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A Glimpse of Our Health Care Future

The pen is mightier than the Freud.
Jul 28, 2014

To what will Obamacare lead? If the administration’s health policies continue on their present trajectory, Obamacare will lead to some form of European-style single-payer national health system.

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New York City to Start Rationing Gas Tomorrow

3:53 PM, Nov 08, 2012

New York City will start rationing gas tomorrow. Here's the announcement, from mayor's Twitter feed:

Mayor: The best way to help customers buy gas faster is to alternate the days that drivers can purchase gas.

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Expert: IPAB 'Absolutely Will' Lead to Rationing

4:37 PM, Mar 06, 2012

At a hearing today on Capitol Hill, Illinois congressman Peter Roskam had this question for Scott Gottlieb, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute: “Under IPAB, will healthcare providers ability to provide care to patients be affected by reimbursements being cut for particular services?” IPAB (the Independent Payment Advisory Board) is the fifteen-member board created by Obamacare to determine Medicare payments.

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Obama Nominee for Social Security Board Favors Rationing Health Care

4:17 PM, Nov 15, 2011

Is it just a coincidence that the people that President Obama nominates to fill high-level governmental posts tend to favor government-directed health care rationing?  Last year, Obama nominated Donald Berwick to head Medicare and Medicaid. Now he’s nominated Henry J. Aaron to head the Social Security Advisory Board.

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The Real Mediscare

Obama’s rationing is the thing to worry about.
May 09, 2011

Since the introduction of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, backed by the House GOP, Democrats have been heavily engaged in “Mediscare” tactics. “Put simply, it ends Medicare as we know it,” said President Obama, attacking Ryan’s plan. 

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Rising Health Costs, and How to Lower Them Without Rationing Care

10:00 AM, Mar 20, 2011

Ever wonder why health costs have risen so fast? Jim Capretta offered a thorough and informative answer to that question during recent congressional testimony before the House Budget Committee. Here’s the short answer: Federal programs and tax policy have created a situation where — whether their health care is covered through employer-provided insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid — most people have little incentive or opportunity to shop for value, to pursue the highest-quality care at the lowest-possible prices.

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Democrats Abandon Donald Berwick's Nomination to Top Medicare and Medicaid Post

2:15 PM, Mar 05, 2011

According to Politico, President Obama will be forced to abandon his controversial nomination of Donald Berwick as the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Politico reports that “Senate Democrats have given up on confirming Don Berwick as CMS administrator in the wake of a letter from 42 Republican senators opposing the nomination,” as “there's no way for Berwick to get the 60 votes needed to clear the Senate.”

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