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What's Cruz's Strategy?

2:59 PM, Sep 24, 2015

Something has gotten into Ted Cruz. The Republican senator is known as a conservative firebrand willing to take on his own party, but in a Thursday meeting with reporters in his Capitol Hill office, Cruz was sounding almost ecumenical. Maybe it was the presence of Pope Francis.

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Treasury Department Tells Callers Government Is Shut Down

8:13 AM, Jan 30, 2014

The government shutdown may have ended last October, but the Treasury Department's voicemail is telling callers a different story. 

After callers wait a minute to hear all of the prompts, callers hear this:

"Due to the lapse in appropriations, the Treasury Department is currently closed. Once the appropriations have been restored, the Treasury Department will reopen for business as usual. Thank you."

You can listen to the audio below:

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Club for Growth Ad Touts Cochran Primary Challenger in Mississippi

4:18 PM, Oct 21, 2013

Longtime Mississippi senator Thad Cochran, who will be 76 at the end of this year, hasn't said whether he'll run for a seventh term in 2014. But late last week another Republican entered the primary race for Senate, and he's challenging Cochran from the right.

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The Park Police

Advance Editorial From Our Forthcoming 10/21-10/28 Issue
Oct 21, 2013

“We are a nation that has a government—not the other way around.”
—Ronald Reagan

The conduct of the National Park Service over the last week might be the biggest scandal of the Obama administration. This is an expansive claim, of course. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, the NSA, the HHS mandate​—​this is an administration that has not lacked for appalling abuses of power. And we still have three years to go.

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Amid Obamacare 'Glitches,' Obama Praises Government

10:51 AM, Oct 17, 2013

President Barack Obama delivered remarks from the White House Thursday morning following the conclusion of the government shutdown and the raising of the debt ceiling. The president praised government as an entity "we rely on" in a "whole lot of ways." He also said that he hoped the country had learned that "smart, effective government is important."

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Senate Passes Bill to Raise Debt Ceiling, Re-Open Federal Government

7:30 PM, Oct 16, 2013

The Senate voted Wednesday night to raise the federal debt ceiling and to reopen the government. The bill passed overwhelmingly, 81 senators supporting to 18 opposing, and will now go the House of Representatives. House speaker John Boehner has said he will not block a vote on the Senate bill despite opposition from many in his Republican conference. The House will likely vote on the bill later Wednesday night.

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'Pryor's Campaign is Flailing'

4:35 PM, Oct 16, 2013

On Tuesday evening, the reelection campaign for Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor emailed supporters about a recent "secret meeting" between Republican senator Ted Cruz and a group of House Republicans at a restaurant on Capitol Hill, Tortilla Coast. Pryor campaign manager Jeff Weaver suggested that the Democrat's Republican challenger, Tom Cotton, may have also attended the meeting.

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'Park Service Paramilitaries'

7:46 AM, Oct 14, 2013

Mark Steyn, writing for National Review Online:

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Duties of the President

Oct 14, 2013

Who's really to blame for the federal government’s shutdown? According to President Obama, it’s those ideologically obstinate congressional Republicans who will do anything to undermine the Affordable Care Act, the signature achievement of his presidency. For those same Republicans, it’s the president who deserves blame by refusing to compromise one iota on a policy measure that even the administration admits is less than ready for prime time. 

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Boehner in Charge

How the House speaker rallied his restive troops.
Oct 14, 2013

After the reelection of President Obama, House speaker John Boehner was disappointed, dispirited, and wary of a new round of clashes with the president. House Republicans had planned a fresh effort to repeal Obamacare, but, he told NBC News, “the election changes that.” He negotiated with Obama to raise taxes and spending by $1 trillion each before backing off. And with the Bush tax cuts about to expire and plunge the nation over a “fiscal cliff,” Boehner endorsed a deal to limit higher tax rates to those making more than $400,000.

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Barnes Podcast: The Shutdown Is a Failure of Leadership

Hosted by Michael Graham.
4:04 PM, Oct 03, 2013

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with executive editor Fred Barnes on his recent piece "The President's Shutdown."

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Podcast: Washington Under Shutdown

Hosted by Michael Graham.
9:19 AM, Oct 02, 2013

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with senior writer Mark Hemingway on his view of the government shutdown from inside the Beltway.

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Barnes Podcast: Obama's Unwillingness to Lead on Budget and Debt

Hosted by Michael Graham.
1:15 PM, Sep 27, 2013

THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with executive editor Fred Barnes on the unwillingness by President Obama to lead on the budget, debt, and the continuing resolution.

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Shutdown Averted: Boehner, Reid Reach Short-Term Agreement on Budget

10:57 PM, Apr 08, 2011

House speaker John Boehner has released a statement jointly with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

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Bureaucrats Implementing Obamacare Won't Be Furloughed During Government Shutdown

3:43 PM, Apr 08, 2011

While the possible government shutdown means most federal employees, from the National Park Service workers to those handling your tax returns at the IRS, won't be coming into work, some bureaucrats at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are going to keep punching the clock. At the department's website, HHS has posted its shutdown contingency plan for its employees. Here's the relevant part for the department's Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight:

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Pentagon Plans to Hold Military Paychecks During Shutdown

4:21 PM, Apr 07, 2011

Mike Flynn at Big Government asks if military paychecks will be held in a possible government shutdown. Flynn fears the answer is yes, based on a draft guidance document from the Pentagon released last month, and he notes that this would differ from what happened under the Clinton administration during the last government shutdown, when military personnel received their paychecks.

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Reid, Schumer Dodge Questions on Why They Oppose Short-Term Funding Bill

1:20 PM, Apr 07, 2011

Earlier today, Senate majority leader Harry Reid said during floor remarks that he would support a "clean" short-term spending bill passed by the House, and President Obama indicated later that he would sign such a bill. The problem, Reid said in a press conference later, is all of the "riders" the Republicans have included in their measure to fund the government for one week and the troops for the rest of the fiscal year. Reid said the dispute over riders boils down to two issues: "women's health" and "clean air."

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Harry Reid: We Can't Pass Troop Funding Bill Because It Bans Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in D.C.

10:55 AM, Apr 07, 2011

From a rough transcript of Democratic majority leader Harry Reid's remarks on the Senate floor this morning: 

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Happy Hour: The TSA has No Sense of Humor

6:00 PM, Apr 06, 2011

Did Glenn Beck make some sort of announcement today?

White House views Paul Ryan's budget as a "weapon" to be used against GOP.

Obamacare is subsidizing the Washington Post and CBS News.

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Fox News Sunday Panel on Libya and the Budget

9:30 AM, Apr 04, 2011

Bill Kristol, with Mara Liasson, Brit Hume and Juan Williams, yesterday on Fox News:

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Special Report Panel on a Government Shutdown

11:42 AM, Mar 31, 2011

Bill Kristol, with Kirsten Powers and Charles Krauthammer, last night on Fox News:

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Special Report Panel on Chuck Schumer, Howard Dean, and a Government Shutdown

7:19 AM, Mar 30, 2011

Steve Hayes, with Mara Liasson and Charles Krauthammer, last night on Fox News:

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Happy Hour: Why a U.S. Government Shutdown is Worth it

7:03 PM, Feb 25, 2011

Why a U.S. government shutdown is worth it

Biden: “When a state engages in atrocity, it forfeits its sovereignty.”

Pelosi writes a resolution honoring herself.

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Factchecking Nancy Pelosi

The former Speaker's claims about a government shutdown just don't appear to be true.
3:03 PM, Feb 25, 2011

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is busy scaremongering about the prospect of a government shutdown if the Democrats don't agree to Republican budget cuts:

Closing our government would mean our men and women in uniform wouldn’t receive their paychecks, and veterans would lose critical benefits. Seniors wouldn’t receive their Social Security checks, and essential functions from food-safety inspection to airport security could come to a halt.

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After Wisconsin, How Do Democrats Argue Against a GOP Government Shutdown?

2:15 PM, Feb 20, 2011

Congressional Democrats engaged in more saber rattling today over concerns House Republicans will shutdown the government if Democrats don't agree to some pretty significant budget cuts. The continuing resolution funding the federal government expires on March 4:

Senior Senate Democrats slammed Republicans on Sunday for a "reckless" threat to shut down the government as political posturing intensified on both sides over federal spending and the budget deficit.

The House of Representatives approved legislation on Saturday to cut federal spending by $61 billion through September. But The bill, pushed through by Republicans, was sure to be significantly changed by President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats in the Senate.

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