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"All Smiles"

3:13 PM, Jul 5, 2006 • By DANIEL MCKIVERGAN
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From Reuters:

A French terrorism trial was thrown into turmoil on Wednesday by a report French agents secretly interviewed the six accused during their detention at a U.S. military camp on Cuba's Guantanamo Bay.

The Liberation daily published a French diplomatic telegram referring to intelligence agents conducting interviews at least twice while the men were held without charge on the Caribbean island….

Some of the suspects arrived at the main Paris Criminal Court brandishing Liberation's front page and appeared relaxed and all smiles inside the courtroom as they discussed the surprise development.

Presiding Judge Jean-Claude Kross noted wryly the diplomatic telegram was dated April 1, 2002 -- April Fool's Day -- but refused to halt the three-day-old trial over a document whose authenticity had not been fully established.

And how did these six fellows end up in Gitmo? French prosecutors "allege the six men joined a terrorism network based in Britain and the Afghan-Pakistan border, passing through Britain en route to al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan" -- where they were scooped up by the US military. Liberation's editors must be all smiles with "alleged" terrorists trumpeting their newspaper for the media's cameras.