Sequester Articles

They Found the Guy

3:05 PM, May 08, 2014

The government was spending too much money.  And wasting a lot of it.  The need to cut back was obvious and pressing.  So Congress passed something called the “sequester,” that would force frugality upon the government and oblige Washington, Inc. to endure the kind of downsizing that had been common – and successful – in the private sector.

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Twilight of the Sequester

Dec 23, 2013

In Washington, folks are celebrating a new bipartisan budget deal that saves us from another full round of reductions in federal spending mandated by the “sequester.” Far fewer are lamenting the dwindling of the sequester itself. As usual, Washington has things upside down.

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Right Deal for National Defense

12:20 PM, Dec 11, 2013

A future historian would describe the Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA) as having a profound effect on the United States. The BCA, he would write, was a critical step toward making America into a social democracy while ensuring its decline as a global military power. He would conclude that the law transformed the U.S. government into an entitlements agency that occasionally paved a road or killed a terrorist.

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Good Deal

10:32 PM, Dec 10, 2013

The budget deal announced today is a good deal for conservatives and Republicans.

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The Sequester: Good & Hard

11:11 AM, Sep 16, 2013

If the public is to understand the full awfulness of the sequester, it seems that it must first suffer. So, as Eric Katz reports at Government Executive, the FBI will be furloughing agents and cutting costs in a way that, according to its departing director will:

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The Sequester Sickness

10:08 AM, Sep 12, 2013

The latest dire consequence of the Sequester may be an increase in the number of cases of the flu and, consequently, increased absenteeism among the civilian Air Force employees. 

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Easy Way the Pentagon Could Save Some Money

6:04 AM, Aug 26, 2013

The Department of Defense is looking at some serious cutbacks in its civilian workforce, as Tony Capaccio of Bloomberg writes:

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Sequestration: Federal Court-Appointed Attorneys Face $15/Hour Cut

12:21 PM, Aug 19, 2013

The latest sequester victim: lawyers. As of September 1, court-appointed panel attorneys for the federal defender program will be hit with a $15/hour reduction in compensation.  The following announcement appeared Monday on the United States Courts website:

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Sky Still Not Falling

7:48 AM, Aug 14, 2013

The effects of the sequester would be dire.  Or so we were told.  The massive furloughing of bureaucrats across all agencies and departments would result in cutbacks, or even elimination, of essential services.  The bonds on civilization would be strained.

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Latest Sequestration Victim: Corporate Tax Credits

1:26 PM, Aug 13, 2013

Sequestration has been blamed for everything from cancelled White House tours to military cutbacks that threaten national security to government worker furloughs.

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Post to Obama: Don't Let National Defense Decay

11:46 AM, Aug 05, 2013

The Washington Post editorial board criticizes the Obama administration's dereliction of duty on defense spending:

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Pentagon Furlough Days Inflated

7:39 AM, Jul 30, 2013

When Congress was debating implementation of the sequester, the Pentagon released a report saying that if the cuts were to kick in, civilian personnel could be furloughed for 22 days -- nearly a month's worth of work. But now that the sequester has kicked in, those furlough days appear to have been inflated.

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The Plague of Locusts Has Been Canceled

9:09 AM, Jul 01, 2013

Remember how the sequester was supposed to ravage the landscape?  The automatic spending cuts would, we were told, cause all manner of pain and suffering – inconvenience, even – as David A. Fahrenthold & Lisa Rein of the Washington Post report, we were warned:

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Obama’s Asteroid

The decline of NASA and the senseless priorities of our government
Jun 10, 2013

Recently I spent some time surrounded by people who are smarter than I am, who are braver and more committed to human progress, who know more about science and technology, more about business and industry, and more about budgets and expenditures.

This is an experience Congress and the White House should have. Except Congress and the White House have this experience every day. And me too, but at least I know when it’s happening.

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'Imagine What Our Economy Would Be Doing If Not For #GOPSequester'

8:09 AM, Jun 07, 2013

Democratic National Committee communications director Brad Woodhouse blamed the latest jobs report on the sequester and the Republicans:

175k jobs added is a solid number. Imagine what our economy would be doing if not for #GOPSequester, GOP refusal to make needed investments

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And the Bad News Is?

7:31 AM, May 30, 2013

It becomes more and more difficult to find the bad news about the sequester.  Unless, that is, you are in the Pentagon and trying to figure out how to keep the Marine Corps fully equipped and trained and up to strength.

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Protecting Icons

10:48 AM, May 28, 2013

[G]ood news for our employees, good news for our visitors as we start the summer season this Memorial Day Weekend, and good news for the security of our nation’s icons -- the places that the dedicated men and women of the U.S. Park Police protect every day.” 

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U.S. 'Dedicates' New $133 Million Embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi

2:25 PM, May 21, 2013

The State Department today announced the dedication of a new "environmentally-sustainable" embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi. The cost of the building project is $133 million.

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Furloughs? Not Really Necessary.

9:36 AM, May 21, 2013

From Eric Katz, at Government Executive, we learn:

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For $221k, July 4th Fireworks Show on National Mall in Washington Will Go On

6:27 AM, May 21, 2013

The show will go on.  Sequestration may have cost Washington D.C. tourists a chance to tour the White House, but the Independence Day fireworks will go off as planned.  A contract was awarded yesterday to Garden State Fireworks of Millington, NJ for $221,819.77.  The listing for bids on the typically business-like website contained this somewhat colorful solicitation:

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Sequester Helping?

9:35 AM, May 03, 2013

The Fed earlier this week blamed sequester for the economy faltering. As Forbes reported then:

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Furloughed Federal Workers Offered Sequester Deal of '30% Off the Regular Greens Fee'

"Furloughed to Fairways."
3:21 PM, Apr 30, 2013

Furloughed federal employees who like to play golf are in luck. There's a deal waiting for them, courtesy of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.

"Thousands of area federal employees will be furloughed on certain days between April and September this year as a result of the Federal Sequester.  In response, the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) is offering a special deal for those furloughed federal employees who enjoy the outdoors and a good round of golf," the group writes in a press release, announcing its sequester deal.

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Obama Golfs—Third Weekend in a Row

11:59 AM, Apr 13, 2013

For the third weekend in a row, President Obama is hitting the links. CBS's Mark Knoller reports on Twitter:


On a mild Spring day in DC, Pres Obama is playing a round of golf at Andrews. Third Saturday in a row.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 13, 2013


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DNC Chair Asks for Special Treatment for Staff During Sequester

7:12 AM, Apr 11, 2013

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz made a special request of the United States Capitol Police for her staff members to be treated well during sequester:

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W.H. to Furlough Assistant Chef for Sequester

3:48 PM, Apr 09, 2013

The White House will furlough the assistant chef because of sequestration, the Associated Press reports.

"Even White House chefs could be feeling the pain of government budget cuts," reports the AP.

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U.S. Embassy in Macedonia Hosts Fashion Show

11:49 AM, Apr 09, 2013

Last week, the U.S. embassy in Macedonia hosted a fashion show "with a goal of supporting Macedonia’s economic development, the fashion and textile sectors, and youth entrepreneurship."

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Despite Sequester, White House to Have Two Days of Garden Tours

1:33 PM, Apr 08, 2013

The White House announced two days of garden tours, but visitors will still be barred from entering the White House--a policy that's been blamed on sequestration. Here's the White House announcement:

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For Sequester, Kerry, Worth $198.65 Million, to Give $9,175 to Charity

1:49 PM, Apr 04, 2013

John Kerry, who is worth an estimated $198.65 million, will donate $9,175 because of the so-called sequestration. 

"A day after Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said they'd return 5 percent of their paycheck to the Treasury, Secretary of State John Kerry followed in somewhat similar fashion," the Huffington Post reports.

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