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Bottum: Romney's Belmont Ballot

2:00 PM, Jan 17, 2008 • By JOSEPH BOTTUM
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Vote often and early for Mitt Romney! Turns out our Mitt is listed twice on the ballot in Belmont, Massachusetts. The Republicans' absentee ballots have gone out, and you'll find on them Romney listed both for president and for town committee. It's not just Mitt, for that matter: Taggart, Jennifer, and Ann Romney are all listed as well. Belmont residents can vote for almost half the Romney family. Not once or twice in our Mitt Romney's story / The path of duty was the way to glory.

This seems to be a race for Republican party positions, rather than town positions, and voters are instructed to vote for "not more than Thirty-Five" candidates (convenient, that, since there are, in fact, only thirty-five on the ballot). Still, Belmont offers a chance for Romney's supporters to add an extra punch to their votes.