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As Mayor Johnson's Scandals Grow, Was Obama Admin Wrong to Fire Inspector General?

4:05 PM, Jul 28, 2015

Despite little national coverage, scandals surrounding former NBA star and Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson have been intensifying over past few months. Monday's report at Deadspin is a good place to start -- things have gotten so bad that Johnson's allies are accusing a local paper that's done a lot of damning reporting on Johnson of racism.

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Inspector General Seeks Audio Recorders Disguised as Defense Dept. ID Cards

7:15 AM, Aug 05, 2014

The government looks inward at times. The Office of the Inspector General recently posted a solicitation for credit card sized audio recorders to be disguised as Department of Defense (DoD) ID cards. 

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Report: Obama Admin Knew About Secret VA Waiting Lists in 2010

12:52 PM, Jun 12, 2014

White House Secretary Jay Carney has said that the president only learned about the secret waiting lists at VA from the news. However, the Daily Caller has unearthed an Inspector General report proving that members of the administration were aware of the problems as far back as 2010:

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State Dept. Finally Fills Vacant Position After Cruz Pledged to Block Nominees

9:12 AM, Jun 29, 2013

Earlier this week, Texas senator Ted Cruz pledged to block State Department nominees until the federal agency filled the vacant inspector general position. Almost two days later, the State Department nominated Steve Linick for the position, which has been vacant for nearly 2,000 days.

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Inspector General Finds 5% Compliance Rate With Regulations on Certain IRS Contracts

8:41 AM, May 23, 2013

The Internal Revenue Service has come under heavy criticism from both Republicans and Democrats in recent days after an inspector general's report detailed "inappropriate criteria" used to identify certain applications of mainly conservative organizations for special review resulting in long delays in processing and invasive inquiries.

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Inspector General Who Uncovered IRS Scandal Dated Michelle Obama

9:12 AM, May 22, 2013

J. Russell George, the inspector general who uncovered the IRS scandal, appears to have at one time dated Michelle Obama, well before she was married to Barack Obama.

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