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Jun 22, 2015

Off hours, The Scrapbook has been dealing, like many everyday Americans, with the sort of problem that admits of no governmental solution: namely, a leaky basement. But just because government has nothing to offer by way of solutions (at least not yet!) doesn’t mean that it’s ignoring what we’re up to. 

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Leaky Leon, Cont.

11:37 AM, Jan 13, 2015

Back in 2012, I suggested that the Senate use Leon Panetta's confirmation hearing for CIA director to clear up one of Washington's more interesting media mysteries—who leaked Daniel Patrick Moynihan's authorship of controversial memo that used the phrase "benign neglect" in reference to the black community.

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Leaky Leon, Still Leaking

12:52 PM, Oct 23, 2014

Yesterday, the Washington Post had a lengthy report on how former CIA director Leon Panetta was sending out copies of his book nearly a month before it cleared the CIA's internal revue process to ensure that no sensitive national security information was being revealed. According to the Post, Panetta clashed with his former agency repeatedly throughout the process.

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The Plame Shame Game

9:22 AM, Apr 09, 2014

My review of former top CIA lawyer John Rizzo’s book Company Man appears in the current issue of this magazine. A friend in a high place who read the review pointed out to me that the book adds something significant to our understanding of the Valerie Plame, Scooter Libby, Richard Armitage, Judith Miller, Robert Novak imbroglio.

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Former Obama Intel Official: 'Trend' of Leaks Being Set at 'Top of This Administration'

10:08 AM, May 26, 2013

Former Obama intelligence official Dennis Blair, an admiral, blamed leaks on the "trend" being set "at the top of this administration":

"You've heard the press's side there," said the ABC host. "Admiral Blair, you were in the White House. The leak investigations have been quite intense in the Obama White House."

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Manning Pleads Guilty to Leaking Classified Documents

Tried first to give them to NYTimes, WashPost, and Politico.
2:01 PM, Feb 28, 2013

Bradley Manning pleaded guilty today to leaking classified material. "Army Pfc. Bradley Edward Manningpleaded guilty Thursday to 10 charges that he illegally acquired and transferred U.S.

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Chairman King Concerned National Security Risked by Leaks to Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal

Makers of Zero Dark Thirty scrutinized.
12:15 PM, Dec 18, 2012

In response to a report that classified information had been leaked to the makers of the Hollywood movie Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal, Congressman Peter King, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, says he's concerned.

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Senators to Obama: Who’s Authorizing Benghazi Leaks to Press?

9:25 AM, Nov 03, 2012

In a letter to the White House, four members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence asked President Obama whether recent disclosures to the press of classified information on the Benghazi terrorist attacks were authorized by the Obama administration or illegal leaks subject to prosecution.

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'Another Leak of Sensitive Intelligence Information'

12:31 PM, Aug 02, 2012

A memo released from the Republican Policy Committee in the U.S.

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What Does Axelrod Know?

11:50 AM, Jul 28, 2012

Patrick Caddell, writing at Breitbart.com, asks, "White House Leaks: What Does Axelrod Know, And How Does He Know It?"

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Intel Chair Urges White House to Cooperate on Leaks Investigation

6:43 AM, Jul 27, 2012

Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has released a statment urging the Obama White House to cooperate with authorities on the national security leaks investigation. 

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Admiral on Leaks: 'Sooner or Later It’s Going to Cost People Their Lives'

1:22 PM, Jul 26, 2012

Admiral William McRaven, commander of special operations, warned of the dangers of high-level national security leaks in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer: 

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Axelrod Doesn't Deny National Security Leaks Came from White House

8:34 AM, Jul 25, 2012

President Obama's top political adviser, David Axelrod, came under heavy fire this morning on MSNBC this morning about high-level national security allegedly coming from the White House: 

Axelrod at first dances around the issue, claiming that others do not believe that the leaks are coming from the White House (which is not the same as saying, with absolute certainty, that the leaks did not come from individuals in the White House). 

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Romney to Hit Obama for National Security Leaks: 'Contemptible ... Betrays Our National Interest'

8:23 AM, Jul 24, 2012

Mitt Romney will hit President Obama for high-level national security leaks coming from the White House, according to excerpts of the speech the Republican presidential candidate will deliver later today at the VFW in Reno, Nevada. Romney will call the leaks "contemptible" and a betrayal of "our national interest."

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Feinstein Accuses Obama's White House of National Security Leaks (Updated: Backtracks)

8:03 AM, Jul 24, 2012

Senator Dianne Feinstein, a top Democratic from California, accused the Obama White House of leaking national security information at a recent event in Washington, D.C. Here's video of Feinstein's accusation:

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House Intel Chair Unloads on Obama Leaks: 'Probably the Most Damaging' in History

"Somebody’s going to lose their life."
12:58 PM, Jul 02, 2012

The House Intelligence Committee chair, Congressman Mike Rogers, unloaded on the Obama administration for what he calls "probably the most damaging" national security leaks in history, the National Journal reports

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Leon Panetta, Leaker?

12:19 PM, Jun 19, 2012

The recent congressional ire over the Obama administration's suspiciously convenient national security leaks reminded me of an unusual bit of political trivia: Defense Secretary -- and prior to that, CIA head -- Leon Panetta is the prime suspect in one of the most notorious political leaks of all time.

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Senators Introduce Resolution Calling for Independent Special Counsel to Investigate Leaks

11:00 AM, Jun 12, 2012

A sizable group of Republican senators have introduced a resolution in the Senate calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint an independent special counsel to investigate high-level national security leaks to the media.

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Fox News Sunday Panel on National Security Leaks and 2012

2:21 PM, Jun 11, 2012

Bill Kristol, with Charles Lane, Liz Cheney, and Mara Liasson, yesterday on Fox News: 

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Obama Campaign Surrogate: 'We've Had Better Weeks'

The words of Democratic governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland.
10:32 AM, Jun 10, 2012

A surrogate for President Obama's reelection campaign sheepishly admitted on CBS's Face the Nation that "We've had better weeks."

The response came after a declarative statement made by host Bob Schieffer. "This was not a good week, though, for the president," Schieffer said. 

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Senators to President: Appoint 'Outside Special Counsel' to Investigate Leaks

8:46 AM, Jun 09, 2012

Yesterday evening, it was announced that Attorney General Eric Holder appointed two prosecutors to investigate alleged national security leaks to the media from the White House. But now two leading Senate Republicans are urging President Obama to appoint independent "outside special counsel" to investigate leaks, instead.

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Republicans on Leaks: Either President or Times Is Wrong

Both cannot be correct.
1:46 PM, Jun 08, 2012

President Obama at a press conference this morning insisted that high-level national security leaks are not coming from the White House. "The notion that my White House would purposefully release classified information is offensive," President Obama said. 

But a Republican memo from the Senate Republican Policy Committee maintains that either the president or the New York Times is wrong.

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Presidential Leaks

11:15 AM, Jun 08, 2012

The story of the Stuxnet and Flame cyber exploits is so compelling that you almost don't care where it came from or if it represents a serious breach of national security. Almost. You can read David Sanger in the Times and Jonathan Last, here at THE WEEKLY STANDARDand you crave more. Including Mr. Sanger's just-published book, Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American PowerThe seductive power of this story resembles that of Enigma and Ultra and the codebreakers at Bletchly during the Second World War. And therein, of course, lies a problem.

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Texas Senator Targets Obama Admin. Leaks

7:32 AM, Jun 07, 2012

Texas senator John Cornyn is targeting classified leaks being released by the Obama administration. "The leaks appear to have formed the basis of two New York Times reports about the White House’s role in classified national security efforts, one detailing the use of cyber warfare against Iran, and the other the use of drones to hunt and kill suspected terrorists," Cornyn's office says.

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Plug the Hole

8:02 AM, Jun 02, 2012

Senators Dan Coats, Richard Burr, and Marco Rubio urge the Obama administration to stop leaking sensitive intelligence information to the press: 

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