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Stab in the Back Democrat

10:44 AM, Aug 2, 2006 • By DANIEL MCKIVERGAN
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Somehow this doesn't surprise me. Today's New York Times reports that if Sen. Lieberman loses his primary next Tuesday many Senate Democrats will not campaign for Lamont. A few will even actively support Lieberman's independent run. Then there's John Kerry, who apparently has no problem stepping on the back of a defeated Lieberman to suck-up to the anti-war left as part of his '08 presidential quest.

As Senator Joseph I. Lieberman battles to retain his seat in Connecticut, some factions within the national Democratic Party are quietly preparing to campaign against the three-term senator if he loses the primary on Tuesday and runs as an independent in the general election in November, numerous Democrats said yesterday….

Furthermore, some forces within the party, including Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, will be willing to campaign actively for Mr. Lamont if he is pitted against Mr. Lieberman in the general election, many Democratic officials said. Some Democratic officials also say the Democratic National Committee will probably support Mr. Lamont if he wins the primary, though Howard Dean, the party's chairman, has been neutral leading up to the primary.

…[S]ome Democrats in Washington said yesterday that a Lamont primary victory could provide an opportunity to shift the party in a more progressive direction - away from supporting the war in Iraq and toward policies that favor withdrawing troops.

For figures like Mr. Kerry, who was the party's presidential nominee in 2004 and is considering running again in 2008, the race could also offer a platform to broadcast opposition to the war.