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McCain's League of Democracies

8:34 AM, May 3, 2007 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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God forbid this League of Democracies ever aspired to anything more than dealing with problems that the U.N. has failed to address: Darfur, sanctioning Iran, human rights, etc. The goal here would not be to build an effective international institution that might one day serve as yet another framework for restraining the United States. Instead, it would be a symbolic organization that simultaneously undermined the United Nations, bolstered maligned democracies like Israel and Taiwan, and ostracized antidemocratic regimes like those in Beijing and Moscow. Of course, we reserve the right to take military action against Iran, or Sudan, or anyone else, with or without the support of the United Nations, or any other international institution.

Conservatives shouldn't disdain a proposed international institution because it would be ineffective. After all, the real problem with the United Nations isn't its ineffectiveness, but rather its effectiveness in coddling dictators, protecting human rights abusers, and constraining our freedom of action.