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Sunday Show Wrap-Up

8:38 PM, Jun 3, 2007 • By SONNY BUNCH
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This Week featured interviews with Iraqi president Jalal Talabani and Democratic congressman Jack Murtha. The two offered strikingly different views of America's role in world affairs. First, Talabani:

We are thankful to the great and glorious American people who liberated us. We think that liberating thirty million Iraqis was a big achievement. While I'm sorry for the blood of American soldiers shed there, and I present my condolences to the families who lost their beloved sons in Iraq. But I think the glorious American people have done it in history many times when they went to Europe and to Asia to liberate those peoples.

Murtha has a more limited, and somewhat less glorious, vision for American policy in Iraq:

The key in my estimation is to start redeployment, force them to change the constitution, force them to understand that America's not going to step up; what we've got to do is what's best for the American foreign policy, not what's best for Iraq.

On Face the Nation Republican congressman Jack King gave his opinion on the state of immigration reform, and what he believes the American people want the Congress to do:

I would rather have the current law enforced. I will be introducing legislation of my own in the next several weeks. along with Congressman Smith. But this bill is worse than the current law because it weakens the enforcement provisions, and it gives amnesty to 12 million people who are here illegally. It sets the wrong precedent, it's the wrong thing to do. And even your own poll, Bob, would show that a massive number of Americans, when [asked if] they want deportation, they say yes. So that flies in the face of those first numbers that you already gave.

On Fox News Sunday Newt Gingrich echoed King's concerns over the state of border security:

Just take this week. An American with tuberculosis shows up at the border. We're in the middle of a debate over immigration and controlling the border. He shows up at the border. The computer says do not let him enter and only deal with him in a hazardous suit. And the border patrol currently is so ill-trained, or the immigration service is so ill-trained, that the guy lets him in - looks at him with his eyeballs and says, "you know, I don't think he looks sick," and lets him in. You learn that there are three illegal terrorists in New Jersey who were in the U.S. for 23 years illegally, intercepted by the police 75 times in the last six years, and it was never indicated that they were here illegally.