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C'est Chick

Matt Labash loves him some hatechicken
Aug 13, 2012

Last week, at the beach with my family, I deliberately ignored all newspapers. Not for the reason most people do—because print is dead. But because whenever I’m surrounded by salt -water, steamed crabs, and even mediocre fishing, I tend to hold that true happiness is having no idea what chronically bothered people are talking about.

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Syrian Army 'Gathering Confidence'

10:49 AM, Mar 14, 2012

Working to suppress the protesters in Syria, the army there, the New York Times reports, is "gathering confidence":

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Louisiana Teachers Cancel Class to Protest Education Reform Bill

3:08 PM, Mar 13, 2012

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is moving ahead with education reform--but it isn't without controversy.

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White House Draws Equivalence Between Syrian Opposition and Regime

12:19 PM, Dec 21, 2011

This morning, the White House released a statement regarding further atrocities committed by the Syrian regime.

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Occupy's Cost: $13 Million

10:48 AM, Nov 23, 2011

The Associated Press crunches the numbers and finds that Occupy protests have "cost local taxpayers at least $13 million." 

During the first two months of the nationwide Occupy protests, the movement that is demanding more out of the wealthiest Americans cost local taxpayers at least $13 million in police overtime and other municipal services, according to a survey by The Associated Press.

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Protests Rock Kuwait

10:33 AM, Nov 17, 2011

Opposition forces stormed the parliament yesterday after marching on the house of the prime minister, Sheikh Nasser Mohammad al-Ahmed al-Sabah, to demand he resign.

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'In a Few Days You’re Going to See What a Molotov Cocktail Can Do to Macy’s'

11:12 AM, Nov 16, 2011

In a graphic video posted on CBS's website, an Occupy Wall Street protester threatens violence: “No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

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Harvard Undergrads Protest Economics Class

2:03 PM, Nov 03, 2011

Earlier this week, a group of Harvard undergraduates aligned with Occupy Wall Street protesters made a statement yesterday by staging a “walkout” of an introductory economics course taught by conservative professor Greg Mankiw. Mankiw, who chaired the Council of Economic Advisers for President George W. Bush, says in a phone interview that about 5 to 10 percent of the 700-person lecture class (Harvard’s largest) walked out “very politely” just after noon on Wednesday.

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Will Democrats Condemn Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street?

12:00 PM, Oct 13, 2011

A new Emergency Committee for Israel ad asks Democratic leaders who have embraced Occupy Wall Street to condemn the anti-Semitism elements of the protest. "Why are our leaders turning a blind eye to anti-Semitic, anti-Israel attacks?" the ad asks. "Tell president Obama and Leader Pelosi to stand up to the mob. Hate is not an American value."

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Unions, Progressives Rally for Spending

3:34 PM, Oct 06, 2011

“What do we want?” “Jobs!” “When do we want them?” “Now!”

The couple hundred participants at Wednesday’s Rebuild the Dream rally on the southwest lawn of the U.S. Capitol raise their fists defiantly as they shout. Some hold blue, pre-made signs bearing the phrase, “Jobs, Not Cuts,” and the letter “A,” the logo for Rebuild the Dream, the organization led by former Obama administration green jobs czar Van Jones.

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The Ugly Reality of Union Protests

1:33 PM, Aug 29, 2011

The MacIver Insitute in Wisconsin put together this video about a union protest of a school in Wisconsin where Governor Scott Walker recently made an appearence. The building was vandalized, and the head of the exemplary school understandably worries about what example this protest sets for the children that attend the school:

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Cash for Syrians to Protest Israel

10:02 AM, Jun 06, 2011

For the last several months, Syrians have been loudly protesting their own government. The regime, led by strongman Bashar al-Assad, has responded by killing its own citizens, including women and children, and shutting off channels of communication that the protesters have been utilizing (such as the Internet). According to the Boston Globe, "the continuing crackdown that has killed more than 1,000 people, with hundreds more rounded up in mass arrests."

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Unrest in Syria as Protesters Burn Pictures of Hezbollah's Nasrallah

9:41 AM, May 27, 2011

Last Friday, protesters in Syria burned Russian and Iranian flags as they took to the streets to speak out against the regime. Today's Friday, so protesters again took to the streets.  This time, some were spotted burning pictures of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

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What I Saw at the Revolution

With a Libyan conservative in free Benghazi
May 23, 2011


"How are they going to get all these guns off the street?”

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At Least 26 Murdered in Syria

1:03 PM, May 20, 2011

The New York Times reports that Bashar al-Assad continues to murder Syrians who are protesting his regime:

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Syrians Continue to Protest Assad Regime After Mass Grave Discovered

10:51 AM, May 17, 2011

Bloomberg reports that the Syrians are continuing to protest today against the Assad regime. According to the news report, this comes after "the discovery of a mass grave containing the bodies of anti-government activists." Bloomberg reports:

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Israel’s Not Protecting Assad—Obama Is

2:00 PM, May 13, 2011

It’s Friday, so Syrians are out in the streets again protesting, as they have been on every Friday now for almost two months, braving the atrocities of a regime that has surrounded several Syrian cities with tanks and allegedly fired on its citizens with artillery.

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The Cost of Egypt’s Revolution?

2:19 PM, May 11, 2011

Three months after the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, the new Egypt is still sorting itself out—and perhaps will be for some time to come.

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Assad's Cousin: Syria Will 'Fight Until the End'

9:49 AM, May 10, 2011

The Syrian regime is pledging to fight until the end, as protesters continue to take to the streets across the Arab nation. "We will sit here," a cousin of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad said, according to the New York Times. "We call it a fight until the end."

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A Spreading Revolt in Syria

Is Assad losing his grip?
Apr 25, 2011

With the popular uprising in Syria completing its first month, protests against Bashar al-Assad’s regime have spread to encompass most Syrian regions and cities, including now the capital, Damascus. On Friday, April 15, crowds from surrounding suburbs swarmed the city, heading downtown to Abbasiyyin Square where the police fired on protesters and closed all roads and entrances leading toward the square. 

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Syria Ends 48-Year-Old 'Emergency' Rule Law, Kills More Protesters

1:47 PM, Apr 19, 2011

In a move supposedly meant to placate protesters, Syria has abolished its 48-year-old ‘emergency’ rule law. But this isn’t a sign that the regime is totally giving in. (It seems instead that the regime just wants the world to think that it’s meeting the demands of the protesters, without actually reforming.) For the last few days and even longer so-called security forces have been firing upon peaceful protesters. In the city of Homs alone, 14 protesters were killed on Sunday (more have been killed since).

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Syrian Sit-In

4:24 PM, Apr 18, 2011

Syrians Gather for Weekly Protest

10:47 AM, Apr 15, 2011

Protesters in Syria are out on the streets again today, despite the severity of the force they were met with in last week's protests. The New York Times reports:

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Hosni Mubarak, and Sons, Detained in Egypt

9:38 AM, Apr 13, 2011

Former Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak has reportedly been placed under detention in his hospital room in Sharm el-Sheikh. Mubarak has been there since last night, when he is thought to have had a heart attack. The AP reports:

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Assad State of Affairs

Will Syria’s dictator be the next to fall?
Apr 11, 2011


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Two Killed In Cairo After Night of Protests

6:00 PM, Apr 09, 2011

The Washington Post reports that Egyptian military forces broke up protests early this morning in Cairo's Tahrir Square. At least two civilians were killed and another 15 were seriously wounded. The protests followed a day of peaceful demonstrations, which continued after the 2 a.m. curfew and into the early morning:

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More Protests in Syria

9:06 AM, Apr 08, 2011

Al Jazeera reports


Protests have erupted in cities across Syria, despite a series of concessions by Bashar al-Assad, the president, including sacking the cabinet and firing two governors.

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Bahrain Falls Mainly on the Shia

A battle royal in Manama.
Apr 04, 2011

Manama, Bahrain

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