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The White House Plans on Defending Itself Against the Democratic Assault on Iraq and pre-war Intelligence. They Should Ask Former Senator Fred Thompson to Lead the Effort

10:16 AM, Nov 9, 2005 • By DANIEL MCKIVERGAN
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The Bush administration is going on the offense, finally. But to add real punch to their effort they could use an effective advocate who is articulate on television, a first-rate debater, capable of absorbing large amounts of factual data, and not in government. Over a year ago, I attended a speech by the one-time Tennessee senator on the topic of Iraq and the broader War on Terror. He took the offensive against Bush's critics in his speech and was very effective in answering the many hostile questions thrown his way in the Q & A session. In the Senate, I witnessed Thompson defend amendments he had sponsored without notes yet well briefed with many facts that frequently put opponents on the defensive.

Fred Thompson may be busy with Law & Order and other stuff, but he could do the president a hell of a lot of good by agreeing to take on the Democrat's campaign of distortion even on a part-time basis.