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Is Iraq Just Like Haiti?

10:49 AM, Apr 27, 2007 • By BRIAN FAUGHNAN
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We may have figured out why the Democratic policy on Iraq is so incoherent. At least some Democrats seem to think that Iraq, Haiti, and Somalia are all the same.

The linked page includes video of Senator McCain advocating the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Somalia in 1993 and from Haiti in 1994. He explains in each case why he favors the recall of American forces. With regard to Somalia, he states:

the mission which the American people supported and this Congress supported, in an overwhelming resolution, has been accomplished

And Haiti:

The Haitians were to police themselves but the cooperation that was to prevent mission creep has not materialized and U.S. troops have assumed a greater and greater responsibility for policing Haiti. We all see on CNN what they are doing. Day by day their mission expands.

Do the Democrats believe that our foreign policy should be viewed today the same way it was prior to 9/11? Do they believe the mission in Somalia, Haiti, and Iraq is and was the same? Do they believe that a failed state in Iraq is no more of a threat to Americans then Somalia and Haiti were, after U.S. forces departed?

That explains a lot.