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The Email Saga

The more you know about the State Department, the worse Hillary's actions look.
Feb 15, 2016

For alumni of U.S. national-security departments and agencies, Hillary Clinton’s email saga is mind-numbing. The publicly available information makes clear she and her aides violated so many elementary security prohibitions that alumni are speechless. They wonder, had they done what she did, how quickly they would have lost their clearances and jobs and how extensive the criminal indictments against them would be.

By contrast, many who have never served in government or dealt with classified information see the affair as opaque, even overblown. Certainly Clinton has worked hard to foster that impression.

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Bernie: Clinton Emails 'A Very Serious Issue'

6:09 PM, Jan 31, 2016

Bernie Sanders is now calling Hillary Clinton's email scandal "a very serious issue."

This is a change from what Sanders said in an October Democratic debate: "the American people are sick and tired" of hearing about her "damn emails."

On Sunday, Sanders said this:

"I think there is a legal process, right now, taking place, and what I have said—you know, and I get criticized, you know. 'Bernie, why don't you attack Hillary Clinton?' There is a legal process taking place. I do not want to politicize that issue. It is not my style.

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