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4:27 PM, Oct 24, 2007 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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Today's Page Six highlights two items of interesting political gossip. One item deals with Barack Obama's low-impact workout habits:

Barack Obama barely breaks a sweat when he works out. The presidential candidate visited the Century City Equinox gym in L.A. on Saturday at 7 a.m. for a five-minute treadmill walk, followed by a half-hour of wandering from machine to machine, doing one set on each, reports blogger Nelson Aspen. 'He did do a lot of deltoid presses, five sets, to be precise. I guess he's preparing to carry the weight of the world on those shoulders.' Aspen said. 'He had his iPod on, he didn't stop bopping.'

Interesting stuff - I wonder what Obama listens to while exercising? - but the deltoids-whole-world-on-shoulders quote seems a little too good to be true.

In item two, Bill Clinton enters into the fray over whether Peyton Manning or Tom Brady is the better NFL quarterback:

Tom Brady celebrating his record six touchdown passes with his supermodel girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, at Prime 112 in South Beach, where Bill Clinton introduced him to his party as 'the greatest quarterback in the world.'

Hmm. Is Clinton angling for an endorsement? Or maybe a donation? Maybe, like this guy, Clinton is trying to appeal to New Hampshire sports fans.

Of course, Clinton probably also recognizes that Peyton is a Republican (and a Fred Thompson supporter), while Brady's politics - if he has any at all - are up for grabs.