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(Update) "Martyrdom" Operations Against Western Targets

2:29 PM, Mar 16, 2006 • By DANIEL MCKIVERGAN
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(This document would certainly be consistent with the type of operations described below.)

From March 14, 2006 post:

The latest issue of Foreign Affairs contains excerpts from a recently declassified report, produced by the U.S. Joint Forces Command, on the inner workings of Saddam's regime. This paragraph, in particular, hasn't received much attention in the media:

The Saddam Fedayeen also took part in the regime's domestic terrorism operations and planned for attacks throughout Europe and the Middle East. In a document dated May 1999, Saddam's older son, Uday, ordered preparations for "special operations, assassinations, and bombings, for the centers and traitor symbols in London, Iran and the self-ruled areas [Kurdistan]." Preparations for "Blessed July," a regime-directed wave of "martyrdom" operations against targets in the West, were well under way at the time of the coalition invasion.

What were the targets? What kind of "preparations...were well under way" by March 2003? Who were to carryout the "martyrdom" operations?

It's also worth noting that on April 8, 1991, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 687, the first post-Gulf War disarmament resolution, which declared, among other things, that Iraq "not commit or support any act of international terrorism or allow any organization directed towards commission of such acts to operate within its territory and to condemn unequivocally and renounce all acts, methods and practices of terrorism." Eleven years later, on November 8, 2002, the Security Council passed Resolution 1441, which declared that the "Government of Iraq has failed to comply with its commitments pursuant to resolution 687 (1991) with regard to terrorism...."