Hypocrisy Articles

RNC Goes Populist: Hits Hillary's Financial 'Hypocrisy'

7:36 AM, May 29, 2015

In a 41-second video that's set to be released later this morning, the Republican National Committee is using a populist message to hit Hillary Clinton for "hypocrisy."  

The video mainly features a snippet from a speech Clinton delivered on Wednesday, May 27, at the South Carolina Democratic Women's Council. "Because we're going to have to stand up to the people who want to keep the deck stacked in favor of those at the top. We're going to have to fight to make sure that the success of our country is shared across the economy," Clinton says in the RNC ad.

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The New Tolerance: Christian Bakers Must Be Punished, Sex Predators Not So Much

11:56 AM, May 04, 2015

In the current issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD, I have an editorial on the plight of Aaron and Melissa Klein—two Oregonians who used to own a bakery in a Portland suburb, who were run out of business and recently assessed a $135,000 fine for politely declining to provide a cake for a gay wedding. For background, please do read the whole thing. However, there's a pretty alarming lesson here about the selective nature of progressive tolerance that the editorial only touches on. 

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Hillary Clinton to Demand Transparency for Public Officials Not Named Hillary Clinton

9:06 AM, Apr 29, 2015

Later today, Hillary Clinton is expected to give a speech where she comes out in favor of police being required to wear body cameras. I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea, except to say that I doubt it will prove to be the panacea for reining in law enforcement abuses that many of its advocates say it will be.

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Immigration Advocates, Opponents—and Hypocrites

12:00 AM, Jan 17, 2015

If you are a German and fancy Pegida, or a Brit and fancy UKIP, or a Frenchman and enjoy marching with the National Front, it’s a reasonable guess that you don’t like immigrants. If you’re an American, the story is different. There is a lady in the harbor to welcome the legal ones and a man in the White House to roll out the welcome mat for millions of illegal ones.

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Video Mocks Leo DiCaprio for Being Climate 'Hypocrite'

9:31 AM, Oct 10, 2014

A new video by the Environmental Policy Alliance mocks Hollywood celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio for being "just another celebrity hypocrite" when it comes to the topic of climate change:

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Everybody Loses

May 26, 2014

New York enjoyed a mid-season subway series last week with four games between the Mets and Yankees. Seeing the two teams play every year instead of once in a generation is one of the upsides of Major League Baseball’s recent experiment in inter-league play. But for the hometown TV audience, it means enduring grotesque public-service antismoking ads. New York State promotes nonsmoking by showing gory surgeries, rotting lungs, and a man struggling to breathe: “Dying from smoking is rarely quick .  .  .

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Reid It and Weep

Jul 29, 2013

On Sunday, Nevada’s Democratic senator Harry Reid said that taking away the Senate minority’s right to filibuster would be outrageous, and even criminal. “That contempt for the rule of law and the law of rules,” Reid said, “will set a new precedent—an illegal precedent—that will always remain on the pages of Senate history.” We should make clear that by “Sunday,” we mean Sunday, May 22, 2005. Back then, Reid’s party was in the minority in the Senate, and filibustering like mad in order to block George W. Bush’s judicial nominees.

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Obama’s Tax Cut Hypocrisy

Brookings scholar: Obama doesn’t specify how he’ll pay for $1.3 trillion corporate tax cut.
1:22 PM, Oct 16, 2012

In February of 2012, President Obama released a proposal to cut the corporate tax rate by 20 percent—bringing the current corporate rate down from 35 percent to 28 percent (and to 25 percent for manufacturers). But according to Robert Pozen, a senior fellow at the liberal-leaning Brookings Institution, President Obama won’t say how he will pay for his $1.3 trillion dollar corporate tax reform plan.

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