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Stelzer on Blair's Leadership

12:42 PM, Oct 3, 2005 • By DANIEL MCKIVERGAN
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Weekly Standard contributing editor Irwin Stelzer offers his thoughts on Prime Minister Blair's speech to Labour Party delegates last week:

I have seen him leave a trade union conference in mid-session and head directly for the United States after September 11, and then stand with President Bush in a coalition of the willing when France and an anti-American, Saddam-purchased clique paralyzed the United Nations.

And last week I saw him once again defy his party and much of the electorate to reiterate his resolve to stay with us in waging war on terrorism, in the firm belief that helping to spread democracy is what he likes to call "the right thing," and that the spread of democracy is our ultimate defense against Islamic terrorism. That's what he told his party last week, as they gathered on the shores of the Channel, across which some of them, and some of their parents, had traveled to unseat another tyrant who threatened their way of life.