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What Next for the Left?

The progressives go from bad to worse
Feb 08, 2016

A strange period has now passed into history. Captivated by a presidential campaign in 2008, Americans by the millions came to believe that a new leader would be able to produce more than a transformed society and an era of world peace. Politics could be extended beyond its ordinary boundaries and bring about a spiritual renewal. This exhilarating prospect fed on its own spiraling expectations, surprising even its original purveyors.

Faith in this political religion eventually dissipated. Four years into the experience, many ceased to believe. Today most have forgotten. Politics has retreated to its more usual limits, focusing on the harder core of ideology.

Modern progressivism has driven much of American politics for the

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The Cocked Fist Culture

Crossing the microaggressions minefield
Oct 05, 2015

Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you offended? I know I haven’t said anything yet, but it’s never too early to be aggrieved. Studies I’ve invented, since we’re all entitled to our own facts these days, show that 4 out of 10 Americans are offended by something at all times. Ten out of 10, if they’re taking a course containing the word “intersectional” at Swarthmore. 

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Kerry: Nations Prosper When 'Citizens Have Faith in Their Governments'

6:14 AM, Apr 22, 2015

Speaking Tuesday at the 45th Annual Washington Conference of the Council of the Americas, Secretary of State John Kerry said that "countries are far more likely to advance economically and socially when citizens have faith in their governments and are able to rely on them for justice and equal treatment under the law." Kerry said that a "new kind of relationship" with Latin American countries, emphasizing democracy and human rights, will contribute to "our common ag

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The Closing of the Campus Mind

Schools of social work are silencing conservatives.
Apr 06, 2015

"I can’t have you participate in class anymore.”

I was on my way out of class when my social welfare and policy professor casually called me over to tell me this. The friendliness of her tone did not match her words, and I attempted a shocked, confused apology. It was my first semester at the Hunter College School of Social Work, and I was as yet unfamiliar with the consistent, underlying threat that characterized much of the school’s policy and atmosphere. This professor was simply more open and direct than most.

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Don't Cry (Too Much) for The New Republic

A magazine of ideas without ideas.
5:20 PM, Dec 10, 2014

If Chris Hughes knew anything about journalism, he’d throw a big party in New York and another in Washington and the media wags now heaping abuse on him would be hailing him as the last of the Medicis. But the 31-year-old owner and editor in chief of the New Republic doesn’t know a damn thing about journalism, which is why scores of hungry and thirsty journalists won’t shut up.

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The Liberalism Sham

10:06 AM, Dec 05, 2014

Matthew Continetti writes about the hoax of liberalism at the Washington Free Beacon:

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French Undressing

Where PC meets overweening government power, a terrible politics is born
Mar 24, 2014


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Detroit, Mon Amour

Remember the liberal war on the automobile?
Feb 24, 2014

Seems like this is the season for showing the American automobile some love. Also, the town that the automobile built—Detroit, aka the Motor City, where packs of feral dogs now roam the streets and den up in vacant lots between the abandoned buildings. Detroit, these days, seems far more deserving of pity than celebration.

Still, Vice President Joe Biden showed up for the annual Detroit auto show in January and delivered the usual talking points. American manufacturing is back. “We bet on American ingenuity, we bet on you, and we won.”

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Kristol Podcast: 2013 and the Discrediting of Liberalism

Hosted by Michael Graham.
4:35 PM, Dec 31, 2013

The WEEKLY STANDARD podcast, with editor William Kristol with a look back at 2013 and how President Obama's liberalism fared this year.

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The Silence of the Liberals

Obamacare is inimical to their values, too
Dec 23, 2013

Obamacare may or may not survive its inauspicious beginnings. It has become dangerously unpopular and accident-prone and faces a minefield of difficulties. Still, the Obama administration has a plausible strategy: to titrate the program’s numerous taxes, subsidies, mandates, and restrictions so as to forestall immediate legislative or electoral reversal, thereby entrenching its basic structure for tightening as future circumstances permit.

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Be Thankful for . . . Obamacare!

8:15 AM, Nov 28, 2013

On the one hand, this is a pretty dour Thanksgiving. Iran has just won an enormous diplomatic victory, which not only sets them on the road to nuclear weapons but makes the fecklessness of the Western powers clear to the world. Harry Reid's decision to destroy the filibuster signals an escalation in the ugliness of American politics. And let's not forget that we're still mired in a recovery that's looking more like the new normal with each passing week. Humbug.

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A Debacle for Liberalism

Nov 11, 2013

The president’s signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act, is in serious trouble. As a result, so is modern liberalism. The problems with Obamacare are increasingly obvious, beginning with the administration unilaterally delaying the employer mandate. But that turned out to be merely one link in a long and troublesome chain.

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Tempering the Conservative Outrage at Michigan State

10:13 AM, Sep 12, 2013

Hardly an academic semester goes by without a high-profile opportunity arising for the right to address pervasive, perennial anti-conservative animus on the American college campus. And hardly an academic semester goes by without the right, reflexively blinded by righteous indignation, blowing an opportunity to do so. 

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Does Harvard Hate Humanities?

No, but it doesn’t understand them.
Jul 08, 2013

Study of the humanities has never been more important to the welfare of the nation. Information whizzes by at breakneck speed. The contest between conservative and progressive visions of government’s scope and aim in a free society implicates rival understandings of human nature. The ways of life of people in far-off lands have direct impact on our prosperity and security.

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The Big Chill

An Obama administration ‘blueprint’ targets free expression on campuses.
Jun 10, 2013

It's a well-known fact that on most college campuses, supposedly havens of academic freedom, you really have to watch what you say.

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Bound for Pulp

Alas, the Woody Guthrie industry unearths a novel.
Apr 15, 2013

To many in our cultural elite, Woody Guthrie is an American saint. The legendary songwriter from Okfuskee County, Oklahoma, is introduced to every American child by way of his folk anthem “This Land Is Your Land.” But for gatekeepers of the arts, Guthrie is much more: All of his work—every song, every article, every poem—is good and honest and true, the gospel according to Woody. What other justification is there for the release of this deservedly long-lost novel?

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Forbidden City

The left-wing stranglehold on academia.
Mar 25, 2013

Neil Gross is a sociologist at the University of British Columbia who previously held posts at the University of Southern California and Harvard, has a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin, and received undergraduate training at Berkeley. He edits Sociological Theory and has written a book on the liberal philosopher Richard Rorty. 

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Left’s Turn

Who are the liberals, and what do they believe?
Nov 26, 2012



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Big Bird Is Big Business

PBS’s well-feathered nest.
Oct 22, 2012

The mini-storm over Mitt Romney, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Big Bird pitted two visions of the show’s finances against one another. Mitt Romney claimed he’d cut funding so that Sesame Street would have to air commercials. Big Bird defenders imagined a world in which a lack of federal money would put Big Bird out of business.

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Sesame Street Liberalism

9:24 AM, Oct 09, 2012

In a new television ad, the Obama campaign mocks Mitt Romney’s promise to end the federal subsidy to PBS:

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Obama: Follow the Example of the Military?

1:25 AM, Jan 25, 2012

Does liberalism embody the military virtues? Is martial virtue the highest stage of progressivism?

President Obama wants us to think so.

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Bittersoft Liberalism

Oct 10, 2011

Life is, undoubtedly, bittersweet. But not America. According to President Obama, America is bittersoft.

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Time for an Elizabeth Warren Reality Check

11:00 AM, Sep 22, 2011

I don't think I could possibly overstate how excited liberal 'netroots' are about this clip of Harvard Professor and Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren that's making the rounds. I know Warren has a long history of being fawned over by liberals, but read the comments section at any one of those links above and you'll find liberals that make Justin Bieber fans sound like Statler and Waldorf.

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The Incredible Shrinking Obama

Apr 25, 2011

Barack Obama’s budget address last week ranks among the most dishonest and dishonorable presidential speeches in generations. It contained an avalanche of false and misleading statements. It was shallow and bitterly partisan. Yet the speech served a useful purpose: It provided the American people in general, and Republicans in particular, with the basic line of attack President Obama will use between now and the 2012 election.

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