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Report: Obama Picks Ashton Carter to Be Next Defense Secretary

9:34 AM, Dec 02, 2014

CNN reports that Ashton Carter will be President Obama's pick to be the next defense secretary:

Ashton Carter, the former second-in-command at the Pentagon appears to be the top choice to replace outgoing Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Barring any last minute complications, Ash Carter will be President Barack Obama's choice as the new Secretary of Defense, several U.S. administration officials told CNN.

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In Speech on Bipartisan Cooperation, Treasury Secretary Cites Obamacare Vote

6:45 AM, May 19, 2014

President Obama has painted a bleak portrait of cooperation in Washington in several recent speeches, charging that Republicans say "no to every proposal that we know could make a difference in the lives of hardworking Americans," and 

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For Sequester, Kerry, Worth $198.65 Million, to Give $9,175 to Charity

1:49 PM, Apr 04, 2013

John Kerry, who is worth an estimated $198.65 million, will donate $9,175 because of the so-called sequestration. 

"A day after Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said they'd return 5 percent of their paycheck to the Treasury, Secretary of State John Kerry followed in somewhat similar fashion," the Huffington Post reports.

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Chuck Hagel: ‘He's Jewish’

4:09 PM, Feb 10, 2013

The newly discovered 2008 video of Chuck Hagel has drawn attention, as it should, for his comments dismissing the U.S. even “thinking” about acting militarily against Iran, and for his seeming to be more concerned about Israel's nuclear weapons than Iran's.

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Dem. Senator: Hagel Is 'Not Who I Would Prefer to See as Secretary of Defense'

9:43 AM, Jan 08, 2013

Senator Ben Cardin today again said he had questions for Chuck Hagel, who has been nominated as secretary of defense:

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Krugman Passes on Treasury Secretary Job; Wasn't Offered It Anyway

9:16 AM, Jan 07, 2013

In a blog post on the New York Times website, columnist Paul Krugman says no to serving as treasury secretary. Which is clarifying, even though he was never offered the job anyway.

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Cruz: 'It Is Hard to Imagine the Circumstance I Could Support the Nomination' of Hagel

10:45 AM, Jan 06, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz took a strong stand against Chuck Hagel on Fox News Sunday this morning:

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Hagel, an Eccentric Choice to Run Defense

2:20 PM, Jan 04, 2013

The idea of former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska succeeding Leon Panetta at the Pentagon is, as the fictional king of Siam once put it, a puzzlement. Friends of Israel are up in arms at the prospect, but Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times thinks he's just the sort of contrarian element the Obama White House requires. Meanwhile, former Rep. Barney Frank still resents Hagel's bigoted opposition to a gay diplomatic appointee. So the fight is on.

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SPECIAL EDITORIAL: There’s No Case for Hagel

10:20 AM, Jan 04, 2013

In the three weeks since Chuck Hagel’s name emerged as President Barack Obama’s likely choice as the next secretary of defense, there's been a lively, if lopsided, debate about his qualifications for the job. The debate’s been lopsided because the arguments for Hagel have been so startlingly weak.

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Tom Friedman: ‘Hagel Is Out of the Mainstream’

6:30 AM, Dec 26, 2012

In an odd column in Wednesday's New York TimesTom Friedman praises Chuck Hagel. Friedman doesn't actually praise anything Hagel has ever said or done. He never quotes Hagel nor cites any of Hagel's votes. Indeed, Friedman acknowledges Hagel is "out of the mainstream" on national security issues ranging from Iran to Hamas to the Pentagon budget.

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Tom Cotton: Hagel Is the Wrong Man for the Job

11:19 AM, Dec 24, 2012

Tom Cotton, the war veteran and congressman elect from Arkansas's Fourth Congressional District, explained on Fox News that Chuck Hagel is the wrong man for the defense secretary job:

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Andrea Mitchell: 'Serious Problems' with Hagel Nomination

11:13 AM, Dec 23, 2012

Andrea Mitchell said on NBC this morning that there are "serious problems" with Chuck Hagel, who is rumored to be nominated as secretary of defense:


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Cotton: Pass on Hagel

7:31 AM, Dec 21, 2012

Tom Cotton, the congressman-elect from Arkansas's Fourth Congressional District, writes in today's Wall Street Journal that President Barack Obamam should not pick Chuck Hagel to be the next secretary of defense:

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Iranian State Press Praises Likely Obama Defense Nominee as 'Anti-Israel'

7:43 AM, Dec 17, 2012

Iranian state press, Press TV, is praising President Barack Obama's likely defense nominee as "anti-Israel," according to a piece published on the propaganda outlet's website. The piece is titled, "Obama expected to nominate anti-Israel Hagel as secretary of defense."

The piece begins, "US President Barack Obama is expected to nominate former Senator Chuck Hagel, an outspoken critic of Israel, as the next Pentagon chief."

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‘Introduction to the Reading of Hagel’

4:45 PM, Dec 14, 2012

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained a fact sheet circulating widely on Capitol Hill. It details the record on a number of issues of former GOP senator Chuck Hagel, a leading candidate to be nominated by President Obama as the next secretary of defense:

Introduction to the Reading of Hagel

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Senate Aide: 'Send Us Hagel and We Will Make Sure Every American Knows He Is an Anti-Semite'

6:41 PM, Dec 13, 2012

In response to reports that Barack Obama is likely to choose Chuck Hagel to be the next secretary of defense, a top Republican Senate aide emails, "Send us Hagel and we will make sure every American knows he is an anti-Semite."

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Was Obama in Charge—or Not?

2:55 PM, Oct 28, 2012

Much has been made of President Obama’s considerable use of the pronoun “I” on the night he announced to the nation the killing of Osama bin Laden.

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Top 0.1 Percent Pays More Income Tax than Bottom 80 Percent

8:27 AM, Sep 21, 2011

In his recently released deficit plan, President Obama lays out the “Buffett Rule” (named, of course, for Warren Buffett, the famous investor and supporter of Obama). The rule, as Obama defines it, is “that people making more than $1 million a year should not pay a smaller share of their income in taxes than middle-class families pay.”

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Stop Talking About Buffett's Secretary, Already

Yes, the rich do pay a lot more in taxes.
10:45 AM, Sep 20, 2011

Multiple times in recent weeks, President Obama has justified the need for higher taxes by saying that Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. Of course, this is a preposterous talking point (especially since Buffett owes hefty amounts of back taxes going back nine years).

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