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The New York Times: All the Negative News That's Fit to Print on VP Cheney

10:33 PM, Oct 29, 2005 • By DANIEL MCKIVERGAN
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Sunday's frontpage article by Elizabeth Bumiller and Eric Schmitt is a classic -- essentially an editorial masquerading as news. Naturally, Lawrence Wilkerson is quoted but only the nasty ones about "the cabal." His other remarks made in the same "cabal" speech aren't quoted. Guess they don't quite fit in with the liberal talking points on the war.

And what's with the "rid Iraq of Mr. Hussein" line? "Mr. Hussein," well, that's one way to characterize the butcher of Baghdad. Here's an alternative the Times may want to consider next time. How about the vice president's

longtime desire to rid Iraq of a onetime poison-gas-making, biological-weapons-manufacturing, mass-murdering, terror-sponsoring, serial war-starting, UN-obstructing, Security Council resolution-violating dictator?

And, it wasn't only Cheney's "longtime desire." Regime change was official US government policy going back to 1998 when President Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act sponsored by Senators McCain and Lieberman, to name a few.