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Prepare to Enter ... The Reagan Zone

11:06 AM, Oct 23, 2007 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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Now this is just silly. Mitt Romney, traveling in South Carolina today, plans to propose a "'Reagan Zone Of Economic Freedom' to fuel a new wave of global prosperity." Here's a portion of the press release:

The Reagan Zone Of Economic Freedom would act as an alliance working together internally, in the World Trade organization and elsewhere to push reforms and work cooperatively in areas like labor and the environment. Governor Romney would seek to expand these efforts to include the European Union and other nations that agree to meet these standards, while challenging China and others advancing agreements that exclude America.

You can view Romney's PowerPoint presentation - I'm serious - on the "Reagan Zone" here.

Free trade contributes to global economic growth and lower prices. It promotes peace. It's worth championing on its merits, and Mitt Romney, as one of the best businessmen in America, is well equipped to make the case for trade. But the gimmicky idea of a "Reagan Zone" smacks of a consultant-driven campaign. Besides which, Romney's near-constant invocations of Reagan provide his opponents the opportunity to bring up this video, in which he is, shall we say, less charitable to the great president.