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Obama Serves Stimulus Leftovers

11:43 AM, Sep 09, 2011

First, we had the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or ARRA. Now, we have the American Jobs Act, or AJA.

These are bold new ideas! That’s why the president needed a primetime address before Congress to introduce it. And of course, they’re not calling it a stimulus. It’s a jobs act.

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Obama: Paul Ryan Is Right

9:04 AM, Sep 09, 2011

President Obama said the following during his jobs speech last night:

“Millions of Americans rely on Medicare in their retirement….But with an aging population and rising health care costs, we are spending too fast to sustain the program. And if we don’t gradually reform the system while protecting current beneficiaries, it won’t be there when future retirees need it. We have to reform Medicare to strengthen it.”

Isn’t that what Paul Ryan and the House Republicans have been saying for months, while Obama has been busy demagoguing their plan?

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White House Claims Support from Republican Governor, then Backs Away

8:03 AM, Sep 09, 2011

At 6:51 a.m., the White House sent out an email with the following subject: "Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Backs American Jobs Act." It was odd, not because Snyder is a Republican, but because the governor's statement was not an endorsement of the president's plan at all. 

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‘You Should Pass It’

7:32 AM, Sep 09, 2011

I find it truly comforting that some things never change — and two of those things are President Obama’s ideas and rhetoric. Obama’s long-awaited jobs speech offered his usual mix of hyper-partisanship (no longer convincingly masquerading as post-partisanship), class warfare, and thinly veiled resentment that, in our form of government, he cannot simply do whatever he wants.

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Obama Calls for $450 Billion Stimulus in Speech to Congress

8:54 PM, Sep 08, 2011

In a speech to a joint session of Congress this evening, President Obama introduced a $450 billion stimulus proposal plan he claimed would get Americans back to work. "There should be nothing controversial about this piece of legislation. Everything in here is the kind of proposal that’s been supported by both Democrats and Republicans – including many who sit here tonight.  And everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything."

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Your Tax Dollars at Work

8:41 PM, Sep 08, 2011

Here’s how bad it’s gotten for President Obama:

At 9:20 p.m., the White House press office sent out a statement of support for the president’s proposal from ... the Center for American Progress (see below). That’s newsworthy!

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Roemer Responds to Obama

6:54 PM, Sep 08, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer has just issued a sharp statement in response to President Obama's jobs speech.

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President Obama's Jobs Speech

6:09 PM, Sep 08, 2011

Here's the full text of President Obama's jobs speech, delivered tonight before a joint session of Congress:

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Special Report Panel on the President's Jobs Speech

7:08 AM, Sep 02, 2011

Fred Barnes, with Mara Liasson and Charles Krauthammer, last night on Fox News:


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4:22 PM, Sep 01, 2011

Well, Obama has done it again. Having rescheduled his super-great-amazing jobs speech for September 8, the president has set himself up to overlap with coverage of the NFL’s opening game.

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The Daily Grind: Teleprompter Talking Points

6:30 AM, Sep 01, 2011

Washington Post: "Coincidences don’t happen in presidential politics. Ever."

Politico: "If he has a jobs proposal, put it in writing, give us a cost estimate, and send it over. I want to read the bill, not listen to talking points off a TelePrompter."

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Morning Jay: Obama's Sophistry on the Budget Deficit

5:00 AM, Apr 27, 2011

In Obama’s speech on the budget deficit earlier this month, the president went out of his way to praise the free market, but balanced it against the need for collective action sponsored by the government:           

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Morning Jay: Obama's Speech Was Meant to Reassure the Left

5:00 AM, Apr 15, 2011

Lately, I’ve been staying up late at night because I’m just too stressed over the state of the union. Unable to sleep, I often find myself toggling between scores of Excel spreadsheets, crunching all sorts of numbers to get my mind around the gaping budget deficit that is threatening the country. It isn’t pretty, as we all know, and unfortunately my computations have only made me feel worse.

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You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

President Obama’s unapologetic, freedom-agenda-embracing, not-shrinking-from-the-use-of-force speech.
7:32 PM, Mar 28, 2011

I knew pretty early on during tonight’s speech that President Obama had rejoined—or joined—the historical American foreign policy mainstream. It was when he mentioned Charlotte (the city, not the spider):

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Twenty-Eight Years Ago Today Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an 'Evil Empire'

6:30 PM, Mar 08, 2011

It was true then, and with each new bit of historical understanding we continue to realize it was more evil than we previously knew.

The Senate Republican Policy Committee provides some helpful perspective on the speech:

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