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Our Friends in Central Europe

12:28 PM, May 1, 2006 • By DANIEL MCKIVERGAN
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Though little reported, U.S. diplomacy with the former East Bloc nations has been quite successful. American investment has poured into a region that Business Week recently profiled in this piece, "Rise Of A Powerhouse." Of course, the region's continued economic vitality may get clipped if some of the big EU member states get their way. Central European governments continue to assist our military and intelligence operations (though trusting the CIA may be far more difficult because of Mary McCarthy and company), and recently Bulgaria joined Romania in signing a military base agreement with the U.S. We have also strengthened our relations with the Baltic states and nations like Georgia, birthplace of Stalin. Now, if we can only get more in "old Europe," to borrow a phrase from Secretary Rumsfeld, on board.