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Jobs: Big Miss

2:20 PM, Apr 03, 2015

Expectations were for more than 200,000 new jobs.  The report, this morning, crushed those expectations. In the old fashioned sense of “crushed.” As Joseph Lawler of the Washington Examiner writes:

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The Economy: Up? Down? Who Knows?

2:34 PM, Mar 31, 2015

From CNBC, discouraging news that:

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The Slow-Grow Economy

10:12 AM, Mar 27, 2015

Bloomberg reports that:

The U.S. economy expanded at 2.2 percent annualized pace in the fourth quarter, led by the biggest gain in consumer spending in eight years.

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Soft Durables

2:21 PM, Mar 25, 2015

Bloomberg reports that:

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Worried About the Environment?

11:14 AM, Mar 25, 2015

Seems the answer, according to Gallup, is Not so much.

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Gleanings and Observations

8:50 AM, Mar 25, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere

And in some places in drought-ravished California even where it proves an embarrassment.

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Consumers Disappoint

10:04 AM, Mar 19, 2015

Bloomberg reports that:

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The Economy: Mixed Signals

12:47 PM, Mar 12, 2015

First time claims fell, as Reuters reports, by:

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Notes and Observations

3:14 PM, Mar 02, 2015

Sometimes, anecdote is more revealing than data. A few days’ gleanings:

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Consumer Spending Down

12:14 PM, Mar 02, 2015

Kate Davidson of the Wall Street Journal reports that:

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First Time Claims; Up: Inflation, Down

11:36 AM, Feb 26, 2015

The recovery may be slowing and the end of the Fed’s QE efforts receding further into the future.

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Economic Indicators

9:38 AM, Feb 25, 2015

The Obama administration’s line on the economy appears to be that it has finally turned the corner and things are truly humming.  And maybe so.  But there are signs of trouble amid all the good cheer.

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The Consumer Retreats

3:36 PM, Feb 02, 2015

The first number in a week that will produce many of them, culminating with monthly non-farm payrolls, is not promising for the recovery.

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Disappointing GDP

12:34 PM, Jan 30, 2015

Listen to the president, his staff, and his supporters and you might be ready to believe that the economy is on a rocket ride to prosperity.  More jobs, lower gas prices, increased consumer spending.  So now, at last, we can afford to do away with sequestration and other implements of austerity.  Time to grow and spend and prosper.

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Soft Durables

11:48 AM, Jan 27, 2015

Predictions of a robustly growing economy may prove as evanescent as yesterday’s winter storm warnings.

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WH: Executive Amnesty Raises U.S. Wages 65 Cents a Day

7:01 AM, Jan 27, 2015

The White House launched a new campaign this week to build support for President Obama's executive action on immigration.

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A Permanently Anemic Recovery?

1:09 PM, Jan 21, 2015

What should be a recovery on steroids – after all, it has had six years to get in shape – is still not up to speed.  If there were as many people in the labor force now, as there were when President Obama came into office, the unemployment rate would be close to 10%.  And the spirit of entrepreneurship has dimmed to the point that, as Gallup finds:

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The Legacy and the Middle Class

4:31 PM, Jan 19, 2015

Barack Obama and his disciples began worrying about his legacy even before he took office.  He would not be satisfied to be judged competent or good.  He was going to be a transformative president.

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Report: College Graduates Lack Skills for White-Collar Jobs

11:07 AM, Jan 19, 2015

The president is proposing more higher education (at the community college level) as a cure for our economic woes.  Along with some substantial tax increases, of course.  But is more college the answer?

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Spike in First Time Claims

9:50 AM, Jan 15, 2015

Bloomberg is reporting that:

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Consumption Contraction

1:41 PM, Jan 14, 2015

 Lucia Mutikani of Reuters writes:

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Obama: 'America Is Coming Back. And I Want to Go Full Speed Ahead.'

1:39 PM, Jan 10, 2015

President Obama is in a good mood. He believes the country, under his leadership, is heading in the right direction.

"About a year ago, I promised that 2014 would be a breakthrough year for America.  And this week, we got more evidence to back that up," the president begins his weekly address.

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Jobs & the Economy: A Start

10:45 AM, Jan 09, 2015

It was a good year for jobs. As Bloomberg notes:

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Warning: Approach 2015 With Caution

9:00 AM, Jan 03, 2015

Had enough good economic news to see you through the holidays? Good. But if you plan to ask, “Please, sir, I want some more” you might be in store for your own Oliver Twist moment. Here’s why:

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Claims Jumping

9:50 AM, Dec 31, 2014

The Wall Street Journal reports that first time unemployment claims:

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Confidence on the Rise

2:33 PM, Dec 30, 2014

The economic news has been getting better, especially regarding the price of oil. Which the consumer sees as what he forks over at the pump. And that, as we all know, is one price the trend of which we follow every day.  

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Reason to Be Jolly this Holiday Season

7:35 AM, Dec 27, 2014

An estimated 90 million of us will drive 50 miles or more during this holiday season, and recent years’ gnashings of teeth at the pump are being replaced with smiles. The price of gasoline is down 36 percent since April, to a national average of around $2.40 per gallon, with some cities reporting prices of below $2.

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A Battle Over More than Money

11:50 AM, Dec 12, 2014

The new dawn didn’t. There was to be no more sturm und drang, no more brinkmanship, no more government shutdowns, no more threats of default on America’s debt. Just routine passage of a $1,100,000,000,000 spending bill to keep the government running until next September when the current fiscal year ends. In the event, it was only hours before midnight on Thursday, when funding of most government activities was scheduled to end, that the House of Representatives, by a vote of 219-to-206 passed the so-called continuing resolution that will keep all of the functions of government, both the necessary and the wasteful, in operation. No, it was not a split in the Republican party that brought us once again to the brink of shutdown, although some Republicans, eager to show their distaste for the president’s unilateral action in freeing millions of illegal immigrants from the threat of deportation did cause, did defect. It was the Democrats who almost succeeded in shutting down the government and President Obama, not House speaker John Boehner, who had to struggle to get this resolution passed. The battle will have important consequences for the shape of American political life during the two years remaining of his term, and perhaps far into the future. Here’s why.

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Good Jobs

8:42 AM, Dec 05, 2014

The economy added more than 320,000 jobs last month. Against a forecast of 230,000. The unemployment rate holds at 5.8 percent, indicating that many who had previously given up are again seeking employment.

Experts will be going under the hood this morning and fine tuning their reporting. But this is undeniably good news and points, as the Wall Street Journal reports, to the strongest annual job growth in 15 years.

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Prospect of Real Immigration Solution Dimmed By President’s Unilateral Action

12:00 AM, Nov 29, 2014

“Give me your tired, your poor … your huddled masses … wretched refuse … the homeless,” implores the Lady in New York harbor. Little can she know that 11.4 million of these “tempest-tost” souls are already here, having arrived illegally, most from Mexico and points south. Some 4-5 million of those illegal, or “undocumented” immigrants to use the description preferred by pro-immigration advocates, no longer are threatened with deportation orders.

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