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Last: The Las Vegas Democrats

3:44 PM, Jan 15, 2008 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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Las Vegas
No matter how many jokes you want to make about how strange the Nevada caucus is, they can't really approach the reality of the thing.

Exhibit A on our tour of the bizarre is the fact that the Democratic caucuses will be held here on Saturday, and 9 of the 1,700 caucus sites will be in ballrooms at casinos near the Strip.

Exhibit B would be Dennis Kucinich's quest to get into tonight's Democratic debate. Or rather, get back into the debate. Kucinich was originally going to be part of the debate because he had finished fourth or better in a national poll. But MSNBC, which is hosting the debate, changed its mind and informed the Kucinich campaign last Thursday that their invitation was revoked.

Kucinich went to Clark County District Court, where Judge Charles Thompson ruled in his favor and warned that he might go so far as to issue an injunction to halt the debate.

It gets better: As of an hour ago, NBC had appealed Judge Thompson's decision to the Nevada Supreme Court. No word yet on whether the Nevada Supremes will take action.