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You Can't Handle the Trump!

How Donald Trump broke the GOP primary process and helped return power to conservative voters.
12:33 PM, Sep 29, 2015

Vox's Ezra Klein wrote a good piece of analysis Monday about how unpredictable politics has become.

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Let Voters Decide Whether Rand Paul Can Win

9:29 AM, Apr 09, 2015

Rand Paul announced his candidacy for president this week, and the libertarian Republican was immediately greeted by a chorus of doomsayers.

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Ben Sasse Wins Decisively in Nebraska GOP Senate Primary

Can Sasse bridge the gap between the Tea Party and national Republicans?
11:10 PM, May 13, 2014

Ben Sasse has just won a decisive victory in the Nebraska Republican Senate primary. As of this writing, the race has been called by the Associated Press and Sasse holds a 27 point lead over his nearest competitor, with 79 percent of precincts reporting. Having clinched the primary win, early polling suggests Sasse will be the likely victor in the general election in November. At 42 years old, Sasse is poised to become the youngest GOP senator.

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The New York Times' Bizarre Spin on the Nebraska Senate Race

11:24 AM, May 12, 2014

The New York Times is up with a story today, "Tea Party Activists See Own Groups Among Washington Adversaries," about the supposed tension between national Tea Party groups and local Tea Party activists. The lede of the piece involves an anecdote -- and I use that term loosely, as it seems to bear little relationship to reality -- about the Nebraska Senate race:

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GA House Member Spent $33K in Taxpayer Money on Campaign Consultant

9:01 AM, Mar 19, 2014

Republican congressman Paul Broun, who is running for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, has paid part of his annual taxpayer-funded budget as a House member on a campaign consultant company.

Atlanta-based WSB-TV reports that Broun paid $33,000 to O'Donnell & Associates, a campaign communications firm, from his official congressional account. When the WSB reporter attempted to ask Broun about the expenditure, Broun did not answer and entered his Capitol Hill office. Watch the video below:

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Happy Hour: What's the Matter With Nebraska?

7:00 PM, Feb 28, 2012

Derek Thompson: "The Collapse of Print Advertising in 1 Graph"

Conservative Intelligence Briefing: Michigan exit poll shows primary is way too close to predict

Politico: "How Mitt Romney booked Kid Rock"

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Five Questions for Caucus Night

12:59 PM, Jan 03, 2012

As voters get their first formal chance to weigh in on the Republican presidential nomination process, here are five questions that will be answered during tonight’s Iowa caucuses:

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A Prediction: 70 Percent Will Vote Against the Iowa 'Winner'

8:16 AM, Jan 02, 2012

It’s likely that no candidate will win so much as 30 percent of the votes cast in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses. Yet you can bet that the press corps will crown as the big winner the candidate who gets perhaps one-quarter of the votes of caucus-goers in a state that’s half the size of the average state. Meanwhile, those who get one-sixth, or one-seventh, or one-eighth, of that same vote, will be labeled as losers who might want to think about dropping out of the national race.  This, of course, is foolishness.

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N.H. Poll: Romney 41, Paul 15, Gingrich 11, Huntsman 9

11:16 PM, Jan 01, 2012

Suffolk reports on its latest poll of likely voters in New Hampshire's first in the nation primary:


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Boycott the Virginia Republican Primary?

10:38 AM, Dec 30, 2011

The Virginia Republican Party is apparently planning to require voters in the March 6 Virginia GOP presidential primary to sign a form that says, “I, the undersigned, pledge that I intend to support the nominee of the Republican Party for president.”

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Morning Jay: Thoughts on the Republican Debate

6:00 AM, Dec 16, 2011

1. I thought Newt Gingrich did not do well. Not just when he defended his (essentially indefensible) work at Freddie Mac, but also when he cited FDR as a model for how he would handle the court. Terrible argument, one that any self-proclaimed constitutional conservative should be concerned about.

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Is Jeb Bush Looking to Throw His Hat in the Ring?

9:15 PM, Dec 14, 2011

My better half stumbles across some interesting reports from people in New Hampshire:

So a writer I follow who lives in New Hampshire just tweeted:

@publicroad: I live in NH & just got a robocall polling me about what I think about Romney vs. Gingrich vs. *Jeb Bush*.

Other folks are reporting the same polling is taking place in New Hampshire.

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Gallup: Gingrich Support Drops Six Points in a Week, Still Leads Nationally

1:15 PM, Dec 14, 2011

According to the latest Gallup poll, support for Newt Gingrich has dropped from 37 percent to 31 percent in just the course of a week. He still maintains a comfortable lead over Romney, whose support has held steady at 22 percent in Gallup's poll. However, the rapid drop suggests that maybe some of the attacks on Gingrich have taken their toll.

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Gingrich’s Lead Balloons from 1 to 15 Points in Gallup

9:12 AM, Dec 07, 2011

Gallup’s polling of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents now shows Newt Gingrich with a 15-point lead over runner-up Mitt Romney — 37 to 22 percent.

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Morning Jay: Christie Should Follow Woodrow Wilson—And Run

5:00 AM, Oct 03, 2011

Despite continued claims that he’s not running for the White House, credible news outlets continue to report that Chris Christie is still considering running for president. But should he run?

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Florida Sets Primary Date for January 31

1:10 PM, Sep 30, 2011

The Associated Press reports: 

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida decided Friday to hold its Republican presidential primary on Jan. 31, snubbing a party rule against fast-track delegate-selection for 2012 and triggering angry responses from traditional early voting states which will now likely rejigger their calendars to stay ahead....

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Questions for Tonight’s GOP Debate

5:27 PM, Sep 22, 2011

In the Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove previews tonight’s debate, saying that it “presents opportunities and dangers for each candidate.”  Rove writes that Rick Perry “has had two okay-to-mediocre debate performances,” which “is dangerous.”  He says that Perry needs to convey that he would be a good steward of Social Security, while also advancing his plans for reforming it and putting it on more solid fiscal ground.  “More importantly,” Rove writes, “Mr. Perry needs to change the dynamic of the debates, in which he’s been (in his words) the piñata,” and “put Mr. Romney on defense over health care.”

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Poll: Perry Leads Romney by 7 Points

2:33 PM, Sep 17, 2011

A CBS News/New York Times poll taken from September 10th-15th (both before and after the most recent debate) shows Rick Perry with a 7-point edge (23 to 16 percent) over Mitt Romney among registered voters who intend to vote in a Republican primary or caucus. Newt Gingrich has moved into a tie with Michele Bachmann for third place, with 7 percent apiece, followed by Herman Cain and Ron Paul at 5 percent apiece. Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman are each at 1 percent.

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Special Report Panel on the Primary Schedule

7:08 AM, Aug 30, 2011

Bill Kristol, with Mara Liasson and Charles Krauthammer, last night on Fox News: 


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Pataki for President?

The former New York governor is closer to a 2012 run.
9:08 AM, Aug 24, 2011

Yesterday, the Des Moines Register reported that former New York governor George Pataki, who has been considering a run for the Republican nomination for president, will travel to Iowa's Polk County this weekend for a local GOP fundraiser:

Iowans are buzzing over whether he could use the event to declare his intentions.

“Strong chance he will announce, I believe,” organizer Darrell Kearney told the Register tonight.

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Romney to Counter Obama September Jobs Speech With His Own Speech

Previous economic plan from Obama an 'abject failure,' says Romney.
6:11 PM, Aug 22, 2011

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney told Fox News's Neil Cavuto this afternoon that he will reveal his plan on job creation on September 6, the same week President Obama is set to unveil his own. Romney's speech is part of a strategy to "pick up the pace" in a new phase of the campaign.

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Gallup: Romney Beating, Perry Even With Obama

5:07 PM, Aug 22, 2011

Gallup is out with a new poll showing four of the Republican candidates for president beating or within striking distance of Barack Obama among registered voters. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has the greatest advantage, beating Obama 48 percent to 46 percent.

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Rove Predicts Palin Will Run

1:10 PM, Aug 20, 2011

A day after Sarah Palin released a campaign-like video documenting her recent trip to Iowa, veteran campaigner and former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove said he believes the former Alaska governor will enter the race for president. Byron York at the Washington Examiner reports:

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