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Kristol's Conversation in Jerusalem

1:24 PM, Jan 09, 2015

The Tikvah Fund recorded a conversation the boss had last month in Jerusalem, about his life in politics, with Ran Baratz:

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Biden: 'I Like Kids Better than People'

2:54 PM, Jan 06, 2015

While swearing in senators today in the Capitol, Vice President Joe Biden declared, "I like kids better than people."

Earlier, the vice president said, "I may be Irish, but I'm not stupid."

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Huckabee: 'Don't Make Me Come' to Washington

'Patience of Job, the strength of Samson, the courage of David, the perseverance of Noah, the intellect of Paul, the wisdom of Solomon, and the forgiveness of Jesus '
8:25 PM, Jan 03, 2015

Mike Huckabee kicked off his final show on Fox News with a lesson on governing -- and a warning:

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Harry Reid: 'We Never Recovered from the Rollout' of Obamacare

7:01 AM, Dec 10, 2014

There's more Obamacare bashing from the political left today. This time it's from outgoing Senate majority leader Harry Reid. 

As he tells a New York Times reporter:

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Conviction Politician

Out of prison, with a new wife and infant son, Edwin Edwards, 86, hits the campaign trail again.
10:29 AM, Dec 07, 2014

Editor's note: "[F]our-time former governor and ex-convict Edwin Edwards -- a Louisiana icon, both beloved and reviled -- has lost his first, and likely last, political race at the ballot box," the Times-Picayune reports. We're reprinting this article on Edwards's attempted comeback, which originally appeared in the issue dated July 28, 2014, below.

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'This Week' Panel on Ferguson, Politics, and 2016 Elections

3:48 PM, Nov 30, 2014

Bill Kristol, with Cokie Roberts, Donna Brazile, and Jelani Cobb, this morning on ABC's This Week:

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Jeff Bell's Closing Argument

6:00 PM, Nov 03, 2014

Whether or not Jeff Bell comes from behind to win the New Jersey Senate race, he deserves credit for having run a classy, ideas-focused race. That's epitomized by his "closing argument," reproduced below. If a majority of New Jersey voters actually read this email, I do think Bell would win. The media complain a lot about the low quality of campaigns these days—but when an underdog candidate runs a high-quality campaign, they don’t bother covering it. It would be good if some of them acknowledged Bell's attempt to elevate the political discourse.

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Al Gore: Election 'Monumentally Important' for 'Solving the Climate Crisis'

12:01 PM, Nov 01, 2014

This election might determine whether the "climate crisis" is solved, former Vice President Al Gore claims. The former politician makes the statement in a fundraising email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"Here's what I believe," writes Gore.

"There is nothing more pressing in our time than confronting and solving the climate crisis.

"We have no time to spare. We must act now. Luckily, we have all the tools we need to solve this challenge. All we need is political will -- but political will is a renewable resource!

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Harry Reid's 'Begging'

7:05 AM, Oct 31, 2014

Harry Reid is now "begging" for support. He made the comment in an email to supporters of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The subject for the email from Reid, the Senate majority leader, reads: "I'm begging." Which is no wonder considering his job is at stake -- if Democrats lose the Senate, Reid will no longer hold his current leadership position.

"Daniel -- I’ve been emailing a TON," Reid writes.

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White House: States’ Rights Trump CDC

2:02 PM, Oct 28, 2014

The Obama administration is suddenly a champion of states' rights when it comes to the Ebola quarantine controversy.

From Politico:

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Feinstein: 'Flattered' Michelle Obama Might Be Considering Run for My Senate Seat

9:01 AM, Oct 26, 2014

California senator Dianne Feinstein told CNN this morning that she'd be "flattered" if Michelle Obama is considering a run for her Senate in 2018:

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Cost Podcast: The State of the Polls Two Weeks Out

Hosted by Michael Graham.
6:35 PM, Oct 21, 2014

The WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with staff writer Jay Cost on the state of the polls, two weeks out from the midterm elections.

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‘Our Nige,’ The New Happy Warrior

8:21 AM, Oct 21, 2014

Eighteen months ago Britain’s Nigel Farage was a political curiosity, head of a fringe party, gadfly member of the European Parliament, an ex-commodities broker who never went to college—dismissed as a nutcase by ruling elites in London and Brussels. Today he’s being touted as a future prime minister.

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Nothing’s the Matter with Kansas

But Washington’s a different story.
Oct 06, 2014

Tarkio, Mo.
What’s the matter with Kansas? It’s a decade since Thomas Frank launched a thousand headlines with his book of that title, itself a reference to a famous 1896 essay by Kansas journalist William Allen White. Frank’s thesis was simple: Kansans, and by extension the rest of the red states, vote against their economic interests. Or as he puts it in the first page of his book: “People getting their fundamental interests wrong is what American political life is all about.”

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Getting Better?

11:12 AM, Oct 02, 2014

Carol E. Lee of the Wall Street Journal reports that the president will be turning his attention back (“pivoting,” it is called) to the economy in an effort to get Democrats elected next month.

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WH Defiant on Fundraising Weekend: Obama Has Responsibility to Help Candidates

12:29 PM, Aug 29, 2014

President Obama is spending today attending three fundraiser (two in New York and one in Rhode Island). And the White House doesn't seem to care what others might think of the president's use of time. 

For example, this exchange with Ed Henry and spokesman Josh Earnest from today's White House press briefing:

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Those Who Can’t Do …

2:37 PM, Aug 27, 2014

Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm is lined up, as Derek Draplin of the College Fix reports, to teach:

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Obama's Problem Is Iraq Policy, Not Vacation

7:01 AM, Aug 25, 2014

On Sunday, the boss joined George Stephanopolous, David Plouffe, Peggy Noonan, and Donna Edwards on ABC's This Week to talk about Iraq, Ferguson, Rick Perry's indictment, and a potential 2016 run from former Democratic senator Jim Webb. Stephanopolous referred to a recent WEEKLY STANDARD blog post on President Barack Obama's response to ISIS's brutal murder of American James Foley, titled "Appalling."

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Activist Encourages Defacement of Cover of Paul Ryan's Book

7:53 AM, Aug 19, 2014

Erica Payne, founder and president of the left-wing Agenda Project, is encouraging people to deface the cover of Paul Ryan's new book, which is hitting shelves today.

"Hi Daniel," Payne writes in an email. "Just a heads up, Paul Ryan's new book comes out today and his publisher is furious! It turns out that they accidentally shipped it with the wrong cover, and they need your help to make things right.

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Bidens in Hamptons to Begin Third Vacation in Month

9:01 AM, Aug 12, 2014

The Bidens are arriving today in the Hamptons to start their third vacation in a month. 

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Bring Back Earmarks? Not So Fast

1:21 PM, Aug 06, 2014

Writing at the New York Times, Thomas Edsall makes a provocative and counterintuitive argument about earmarks:

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ABC 'This Week' Panel on Impeachment

7:17 AM, Aug 04, 2014

Bill Kristol, with Joaquin Castro, David Remnick, and Greta Van Susteren, yesterday on ABC News:

ABC News | More ABC News Videos


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Who Gets to Draw the Lines?

An electoral blind spot for conservatives.
Jul 28, 2014

It looks like Florida legislators are heading back to the drawing board—literally. On July 10, Tallahassee circuit court judge Terry Lewis ruled that the GOP-run legislature violated the state constitution by redrawing two congressional districts “with the intention of obtaining enacted maps .  .  . that would favor the Republican party.” The state won’t be appealing the decision, and, following the 2014 midterm elections, the legislature will have to approve a new map.

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The Clintons v. Halper, Round One

6:32 AM, Jul 14, 2014

In a new report on a bizarre email sent to dozens of reporters over the weekend, the Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove explores "The Strange Leak of the New Expose 'Clinton, Inc.'"

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'Do We Need Another Reagan?'

7:36 AM, Jul 10, 2014

A lively panel and discussion on Ronald Reagan and today's conservatism, held yesterday at the Heritage Foundation with remarks from the boss, Jonah Goldberg, and Jim Antle:

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Hillary Defends Dynasty: 'We Had Two Roosevelts. We Had Two Adams.'

8:01 AM, Jul 08, 2014

Hillary Clinton has an answer to the question of whether America will turn into a monarchy if she -- another Clinton -- is elected president of the United States. "We had two Roosevelts. We had two Adams," she tells the German magazine Der Spiegel.

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Valerie Jarrett Won't Rule Out Run for Office

And won't endorse Hillary.
2:46 PM, Jun 29, 2014

President Obama's closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett says there's no way, no how Michelle Obama runs for political office. But will Jarrett? The aide is leaving that possibility open.

"I want to talk to you about the future," said the NBC reporter interviewing Jarrett. "Is Michelle Obama going to run for office?"

"No," Jarrett said resolutely.

"You said that very definitively," the reporter countered.

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The New Political Class

7:35 AM, Jun 25, 2014

The problem America faces is not that government is dysfunctional—an election might fix that. It is that America is now governed by a New Political Class, divorced from the concerns of all save its richest constituents. The Class is bipartisan, with members of both parties strolling arm-in-arm into a future in which the privileges the Class has quietly arrogated to itself remain intact regardless of the results of any election.

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Texas GOP Candidate Now Accepting Bitcoin

10:25 AM, Jun 23, 2014

Greg Abbott, the Republican candidate for governor in Texas, is now accepting the digital currency Bitcoin. He's just now released this ad, letting supporters know:

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Harry Reid: Democrats Do Not 'Have Any Billionaires'

11:37 AM, Jun 19, 2014

Senate majority leader Harry Reid claims that one side--the Democrats--doesn't "have any" billionaire backers:

"The decisions by the Supreme Court have left the American people with the status quo in which one side's billionaires are pitted against the other side's billionaires," he said this morning on the Senate floor. "Except one side doesn't have any billionaires."

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