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A "Breath of Fresh Air"

3:41 PM, Jul 27, 2006 • By DANIEL MCKIVERGAN
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Israel's ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, is a fan of John Bolton. He told the Washington Post that Bolton's arrival at the UN has been a

breath of fresh air at Turtle Bay precisely because he's not your typical diplomat. I'm certainly not going to tell the Senate or House of Representatives how to vote, but if John Bolton were to be confirmed by the Israeli Knesset, he would get all 120 votes.

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats don't agree. Cheered on by Howard Dean, they may again block a confirmation vote. After the August recess, Republicans should put Bolton's confirmation on the Senate floor and pound away at Democratic obstructionism. Let Senator Reid and company explain to the American people why they're siding with UN bureaucrats against a tough-minded American. Some Senate Democrats, I'm told, aren't interested in a big Bolton fight, which is precisely why Senator Frist should elevate the Bolton debate as much as possible.