.4 million in contributions, her strongest fundraising quarter to date in her bid for Georgia's open U.S. Senate seat.

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Handel Raises $200K In 2 Weeks

11:15 AM, Apr 07, 2014

Karen Handel, the former secretary of state of Georgia, has raised $200,000 in the past two weeks for her campaign for Senate, according to a spokesman. The cash-strapped Republican, who is facing better financed primary opponents, has raised more in that time than she had in the previous quarter.

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Obama to Boston for DNC Events

12:26 PM, Mar 03, 2014

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine is not slowing down the president. Barack Obama will travel to Boston on Wednesday for Democratic National Committee events, the White House announced today. 

President Obama to Travel to Boston

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Cotton Outraises Pryor Last Quarter

10:43 AM, Jan 23, 2014

Republican congressman Tom Cotton, a candidate for U.S. Senate, raised more money in the last quarter of 2013 than his Democratic opponent, incumbent Mark Pryor. The Hill reports that Cotton, a first-term House member, raised $1.2 million dollars at the end of last year, compared to Pryor's $1.1 million.

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Obama: 'Sometimes People Forget I'm Not Running for Office Again'

5:42 PM, Nov 25, 2013

At a stop in San Francisco on a three-day fund raising swing along the West Coast, President Obama said during a speech that "sometimes people forget I'm not running for office again."  The president was talking about Republicans in Congress and the immigration reform that he is trying to get through the House:

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Doing What He Does Best

10:31 AM, Oct 26, 2013

The president is getting out of Washington and will, as Alexis Simendinger of Real Clear Politics reports:

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11:07 AM, Apr 03, 2013

Michelle Jamrisko at Bloomberg reports:

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Obama: 'Michelle and I Will Be Fine No Matter What Happens' in the Election

11:22 AM, Oct 23, 2012

In his latest fundraising email to supporters, President Barack Obama says, "Michelle and I will be fine no matter what happens" in the election. Instead, Obama's trying to win the contest "for our country and middle-class families."

Here's the full pitch:

I don't want to lose this election.

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President Obama, Bill Collector-In-Chief

Do you owe the Obama campaign money? By the way, political campaigns know what porn sites you frequent.
12:56 PM, Oct 16, 2012

A few weeks ago, I inveighed against the increasingly Orwellian psychological tactics being employed by the Obama campaign. It didn't seem like things could get much worse than asking you to upload photos of your personal pledges to the president, and smart phone apps that show maps telling you the political affiliation of your neighbors.

I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Here's the email I recently got from the Obama campaign:

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Obama Calls Money Shortage 'Critical'

11:14 AM, Aug 26, 2012

In a fundraising email to prospective donors, President Obama says, "This is critical." Obama explains that he is being outspent in states likes Iowa by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. 

Here's the entire email:

Daniel --

When I'm out there talking to voters, we talk about what we've done, what we plan to do over the next four years, and why the other guys have dangerous plans to go back to the policies that failed America for almost a decade.

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Morning Jay: Why Is Obama’s Fundraising So Weak?

5:00 AM, Aug 22, 2012

Earlier this week, we received final fundraising totals for the month of July – and the numbers were quite a shocker. The Republican side of the campaign (a joint effort between Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee) raised a total of $101.3 million dollars, and has $185.9 million in the bank. Meanwhile, the joint effort of President Obama and the Democratic National Committee raised $75 million and has $95.8 million in the bank.

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Michelle Obama: 'Before You Go to Bed Tonight, Do Me a Favor and Read Barack's Note'

11:06 AM, Aug 21, 2012

The latest fundraising plea from First Lady Michelle Obama for Barack Obama's reelection campaign: 

Daniel --

Before you go to bed tonight, do me a favor and read Barack's note.

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Romney Raises $1.2 Million Off Ryan Pick in Under 4 Hours (Update: $2 Million)

11:47 AM, Aug 11, 2012

It has not even been 4 hours, and already the Romney campaign claims it has raised $1.2 million since announcing Paul Ryan as VP. From Press secretary Andrea Saul: 

HERE FIRST: @mittromney has raised over $1.2 million since pick of @paulryanvp #LessThan4Hours

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Romney Outraises Obama by $26.3 Million

8:50 AM, Aug 06, 2012

Earlier today, Mitt Romney's campaign announced raising a cumulative $101.3 million in the month July. Now, Barack Obama's campaign announces: "In July, 761,000 people donated to raise over $75 million for this campaign."

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Romney, Republicans Raised $101.3 Million in July

5:35 AM, Aug 06, 2012

The Romney campaign released its July fundraising numbers this morning:

Today, Romney for President, Romney Victory, and the Republican National Committee announced fundraising totals of over $101.3 million in July. The campaign, RNC and state party participants have approximately $185.9 million cash on hand. ...


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