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DHS to 'Expand and Formalize Coordination' on Gun Control Efforts

1:09 PM, Jan 16, 2013

Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, released a statement Wednesday saying she is "proud to support" the Obama administration's efforts to "combat gun violence in our country." Here's more from Napolitano's statement:

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Obama to Put More 'Counselors' in Schools

12:01 PM, Jan 16, 2013

President Barack Obama will put more "counselors" in school to help thwart gun violence. According to a background briefer provided by the White House, Obama hopes to add an additional 1,000 "school resource officers and counselors." 

From the White House's document:

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At Least $4.5 Billion in New Spending for Gun Control

11:53 AM, Jan 16, 2013

President Obama and Vice President Biden revealed their proposed reforms intended to reduce firearms related violence.

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Rubio: 'Mass Media ... Would Prefer That There Not Be Second Amendment'

11:17 AM, Jan 16, 2013

On Laura Ingraham's radio show this morning, Florida senator Marco Rubio, a Republican, said the media opposes the Second Amendment.

“[T]he mass media in this country, both entertainment and news media… leans lefts and would prefer that there not be Second Amendment,” said Rubio.

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Gingrich: 'If Gun Control Works, Chicago Ought to Be Safe'

Former House speaker urges Congress to hold hearings on guns in Chicago.
9:29 AM, Jan 15, 2013

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich talked about gun control this morning on CBS:

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Shoot More, the Government's Paying

9:34 AM, Jan 10, 2013

The headline on a press release from the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife reads:

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Biden and Holder to Meet with Gun 'Victims' Groups'

7:01 PM, Jan 08, 2013

As talk of gun control legislation continues, Vice President Joe Biden, along with Attorney General Eric Holder, will meet tomorrow with gun "victims' groups."

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Dem. Senator: Obama's Gun Control Proposal 'Way in Extreme'

11:08 AM, Jan 06, 2013

Heidi Heitkamp, a Democratic senator from North Dakota, called President Barack Obama's gun control proposal, as it has been reported in the Washington Post, "way in extreme."

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Obama to 'Quickly' Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control

W.H. pledges action this month.
6:54 PM, Jan 02, 2013

President Barack Obama will go for immigration reform and gun control this month, the White House tells the left-leaning Huffington Post. Obama's actions will reportedly be done "quickly."

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Come, Let Us Converse Together

Dec 31, 2012

Since the horrific mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the media have been braying about the need for a national conversation on gun control. Putting aside our suspicion that the left’s idea of a “national conversation” is telling people it disagrees with to shut up, The Scrapbook is very much invested in the importance of protecting children. We’re happy to talk about the issue, and even willing to entertain the idea that new laws and regulations might help prevent mass shootings.

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Americans Petition For, Against Deportation of CNN Host Piers Morgan

"No one in the UK wants him back."
2:50 PM, Dec 26, 2012

CNN host and British national Piers Morgan ginned up controversy earlier this month when he criticized American gun laws and berated a gun rights advocate in an on-air rant following the shooting massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

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Carney: 'I Don't Know' Whether Rahm Told Holder to 'Shut the F--- Up' About Guns

3:01 PM, Dec 18, 2012

White House spokesman said he doesn't "know" whether former chief of staff Rahm Emanual told Attorney General Eric Holder to "Shut the f--- up" about guns, as has been widely reported:

Here's a transcript of the exchange between Carney and reporter Jake Tapper:

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Fact (?) Check

9:16 AM, Oct 18, 2012

So CNN is bird-dogging Mitt Romney on his claim that it is “illegal in this country to have automatic weapons.”

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More DOJ Malpractice

A misbegotten scheme to boost gun control turns deadly.
Jul 25, 2011

The Obama administration’s Justice Department has been no stranger to controversy. Attorney General Eric Holder has staked out controversial policies on everything from terrorist detainee trials to the decision not to pursue voter intimidation charges against two New Black Panther party members patrolling a polling place with weapons.

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NRA Says 'No Thanks' to Obama's Offer to Discuss Gun Laws

The New York Times reveals its ignorance of gun control debates.
10:58 AM, Mar 15, 2011

Again, I'm still utterly baffled that the White House wants to have a national conversation on gun laws. I can't forsee this issue doing him any good at all in next year's election. Unless of course, Obama's is giving up on blue-collar and rural Democrats and just trying to shore up the base. In which case, he's in really bad shape.

In any event, NRA head Wayne LaPierre isn't about to give Obama the satisfaction:

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