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Democrats Risk Post-Vietnam Syndrome

3:34 PM, Apr 5, 2007 • By INFLUENCE PEDDLER
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The traditional Republican edge on national security and terror issues has been significantly weakened during the Iraq war. But the great likelihood is that it will improve. Either the Iraq surge will work, or Democrats will force an end to the Iraq mission, or President Bush will be supplanted by the 2008 GOP nominee as the face of the party on national security. Each of these will (or would) help restore the GOP edge on national security. And given the insistence of Democrats on addressing terror with a mixture of defeatism, multilateralism, and blame-America-firstism--there's no reason to think that their presidential nominee will be able to re-establish the party's credibility in fighting the global war on terror. Heck, we learned yesterday that they can't even admit such a war exists.

By continuing to put their current political interests ahead of the national interest, Democrats are undermining their future prospects--perhaps for years to come.